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How to Tell if a Girl is Not Interested on Tinder

You grew tired of Tinder conversations that go nowhere.

And you wonder how to tell if a girl is not interested on Tinder.

Because don't worry, we all get our load of Tinder convos that go nowhere.

It's actually extremely important to tell if a girl is not interested on Tinder because:

  1. It makes sure you don't waste your time

  2. You don't risk getting a Tinder dry spell

So in this article, you will see:

- What happened after I matched with 100 girls

- The exact 6 signs that tell a girl isn't interested on Tinder

- How to keep a girl interested on Tinder (my secret technique)

- My favorite Tinder conversation starter in 2022

Most guys find online dating difficult. If you know how to tell if a girl is not interested on Tinder it will make online dating fun again.

Let's start with some interesting science...

I'm sure you've figured that out already:

Most of your matches don't end up on a date.

Yes, that's right.

Most women do not use Tinder to date.

That's why you need to learn how to tell if a girl is not interested on Tinder.

My 100 Tinder Matches Experiment

The study above states that girls first use dating apps out of boredom, and to get an ego boost.

Actually, I ran an experiment last month on a fake account that I randomly placed in Ottawa, Canada.

Meet my alter ego, Markus.

Tinder outcomes experiment

I talked to those girls and recorded my results.

The results confirm why you need to learn how to tell if a girl is not interested on Tinder.

For this experiment, I matched with any girl that I'd consider at least 'cute'.

And the goal was to show my interest, to get them to agree on a date with me, and to get their number.

The Experiment's Results

This is the outcome after 100 Tinder matches.

41 of my matches gave me their phone number within 3 days after we matched.

That's a 41% match to phone number ratio.

29% of them ghosted me before I could get their phone number.

30% never even replied to my first text.

Match to phone number ratio on tinder

I stayed active on the profile for a whole week, sending revive texts to girls who ghosted.

I managed to resuscitate conversations with a few more girls who didn't reply.

My test profile was very tame and family-friendly, with smiling and outgoing photos of myself.

I also wasn't taking many risks, I didn't ask most girls directly over to my place.

(But it's not needed to have sex on a first date anyway.)

There was this one girl who I invited over so I'd cook salad for her.

How to ask a girl over on Tinder

But that's as 'sexual' as it gets.

A more sexual and polarizing approach would get me less compliance for sure.

I still managed to get 50 girls to agree on a date and give their phone numbers out of 100.

Which is quite impressive.

Sending texts on Tinder is my job so I make very few mistakes when texting girls.

My results might not be representative of what most men get.

So while I was researching for this article I found a Reddit thread in which a user shares his results on Tinder after 86 days.

Tinder experiment

This guy managed to get 15 of those 89 matches on a date.

Not too shabby.

The main takeaways from this experiment:

Girls want to meet fast.

Most of the girls who liked me gave me their phone numbers within 3 days.

The majority of my matches did not let me transform our match into a date.

They ghosted at some point when I tried to make our date happen.

I recovered some of the girls who ghosted by persisting properly.

Tinder girl reply after she ghosted

So don't give up the first time you get ghosted.

And if you find this tough have a look at my article on getting girls to reply after they ghosted.


I now consider your expectations managed.

Let's see exactly how to tell if a girl is not interested on Tinder.

The Exact Signs to Tell if a Girl Isn't Interested on Tinder

So before we jump the gun, let me get one thing clear:

An interested girl will overall comply with your moves.

It's actually an important sign if you want to know how to tell if a girl isn't interested on Tinder.

You try to make the sexy stuff happen, but she's being generally difficult?

She's likely not interested.

But you don't want to take everything at face value.

Here's another girl who I got to sleep with eventually.

Because I was persistent.

Instead of giving up the first time she ghosted:

  • I dug deeper.

  • I figured what was her objection.

  • And I solved that objection.

Tinder girl ghosted and then replies

It's not because a girl ghosted you once (or twice) that she is necessarily not interested.

Maybe she's just a terrible texter and a bit of an airhead.

Pro Tip: If she refuses both to comply to your lead and to invest in the interaction, she's most likely not interested.

