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Here are the main legal dispositions regarding the coaching offers proposed on the Insane Flirt website. For further details, please refer to your specific coaching contract if applicable.

If you want a personalized contract for your specific coaching plan, get in touch here:

Any person working with any representative of Insane Flirt is assumed to understand and agree with the terms introduced on this page. 

No Guarantee of Result Clause:

The work here is personalized coaching: your results may differ from what's promised on the promotional pages. While my testimonials are 100% true and accurate, your mileage may vary, especially if you do not do as the coach tells you.

Insane Flirt and all representatives will not be held responsible whatsoever in case the coachees do not get results. 

Coaching involves a huge part of self-discipline and responsibility. The coach shows the path but the coachee still has to be the one walking that path.

I have more than enough positive testimonials to know that the advice and methods work and no refund shall be granted provided you do not achieve "satisfactory results". 

Personal Disclosure Agreement and Privacy:

Any personal situation shared with any coach or person affiliated with Insane Flirt can be used as an example for the purpose of teaching and coaching. 

Any situation might be publicly disclosed as an anecdote to illustrate a point.


None of your personal data will appear anywhere public, ever.

No name, address, phone number, Instagram handles, face, eyes, or any other personal sign of yourself or any involved girl/relationship will ever be publicly shared.


All that is made public will see all personal details blurred and/or censored so that the utmost personal privacy is kept safe as reasonably as possible.

You simply agree that by sharing personal details, those personal situations might be shared with others fans or coachees to illustrate a certain teaching point.

This includes: 

  • Personal anecdotes

  • Screenshots

  • Photos

Those may appear on social media (although without any kind of personal details).

Non-commercial Use Clause:

You may not use any information that you learned through Insane Flirt, the website or the coach(es) to feed your own coaching business. Don't be a leech, please.

You agree and understand that anything taught at Insane Flirt took months and years of experimentation and fine-tuning, and that you agree and understand that making commercial gain by sharing knowledge that you gained thanks to our teachings is ground for legal and financial penalties.


All legal matters related to Insane Flirt, the coaches, or coaching in general, will comply with French Law. 

Such legal matters should be handled by the Tribunal of Montpellier, Occitanie, FRANCE.


Any coaching session that wasn't worked by the coach will either be moved or totally refunded. If the coachee misses a session and isn't able to reschedule it within 3 weeks, it is considered done and cannot be refunded. 


Specific contract dispositions may apply to further precise this clause.

No refunds will be granted in case the coachee is "unsatisfied with his results" or "wants to stop the coaching". What is paid for is the transfer of the coach's knowledge and experience to the coachee to the coach's best ability, the client's results are the client's only responsibility.


This page may be modified without warning and at any time, and it is up to the coachees to stay up to date with it. 

Latest update: July 2022

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