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The Only 6 Fashion Styles that will Get your More Dates

Beep beep – this is the fashion police and sir you are under arrest.

Your fashion style tells A LOT about you even before you start talking.

It’s 1 of the 3 parts of how attractive you LOOK.

Your fashion style tells a lot about how you see yourself as a man, but also about where you stand in society.

Girl pick up on the cues your style gives them, and they make a decision based on it.

Pro Tip: Get your fashion style down AND your fitness level down AND your body language down, and then you will maximize your appearance.

None of that “mewing” shit is needed.

You can saw your legs and get a height increase if you feel like it, but if I were you I’d focus on compensating with other things that are actually way more important than your height:

  • A stronger mindset

  • A more successful career

  • Being more charismatic

  • Having a more vibrant social circle

  • Actually having game

Because keep in mind:

Once you reach the “visually attractive” category, you don’t need to optimize every single detail. Women don’t care about getting the hottest guy, they just want a hot guy.

Good looking enough is good looking enough. Then it’s about how much game you can spill.

So just make sure you enter the "attractive-looking guy" category. 

Anyways, in this article I am going to share about the fashion archetypes that women love.

There are many more fashion styles out there but I did not include them in this article, simply because they are either very very niche (alternative, hipster, ...) or they just dont work in creating attraction (bohemian, hippie, ...).

If you want to go deeper, in my private coaching program I take you through this transformation for you. We help you pick a style that work for you, buy the clothes that work for you, etc, etc, etc.

You know those TV shows where they take someone and give them a full makeover?

Well we do that for you in my Transformation Program. If you want to know what this entails you can get on a free consultation call with me by clicking on this link.

In fact, I was against including this in my coaching but after working with so many IT guys who had no sense of style and were all wearing the same short sleeves striped polo, something has to be done about this.

Let’s dive in.

Timeless Elegance

Very simple – very classic. I had to start with this one.

A tailored suit, a well-fitted shirt and nice leather shoes, goes well for every setting and can be “dressed down” as you go.

You’re on holiday? Drop the suit, untuck your shirt and swap the long pants for shorts.

You need to have the lifestyle and social circle that goes with it though.

The average person will look at you weird if you show up to your store clerk gig dressed as James Bond.

But you know what they say, dress for the job you want not the job you have.

With such a style, women will immediately assume that you are wealthy, influential and successful.

Depending on the type of girls you like, this may be what you’re looking for.

Casual Chic

We’re getting a bit more casual here.

This is something that will be relatable to most people but still look “chic”.

The suit is not necessarily needed, and there are many ways to rock this style (and it’s often down to your personal preference).

The key is to mix stylish elements with comfortable clothing.

Go for sneakers, long sleeve shirts and chino pants, among others.

Personally this is what I prefer to wear whenever I go out, minus the suit.

Works well in almost any setting, you can go chill at your friend’s place, go on a date or get into any club with this –  super versatile and never a wrong move.

Rocking this style conveys the image of a guy who is: smart, outgoing, sociable and successful.

Most women like that – again, you can’t go wrong with this fit.

Street Swagger

Large hoodies, beanies, jeans, graphic tees (when they are tasteful), sneakers.

You get the idea:

Unfortunately, you’re not getting into fancy clubs with this style and it’s a strong statement regarding your social background which may or may not be attractive to the kind of girls you’re going for.

Jessica the hairdresser will swoon all over you, Stefany the dentist will leave you on seen.

Another personal favorite for when I feel rebellious or when a girl invites me over to smoke weed.



This style is all about simplicity and monochrome pieces, another personal favorite.

Think neutral colors with well-fitted pieces of clothing that go well together.

Please keep in mind: minimalist does not mean lazy.

You still have to put some thoughts into it, it’s simply a style that does not aim to make any statement about yourself (other than the fact you know how to dress).

Getting the right fit and the right combination of layers is key.

This style doesn’t say much about you as a person and most women will have a neutral opinion about it, as opposed to other styles that may be more polarizing.



In most European countries you will look very, very low-class if you wear this the wrong way.

For this style to work you usually have to buy pieces that are quite expensive (that’s what makes the difference).

You also have to live an active lifestyle, you will look super weird rocking this with a beer belly.

This fit is very good at attracting fitness girls, if that’s your jam.

Think polar jackets, sports sneakers, hoodies and slim pants.


The Style she Tells you not to Worry about

Very masculine, a rebel but a socially-adjusted one.

The photo above completely encapsulates the idea:

  • Leather jacket to emphasize the masculine vibe

  • Neutral T-shirt, you can also swap it for a shirt

  • Slim jeans, ripped for bonus added edge

  • Leather shoes, because you’re not a savage just yet

This style will be very attractive to most women, especially if you’re big and exercise often.

This whole fit screams “contained bestiality” and women LOVE that.

Works very well without the leather jacket and only a neutral shirt also.

On the downside, you can’t really be a “nice guy” when wearing this. You have to embrace the masculine dude vibe you’re going for.


But what about the shirts my mom bought me that I had since forever??

Throw them away. Burn them and send a selfie of yourself doing so to your mom for fun.

Or keep them as pajamas, or to wipe the floor of your bathroom.

See this? Never again you wear something like that.

Just get rid of it.

Because if you dress like a baby boy, women will assume that you are a baby boy.

And if you dress like everyone else, women will assume that you are like everyone else (that is to say : lame).

At the very least of the very least learn to mix colors and pieces of clothing together.

Sorry bro, it is what it is.

So like I mentioned in the introduction to this article, your fashion style is super important and this is something we can help you with.

I actually work with a team of stylists and photographers who are specialized in dating apps photos, check out the kind of stuff that they do for example:

Night and day.

Anyways, if you’re curious to hear more about the way my Transformation Program can change your (dating) life, click this link to book a free consultation call.

And as usual, take care.

- Max
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