If you wonder how to tell if a girl is not interested on Tinder you should not stop at the first sign of disinterest.

Instead, look for patterns of behavior.

Look For an Overall Behavior

You should look out for patterns of non-compliance.

In other words, if she just screwed up once or twice, give her the benefit of the doubt.

If overall she shows multiple instances of the red flags below, or the same red flag over and over, then she's probably not interested.

​You can never be 100% sure, but remember that good game is about understanding and controlling your odds of success.

1 - She Gave 1-word Answers Multiple Times

So you texted her with your strongest Tinder opener.

And she gave you the legendary "haha".

No big deal, you asked a further question.

To which she replied "lol".

Chances are high that if she's a native English speaker, she's just not that interested.

You pushed through and did a nice takeaway.

And she just replied "idk lol"

By this point, we have a clear pattern of non-compliance.

You might try to break rapport even further, or simply leave it at that.

Tinder girl 1 word answer

I dug deeper after her reply, but I quickly got ghosted.

Case and point.

2 - She Disappears When You're Trying to Make Plans

So we talked about girls using dating apps not only to find a date.

Girls also use apps when they are:

  • Bored at work

  • Sad because their crush just dumped them

  • Feeling ugly and want an ego boost

  • Tinderin' on the toilet

And this situation is a crying example of that.

It's girls who pretend that they are interested in you.

To only string you along and disappear once it's time to meet up.

Here's an example of a girl I met on Tinder.

On multiple occasions, we were supposed to meet up.

But when it was time to actually make it happen, she started ghosting.

Honestly, I think I could have pushed further to eventually get her out.

Because from time to time she was "trying" to ask me out herself and make plans.

(But she never followed up on those plans.)

95% of the time, such a girl will just be stringing you along.

And you'd be better off not betting on those 5% odds.

Be careful.

I'm not talking about girls who'd give you excuses.

Because it's absolutely possible to handle a girl's objections.

But here I am talking about girls who keep beating around the bush.

And who literally disappear when you cut to the chase.

See, you should look for a pattern.

If it happens once (or twice) maybe she's just terrible at making plans.

But if it happens more, she's probably not interested.

3 - She Refuses Hard to Give her Number

I must say that I actually had sex with girls who refused hard to give their number.


The overwhelming majority of girls who refused to give their number were just not interested.

Look man, you gotta understand one thing.

If a girl is giving you trouble when it comes to sharing her phone details.

She probably will give you even more shit when you're trying to get her out of the house.

Does that look like the behavior of an interested girl?

Most likely not.

When a girl refuses to give you her number, it's because of either one of 2 things:

  1. She isn't interested in you

  2. She had bad experiences with creepy guys and is afraid for her safety

Either way, you will dig a bit to figure out why she doesn't want to share her contact.

And if she's uncomfortable she will tell you.

You will be able to handle this objection.

But if she keeps beating around the bush and refuses to communicate about it, she's definitely a timewaster.

4 - She Always has an Excuse as to Why she Can't Come Out

Similar to point 2, except that here she doesn't ghost but just gives you a 'good excuse'.

Girls who do this care about keeping you around.

But they won't go the extra mile to actually see you.

Basically, they enjoy and leech off the validation you give them.

And give nothing in return.

Have strong boundaries and cut your losses short.

The best you can do is, again, to break rapport.

And being willing to walk away.

5 - She Disappears for No Reason

Let me picture this for you:

You guys matched.

She seemed interested.

You were having some flirty talk back and forth.

She said she was interested in you.

And suddenly she stops replying.

No big deal, you sent a revive text.

And she replied 4 days later.

You went back to leading this exchange to a date.

And she disappeared again.

Let's be real, she probably was just bored or wanted male validation.

If she seemingly can't hold a conversation, it's probably because she doesn't want to.

6 - She Shows Obvious Signs of Disinterest

So she matched with you, cool.

But that doesn't automatically mean that she likes you.

Yes, this is screwed up, man.

Some girls will just match with you to then diss you.

But that's just how life is.

There are terrible and awkward men who make women uncomfortable.

You hear about those all the time.

But there are also terrible and awkward women who make men uncomfortable.

