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Get Dates With High-Value Text Game

This article will be half for you, half for me.

For you because you'll learn what is high-value text game.

And for me, because it answers one of the questions I sometimes get asked:

"Max, why don't I get dates when I text like you?"

There are still some who believe that texting women without licking their boots is wrong.

Even though I have hundreds of successful screenshots with my texting system.

Last month I even received this text from a past coaching client.

He's getting not only his dream GF from dating apps, but a baby with her.

So I'm not saying this to brag, but rather to prove a point:

Assertive, good text game does work.

But I'm aware that there is a certain amount of guys who can't make that texting system work.

Maybe that's your case.

And maybe you can only get dates "the classic way".

  • By getting to know women over texts

  • By being nice and entertaining

  • By texting for days before daring to ask for a meet-up

So why does bad text game work sometimes, and why is good text game apparently hard to pull off?

That's what we're about to find out in this article.

To show you what is high-value text game, I will go over 3 things:

Let's get into it.

Why Bad Text Game Sometimes Works

Here's an example of bad text game:

It's funny because she said she wanted to hear more about him in her last message.

And then she ghosted him.

Bad Text Game Is Conversational

Let's be clear: it's not bad because it's stupid or weird.

It's bad because it doesn't lead the conversation anywhere.

This conversation is as good as saying nothing.

It doesn't move him closer to a date, it's fluff.

But here is what it does on a subconscious level:

  • It shows her that he has a lot of time to invest in texting with her.

  • It shows her he doesn't have a lot of sexual opportunities with women like her (since he spends so much energy texting her).

  • It shows her that he is willing to work hard for her approval.

If you come from a "nice guy" background, those things will look like good things to do to seduce a woman:

Show her she's important, invest a lot of time and energy in her, reassure her that you have absolutely no other opportunity with other attractive women, etc...

But in reality, this doesn't work.

To be more precise, this doesn't work with attractive and secure women who actually want a date.

This is 100% a leveling issue.

And the confusion comes here because bad texting works with average and insecure women.

In fact, that's pretty much the surest way to secure a date with a woman who has very low self-esteem:

  • Text her for days to make her feel special

  • Keep her engaged and entertained until she's sure you won't reject her

  • Be so nice that you show her fragile ego there's absolutely no risk

And since the world is a normal distribution, most women are average or worse.

So proportionally, bad text game works more often than good text game if you don't go for hot women in particular.

But as soon as you go for attractive women, you cannot afford to send bad texts.

Maybe you've heard that before:

"Game only works with attractive women."

And for texting, this is very, very true.

Why It's a Bad Idea to Try and Date Insecure Women

So being a bad texter works sometimes, but it's really not a viable thing to do.

Bad Text Game Only Works With Insecure Women

First, it just doesn't work with attractive women.

It will work with your local school teacher who's slightly overweight and goes home to watch Netflix every day after work.

Let's say a girl like her:

unattractive woman selfie
Source: Reddit

But it will not work with pretty and confident women.

(Those you really want to date.)

Let's say somebody like her:

Attractive woman selfie
Source: Reddit

So I understand that beauty is in the eyes of the beholder, but let's try to stay objective here:

If she's demanded and attractive to most men, she won't care that you spend days texting her.

On the other hand, if she doesn't get courted often, or if she has strong self-esteem issues, she is more likely to string you along for validation.

Pro Tip: Be careful with online dating. Some women don't hesitate to use filters, confusing angles and heavy editing with apps like FaceApp. Make sure you can see her clearly.

Here's a comment that was posted on one of my recent YouTube shorts:

Notice how she said two things:

  • "I like when a man tries hard if I like a guy"

  • "If I don't like the guy and he tries hard he might get a chance"

If she likes you, you win either way.

If she doesn't like you, you get a "maybe".

(And trust me, a "let's just be friends" down the line.)

So as a man...

Instead of going for average women who "might" give you a chance...

Or even for average women who will give you a chance...

Why not just focus on attractive women who like you?

High-Value Text Game Repels Insecure Women

Just as that female commenter said above, some women like it when a man tries hard.

But let's look at why.

It's because it puts that man in the "gentle provider" category.

It puts that man in the "safe guy that cares" category.

And honestly, who doesn't like to have someone who cares hanging around?

But it's a problem because women don't fuck "nice" guys.

They sleep with "attractive" guys.

Pro Tip: There's a difference between being a great guy with values, and being "nice". Most men are "nice" only to get sex as a reward, and whenever women see that behavior, they lose all attraction.

Women know a nice guy will play it safe in the hopes of getting sex as a reward, so he can be controlled.

A guy who goes for what he wants is scary to insecure or unattractive women.

Because they know they won't be able to keep him around.

  • If a woman is average and insecure, she doesn't believe she can do anything to attract and keep an attractive guy.

  • If a woman is hot and confident, she knows she can attract and keep any man.

For those reasons, an insecure woman will look for a man who is way more invested in her to begin with.

The same way insecure men go only for women who show them heaps of attention and HATE to pursue "difficult" women.

Because they believe they can't get them, and to avoid getting hurt, avoid them whatsoever.

(In fact, you don't need to, here's my guide to get with difficult women on dating apps.)

