What To Do When A Girl Ignores Your Texts

Today I will explain what to do when a girl ignores your texts.

To turn this...

what to do when a girl ignores your texts

Into that:

what to do when a girl ignores your texts

That's what happens when you know what to do when a girl ignores your texts.

You'll be able to win back lost situations.

And stay tuned, because in this article we are going to see concepts such as what to do when a girl ghosts you.

But not only the situations where women "leave you on read".

I will also explain more advanced concepts such as frame control over texts.

Or what to do when a girl beats around the bush.

And even solutions for when girls change topics right when you're about to ask them out...

After this article, you will know exactly what to do when a girl ignores your texts.

Disclaimer: This whole article only applies to women you already talked to before.

If you're texting a 'difficult' woman for the first time (on dating apps for example) see this article instead.

In this article, we're going to go in-depth on 3 super-common problem situations:

  1. What to do when a girl ghosts you

  2. How to deal with "emoji answers" and other 1-word replies

  3. The best way to handle a girl who beats around the bush

Let's get into it.

1 - She Ghosted You

We'll start with the classic scenario:

You sent a message to a woman and she didn't answer you.

Maybe it's because she's busy or because she's just not interested.

Point is, the conversation is dead right now.

It'd be useful to know what to do when a girl ignores your texts like that right?

Well, there are only 2 possibilities here:

  1. She stops answering when you invite her on a date

  2. She stops answering you in the middle of the conversation.

Let's see that in detail.

Pro Tip: It's not an exact science and sometimes a woman can be interested but she has too much work or personal problems, and meeting men is not a priority. I recommend that you always try to restart the conversation properly at least once.

She Ghosts When You Ask Her Out

If a woman doesn't answer you specifically when you ask her out on a date, that's the most obvious situation:

She's not interested (or available now) and you can next her (for now).

This situation is pretty rare because if you're following my texting system you already know how to filter time-wasters before you get to ask girls out.

Either way, here's what it looks like:

what to do when a girl ghosts you

Plain and simple.

We had a lengthy conversation before, over the span of a few days, after meeting in real life.

And she complied with everything...

Up to when she actually had to commit for real.

And then she bailed.

Why Do Girls Talk With Guys If They Aren't Interested?

There are many, many reasons why and here's a non-exhaustive list:

  • She is bored

  • She feels lonely

  • Her mood changed

  • She wants attention

  • Another dude came in before you could make a move

And my favorite one:

  • She was too shy to say 'no', so she said 'yes' up to when she had no other option but to ghost.

Honestly, as a man, you're better off not trying to worry about it.

And only focus on what you can control:

Behaving and communicating in an attractive way.

Now let's see what to do when a girl randomly ghosts you in the middle of a conversation.

She Ghosts In The Middle Of The Convo

Here it's a little different:

Either she wasn't interested and she was only talking to you because she was bored.

Or she was interested but you weren't able to make a date happen fast enough.

In this case, either she thought you weren't assertive enough, or another man asked her out on a date before you did.

If you're having trouble leading your conversation to a date I highly recommend that you check out my Texting Cheat Sheets here (it's free).

Bonus: She Ghosts Because Your Text Game Is Terrible

There's also a third reason why women stop responding.

And that's when the way you write and text shows too much insecurity.

Sadly it's very difficult to figure that one out on your own.

And you'll be left not knowing what to do when a girl ignores your texts because of it.

So the best thing you can do is to sign up for a text game coaching with me, to get me to pinpoint your mistakes for you.

And figure out why your texts turn off women who would otherwise be into you.

You can register here for a free consultation.

2 - She Sends You Fake Answers

Now I want to talk about this moment when a girl replies with an emoji.

girl replies with an emoji

Or you're asking her a question, and she gives you a one-word answer.

one word answers

I don't know about you...

But for me, it's the same as if she hadn't answered at all.

Because it doesn't move the conversation forward.

That's why I call this kind of answer a "fake" answer.

In these cases, you have to make her understand that you are not the kind of man who wastes his time on text conversations that go nowhere.

Skip The Bullshit

It's necessary to show her that you only agree to have a conversation with her for the purpose of arranging a date.

Not to entertain her when she's textin' while poopin'.

If she doesn't want to meet up and go have a drink with you, no big deal!

But you must do everything you can to know her true intentions.

The earlier, the better.

So that you don't end up wasting days texting a girl who never intended to go on a date with you to begin with.

Don't Be Afraid To Break Rapport