Luckily for you, they are quite easy to spot:

  • Their profile contains the words "vegan" or "feminist".

  • They have short hair.

  • Their bio complains about men or the state of dating in 202X.

  • They are slightly overweight.

Here's an example in which I didn't pay attention and matched with such a woman.

angry woman on tinder
Please give me a break lol.

Imagine being labeled as 'racist' because of a single word you said in your first text.

Little did she know that I've loved girls from all over the world...

When you see such a red flag, do not even try to plan a date.

This is not a test.

Insults, statements that she dislikes you, etc.

Those are huge red flags that are often overlooked because of how obvious they are.

It's basically the female version of drunk guys in clubs looking to start fights. They will jump on the very first tiny thing that you said that could be misinterpreted to justify getting all worked up.

So what is this about?

This is a frustrated woman who went on dating apps to feel better about herself.

Her only purpose is to reject guys who'd show her interest.

Don't even bother trying to know how to tell if a girl is interested on Tinder when she's mean like that.

Just run.

How Do you Keep a Girl Interested on Tinder

First and foremost, you want to have an attractive profile.

Then you want to text in a way that leads her to a date.

By the way.

I'm not telling you about being physically attractive.

Yes, good looks help.

But what matters most on Tinder is a good presentation.

If you're good-looking but your profile is full of selfies, you will get fewer results than if you were good-looking and with a profile that shows a dope lifestyle.

You get where I'm going?

A more interesting profile will generate higher interest in the first place.

Send Texts That Lead

So far you learned that you must avoid uninterested girls and focus on crafting a great profile.

Once that's done, to keep a girl interested you want to give her what she actually wants.

And since you're talking to interested girls who want to meet, give her just that.

The best way to keep a girl interested is to actually make a date happen.

It's very important that you focus on sending texts that lead to a date.

You have to proactively propose things and make stuff happen.

Instead of waiting for her to do so.

Asking a girl out on Tinder

Because what happens if you don't make swift moves?

  • She will think you were not interested/available.

  • She might assume you don't have the balls to ask her out.

  • Another guy will get her on a date before you.

So no more "getting to know each other" through texts.

You do that on a date, so ask her out already.

Telling Signs that a Girl is Interested on Tinder

Now obviously you can't just ask girls on a date out of the blue.

You need to get them to invest in their interaction with you.

You need them to show some interest first.

There's actually a quite straightforward way to figure out if a girl is into you.

These are the 5 signs that she likes you on Tinder:

  • She writes as much or more than you

  • She says 'yes' a lot

  • She hints at meeting up with you

  • She mentions things in your bio or in your profile

  • She lets you know a lot about her

For example, here's a girl who's quite interested:

Example of an interested girl on Tinder

Compare this to the signs and behaviors we discussed at the top of this article.

This will make it extremely easy for you to know how to tell when a girl is not interested on Tinder.

My Favorite Tinder Conversation Starter in 2022

So the secret with conversation starters is that you gotta be both:

  • Engaging to her

  • Not over the top

This is why the opener below has been my favorite for quite some time.

It's engaging because it gets girls to talk about themselves.

it's not over the top because it's a single sentence.

It's also quite vague so girls can interpret it any way they want.

Which is especially useful when you have no idea what to say.

You know how to tell if a girl is not interested on Tinder.

None of those signs were here.

Instead, we saw 3 main tells that she is interested:

  • She complied with my flirt.

  • She agreed or said yes to most of what I said

  • She let me lead this interaction towards making plans

Make Tinder Easy on You

Now that you read this article you know how to tell if a girl is not interested on Tinder.

And knowing those signs will make your online dating life so much easier.

No more wasting time on "difficult girls".

Because this article tells you exactly what to look out for, and when to walk away.

So that you can focus on girls who actually like you.

And if you'd like to go deeper, feel free to join my newsletter.

All new members get a free copy of my Tinder Cheat Sheets.

On top of that, I share more successful examples and dating tips, so it's a 100% win for you.

We also have a Facebook group where other guys share their experiences in learning how to date and becoming a top guy. Join us!

That said, have a great day and I'll see you next time!

- Max

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