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How to Sleep with Strippers (& other such professionals)


Today, an article that's not for kids, we're going to talk about sex workers.

I will teach you how to sleep with strippers, freelancers, escorts, and all the other kinds of hired guns.



Keep in mind that I am not talking about women who work at Hooters here for example.

If that's your jam, check out my other article on How to Date Women That Are Working.

Even if you will see that there are a lot of similarities.

Here I am mainly talking about women whose jobs are not legal or barely legal in most countries...

For the sake of simplicity, I'll put them all under the term "pro girls" in this article.

Clearly not the kind of girl you'd introduce to your parents, but definitely the kind of woman that makes your head turn when you see her across the street.

We'll go over :

Let's dive in.

Why Would You Even Do That?

Let's start by putting things into context here.

Pro girls are girls who make money because of their good looks.

And so by definition, they are generally way more attractive than your average Jane Doe.

Of course, there is a spectrum.

But generally, they are hot.

If you like hot girls, instead of swiping for months on Tinder, you can get yourself a new stripper GF within a week - one that will make all your friends jealous.

Or as I like to say:

Everyone's judging you for eating the whole cake, but secretly, everyone wants a slice of it...

And if you're still not past "what others might think of you", I encourage you to read my articles on developing a strong inner game.

Is It Bad to Date Sex Workers?

When I was young, I used to think this was a TERRIBLE thing to do.

That only desperate men would ever do that.

That only weird men who could not flirt with girls would actually pay for one to be with them.

(And okay, there's a fair amount of that, sure.)

Then I grew up, traveled the world, and met a ton of high-value dudes who, guess what...

Hire escorts and go to strip clubs regularly.

So if even the top dogs do it, there must be a reason for it.

Dating Pro Girls, The PROs

In fact, there's a bunch of reasons why one would want to be around hired guns:

First, she's supposed to be good at what she does. Be it twerking on your lap if she's a stripper or the double tongue tornado if she's an escort.

Pro girls are always good shots while "normal" girls are often random in terms of abilities in bed.

Second, if you're really busy, it takes less time (and often money) to call a smoking hot escort for the night than to meet women the regular way.

And even if we're only talking about strippers here, you could be walking around the mall all afternoon trying to meet a hot girl...

Or go to the red district near you and meet 20 at once.

Then there is the old whoremonger adage:

"You don't actually pay for sex, you pay for her to leave when it's done."

She's not going to ruin your reputation and she's not going to cause drama. And for some men, that's a HUGE plus.

She's going to do her thing and then leave you alone.

Unlike some more "normal" women.

In other terms, if you're feeling horny, it's just faster and simpler, and with fewer consequences than regular dating.

Dating Pro Girls, The CONs

Well obviously, if you only date sex workers out of desperation, it's not super good.

Ideally, you should date them because you find them hot, not because they are the only women who will give you the time of the day.

Also, women who do sex work tend to not fit well in society.

There is a reason why she's a pro girl instead of an accountant or a store clerk.

Those reasons range from "too lazy to do regular work" to "need money fast to pay for the white stuff she puts in her nose". Know what you're getting into.

The last one I dated for a few weeks had the strong belief that she was not capable of doing anything else because she was "not smart enough".

There was a lot of past unresolved trauma here. Too much for me, in fact.

Depending on the country and the society you're in, those hired guns will be more or less "accepted", and the less accepted, the more careful you should be.

For example, in Thailand, every normal girl you meet has at least one friend who does sex work (regularly or not).

In France on the other hand, it's extremely frowned upon, and your whole circle will disown you if they find out you sell your butt. So to do that, a girl would need a really serious reason.

Besides that, health concerns are a thing. Get tested regularly.

Bottom line: try to vet a bit the pro girls you're going for.

As a rule of thumb, cheap is rarely worth it.

They Are Still Women

Incredible - I know.

Pro girls are still women.

They can still get attracted to a guy and want to sleep with him, even those who sleep with men for a living.

You can still attract them and seduce them, just like any other girl.

The same thing that works with your Saturday Tinder date works with your stripper neighbor.

The only differences are that she is harder to access, takes questionable life decisions, and is likely way, way more attractive.

Is it a moral thing to do? I don't know.

A lot of these women actually enjoy doing what they are doing. But that varies depending on the place as well.

Keep in mind that I am somewhat biased because I developed my "strippers game" mostly while living in Thailand, where a lot of women willingly choose this lifestyle and enjoy it.

Now that we're good with moral considerations, let's see exactly how to pick them up.

How to Pick Up Hired Guns

We do this in 2 steps.

First, you're going to scout the venue, then you're going to make a move.

Let me explain:

1. Scouting The Venue

You need to scout the venue where you will eventually meet your sexy date first.

That means you will go a first time, just to take the temperature.

Goal is A) to look for women you like and B) to notice women who like you.

  • It's important that you learn to recognize actual signs of interest

  • It's their job to seduce you, so test for compliance rather than shown interest

The goal of this first lap is to find women you like and to see if they are also into you.

Strippers game is mostly about warm approaches.

Once you've found a place with at least one girl who seems to show interest in you, you can go on to the next step.

Distance Yourself From the Regulars

When scouting you should NOT pay for girls and you should not stay long.

Walk by and say hi, or if it's a place where you can go inside, go have a drink but DO NOT tip any girl.

If a girl smiles at you, smile back and say hi, open her like you would any normal girl but DO NOT PAY.