I especially know because I used to be like that:

With a huge yet very fragile ego, only going for women who'd give me tons of attention from the get-go.

But those women were rarely attractive girls.

High-Value Text Game Gets you Hot Girls

To a woman who knows she has options, attention means nothing.

She's already getting so much of it, she's totally desensitized.

Here's a look at the IG inbox of one of my exes who's a local DJ:

Tons and tons of men trying to slide.

Do you think she has time to care about texting with random dudes for days when there are 696 of them?


Unless you get 2 things right:

  • Your profile makes you look very attractive (I talk more about it in this article).

  • Your texting behavior makes you seem very attractive, ie. you understand high-value texting.

And this brings us to the second problem that being a bad texter involves.

Bad Text Game Makes you Seem Unattractive

If you can't text women properly it communicates a lot of bad things.

And it shows you're not that attractive as a man.

Not in terms of physique, of course, but in terms of behaviors.

For example:

  • If you're afraid to be assertive, it communicates you're not confident.

  • If you're afraid to call her out for beating around the bush, it shows you have no boundaries.

  • If you text to say useless things that could be better said in real-life, it shows you don't value your time.

  • If you text her for days, it shows you're not very demanded by other women and therefore not very attractive.

And it's subtle, but it's so important.

Have a look at this recent interaction I had:

I asked her if she wanted to come to play badminton with us.

Her reply?

"I could"


I need a yes or a no, or else I am wasting my time with you trying to make something cool happen.

And I say this with absolutely no anger or ill feelings.

It just is what it is, I just need an answer to make the fun happen.

You should be texting purposefully, to make great things happen.

Not to cater to people's insecurities or indecision.

That's "high-value" communication.

Attractive Texts Make Your Dating Life Easy

The whole thing with high-value text game is this:

Saying things in the most direct and simplest way possible.

It doesn't mean you should rush things and be lazy.

And that's where the difficulty is.

Because with high-value text game you should show women you're not too invested in them.

But you still have to make them feel engaged and comfortable.

Don't "Overgame" Women

A big, big sign that you're failing at high-value text game is "overgaming" the women you text with.

And as a result, you just come off as insecure and manipulative.

In other words, you're overgaming when you're trying too hard to send seductive texts.

As if you were trying to convince women to go out with you, instead of being confident in the fact she likes you enough to make a move already.

Here's an example I found on the internet of what you should not do:

That is not high-value text game.

Women on the receiving end will find this weird, and the more you do it, the less attracted they will be.

Yes, even if they reply and play along.

Most men tend to overgame women when:

  • They don't have many options and live in scarcity (so they try hard to make it work).

  • They don't understand that you can't seduce women with witty text messages.

  • They don't understand that mixed signals mean no.

In the example above, all he had to do was to lead to the date.

Minus all the strange "game-y" stuff he sent that totally made him look weird and insecure.

Because most of the time when you're texting a girl, the dice are rolled already.

She already knows whether or not she wants a date with you, you just have to not screw it up.

And make a date happen.

That's high-value text game.

Pro Tip: If she's interested you will know, if she's not interested you will be confused. There's no need to overthink it in 95% of the cases.

But problems come when you don't get that, and you try harder and harder on a woman who already likes you.

Or worse, you try hard with a woman who doesn't even like you.

Get To The Point & Get More Dates

See, the thing with high-value text game is that you don't spend much time texting women.

It's an in-and-out job:

  1. Match on Tinder/Meet her outside

  2. Start the conversation over texts

  3. Propose a date

  4. She says yes or she ghosts

And that's it.

Of course, you will increase your odds if you have game.

  • If you're witty and smart

  • If you're engaging

  • If you understand what women like and want

But do not make the mistake of thinking that because you're talking with her more you have more chances to get with her.

Make a clear move and get a clear answer, quick.

Don't stay in this "status quo" situation where you're texting her for days just to get validation and avoid rejection.

That's what high-value text game is.

High-value text game is being clear with your intent:

You're texting with her only because you try to make a date happen.

It happens cool, it doesn't happen cool too, because you're moving on easily.

Plenty of fish in the sea.

High-Value Text Game is Simple

It's not easy, but it is simple in essence.

I want to end this article by showing you an example of a recent conversation.

And by the way, you can find the full conversation we had before on the dating app and many more in my Countless Dates training.

In this interaction, she's not super flirtatious.

She doesn't really lead our conversation toward a date either.

So how do you do the whole "high-value text game thing" in such a situation?

You move forward anyways.

If she says no or ghosts, so be it.

But you can't afford to hesitate or dabble, because then that's not high-value text game.

And what's not high-value text game is always sub-optimal and less attractive.

High-Value Text Game Means a Better Dating Life

If you want to actually date high-quality girls who respect you...

And unlock your full potential as an attractive man, you're reading the right blog.

So keep that up champ.

In this article, I showed you why you should always go for more attractive women.

And why behaving as a more attractive man yourself is always preferable.

As well as how to do it properly.

And One More Thing!

All in all, this article on high-value text game is just an introduction to an abundance of dates.

Because nowadays, you just need to be able to text women if you want any relationship.

Dating apps are a great way to practice this, I've come up with a free training video that reveals the most impactful Tinder tricks.

Click on the link below and check it out!

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