This goes for every hired gun by the way, from street workers to nightclub freelancers.

The first time around, you don't pay for anything (besides whatever you consume) and you just behave like a normal cool guy.

By then they will move on since you're not a paying customer.

But before leaving you alone they will at least give you the opportunity to notice real signs of attraction.

You must notice real signs of attraction.

Note that some girls will stay around you if they really like you even if you don't pay, but this is rare.

In this case, you might have an opportunity the first time you get there:

  • If she keeps coming back and forth even though you don't pay for her

  • She tries to restart the conversation with you instead of going for new customers

  • She looks at you from the other side of the venue

Still DO NOT pay anything for her but take her contact after a while and leave.

The goal of this first step is to notice and get noticed, so make sure you're your most attractive self (appearance and behavior) to contrast as much as possible with the regulars.

2. Making your move

You will come back to the venue (wherever that is).

And this time you will pay for whatever it is that the girl you like does.

Make sure to be assertive and only address the girl you like.

Refuse any girl who is not the girl you like, even if that means leaving and coming another time if she's busy then.

Unfortunately, unless she really, really likes you, you need to pay for her time in order to build some rapport between you and her since her boss won't allow her to be around you for free.

It's usually worth it because if you noticed genuine signs that she was attracted to you when scouting, there's no reason this goes wrong.

Do It in a Backhanded Way

The goal is to do it in a backhanded way.

The frame you must have is the following:

"I don't usually do that, but since you've been so nice and sweet so far, this time I'll make an exception to see what you do."

If she's a stripper, tease her as she walks near you and call her over if she reacts well.

If she's a street worker, open her over your shoulder as if you were moving away and give her a compliment about something you genuinely noticed.

There are more ways to do it, but you get the idea:

Treat her like a normal woman you'd try to game the regular way.

When done properly this will validate her, qualify her, and show you're a high-value man with his own standards.

Treat Her as Your Date

Whatever she does then, treat it as if you were on a date.

Even if what happens next includes having your pants down.

You need that small talk to build rapport.

Ask her her name, where she comes from, whether she works here every day, etc.

Joke, banter, generally be a cool dude and give her a fun time too.

Obviously, this is easier to do if your verbal game is on point.

Again I repeat because this is important: treat her like you would treat your date.

For example, do not grope her ass and tits (... unless she asks you to).

No matter how tempting this might be, being respectful goes an extremely long way in the game we're playing here.

Make sure to NOT overtip (just pay for what she did), and close her when the deed is done.

How to Take a Stripper's Number

You need to frame the whole thing as "we are friends who do sexy things together".

The way I found works best is to ask her whether she likes to party - or generally what she likes to do for fun.

And then you ask her if she wants to do it with you next time.

By then you'll have spent a good amount of time being physical with her, so there should be a lot of trust and rapport built already.

If the answer is positive, take her contact, give her a hug and leave.

If the answer is negative, it means you failed to notice actual signs of her attraction, or she lost that attraction at some point because of a mistake you did.

This is the roadmap for strippers, but this works with any kind of pro girl exactly the same.

It's just the context in which you will "interact" with her that will be different.

Dating Pro Girls Long-Term

Believe it or not, I've heard stories of lifelong sex workers who turned into perfect housewives as soon as they found their "right one".

Now, do you want to go that far with her...

This one is up to you.

The way you date them is the same as the way you date other women, with the added pressure of knowing her job is about pleasing other men.

In my experience though, hired guns tend to be on the more "gold-digging" end of the spectrum.

If you go on a date with her, expect to pay for what she takes.

The few I've dated, whether I met them at their workplace or randomly outside, always expected me to pay, and always got disappointed when I would not pay.

(Before ghosting me.)

Important note: you would have to do the same even for a non-pro anyway if she is really hot.

Then it's up to you and your boundaries, what you're willing to tolerate.

If you want her to quit what she does for a living for you, she might be open to it, but you will likely need to support her to replace that lost income.

Dating Hired Guns is Not For Beginners

I think this is the best way to put it.

You shouldn't see meeting pro girls as a cheap and easy way to get laid.

But rather an advanced way to sleep with very hot women who are usually also very good at sex.

Pro girls flirt with men for a living. They have game and they know it, so you need solid bases in terms of body language, dominance, and understanding of the seduction process.

You must be objectively better of a man than the average strip club goer.

You need a bit of money, and you need quite a bit of game.

You also often meet pro girls in environments that are a bit shady. Risks are low, but there are always more risks involved than with meeting non-pros.

I have to say that for the few times I've dated pro girls, I've never been in any trouble personally.

But I know guys who were not as "street smart" and with a weak understanding of social dynamics who got into unfortunate situations.

If you are not too comfortable yet, I recommend you go to strip clubs a few times just to see how things operate there.

On the other hand, those girls are super hot and sensual.

When you date them, they act really sexy, they don't play games and they get to the point

They know what they are doing, and this might be just what you're looking for.

To Recap

I don't think this should be your main way of meeting women.

But every once in a while, on a Tuesday night when you feel like going out to socialize but everything is empty, why not try it out?

And here's the recipe:

  1. Scout the venue for girls you like who like you

  2. Go there again, pay for her time, be attractive and build trust

  3. Ask her out for a fun activity, pay for what she takes

  4. Be ready to support her financially if you want to date her long-term

Hope you enjoyed this article.

- Max


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