Insane Flirt COACHING

How To Finally Become That Smooth, Captivating Man That Women Want To Be With

(So you can meet, attract, and ride off into the sunset with your soul mate)

Hey brother.


Have you ever been out with a girl, or at a party, or in some situation where you just felt ON?


As in – people you didn’t even know gravitated to you, your vibe was bright and lighthearted, and you were the epicenter of fun?


Most guys have felt this a few rare times over the years. Those magical nights when the stars align, their mood and atmosphere were just right, and everyone in the vicinity just feeds off your positive energy and loves every second of it.


When this is your vibe, almost any woman is attracted to you. And over the past 5 years, I’ve built a dynamic system to not just imitate that type of guy, or memorize his lines or body language… but to authentically become him.


Imagine standing tall. 


Speaking deeply and confidently. 


You make strong, inviting eye contact, and you lead a conversation that’s honest, thought-provoking, playful, and yes, seductive. 


Now I know what you’re thinking….


“But Max, that type of guy is not ME!”


I’m telling you – even if you don’t want to be “the life of the party” and just want to be the life of her party – you can cultivate that attractive, fun, outgoing personality, regardless. 


So let me show you how to:


  • Get out of your own head so you don’t feel anxious or robotic

  • Avoid being creepy and get her to chase you instead

  • Genuinely make her smile and laugh so she can’t stop thinking about you

  • Organically grow from “guy she met” to boyfriend and beyond




Whatever bad shape you think you’re in now, I promise you I was worse!



I was in my 20s before I could even talk to a girl.


And I don’t mean “flirt with a girl” or “strike up a conversation with a stranger on the street.”


I meant I couldn’t look a woman who wasn’t my mom in the eyes and say anything.


I just froze.


Sure, I fantasized about women plenty.


I lusted after them and daydreamed about having a relationship with that “perfect” woman.


A cute, funny, perky, smart partner… who at the time seemed completely unattainable and “out of my league.” 


And yet, brick by brick, I grew. 


I got better over time through raw effort, trial, error, and learning.


You improve your ability to attract women in the same way you get better at playing the xylophone or mountain climbing: with practice.


Now, both xylophones and mountains are a lot easier to master when you have the helping hand of a coach to help you pinpoint and correct mistakes.


Because you don’t want to reinvent the wheel. That’s just a waste of your time and will frustrate the heck out of you for years (because it certainly did for me). 


So let me give you the advice I wish I would have found when I was younger. I’m talking about the direct building blocks to make you a more desirable, sexual, and attractive man in any situation – real life or online, crazy bar scene or casual barbecue, complete stranger or childhood buddy. The skillset is the same.




One-On-One Guidance For How To Feel Calmer, Cooler, And More Confident… And Get 10X Better Results With Women – 100% FREE.



If you’re ready to make the change and graduate, get on a call with me, Maxime MARTINEZ, and I’ll walk you through exactly what I would do in your shoes, and how to do it. 


  • You’ll learn how to smash the “invisible wall” that makes women intimidating to approach.


  • You’ll get my 5 mental strategies to authentically become comfortable and at ease in the moment. 

  • You’ll learn my home-brewed strategy to go from first meeting, to first date, to second date, to tenth date and how to navigate all the texting and emotions.


  • And most importantly… You’ll learn how to not just “be yourself,” but how to be the version of yourself that’s masculine, attractive, and fascinating to women.


Then it’s up to you if you want my help in executing it, because even Olympic athletes have coaches.


This call is 100% free and will take you a step beyond any article, course or book you may have read because it’s open two-way communication. 


I will listen to your situation and give you an honest evaluation of your current state, and walk you through the exact steps I would take if I were you based on my years of experience, thousands of interactions, and dozens of men directly coached.


Consider it like exercises. Your ability to attract women is like a muscle. Now as your coach, I want to help you make that muscle grow and become as strong as possible. 



Who this is for:


  • Guys who always felt left out of the dating scene. I know exactly what it feels like to watch the “Chad” type bros effortlessly get the girl while I ran away to my room and tried to forget about everything. But the person you’ve been so far doesn’t have to be who you always are – I’m living proof of that.


  • Guys who are newly single. So she dumped you… into a sea of beautiful, hungry women. If you’re a little rusty and want to acclimate, let me help you accelerate the process and show you how to succeed in today’s dating world.

  • Guys who want to take their game from “hit or miss” to consistent.

  • Guys who want to improve the quality or quantity of women in their lives.


Who this is NOT for:


  • Comfort zone lovers. “Life is a daring adventure,” goes the famous quote, “or it is nothing at all.” Unfortunately, the technology doesn’t exist yet for me to just take over your body and do the walking and talking for you. I can give you every strategy, tool and piece of insight in the world, but in the end, it will be on you to execute… even if it’s scary.

  • Self haters. Some guys have drilled into their heads that they’re the victims. Unfortunately, this mindset absolves them of any responsibility and makes improvement impossible. To get what you don’t have, you’ll have to humble yourself, look forward and work.

  • Woman haters. If you only have nice things to say to women but not about women, then you may have to look at the world a bit more through a woman’s eyes before I can help. I don’t want to be a part of something predatory.


I helped those people see REAL change :

FLO, 21

Had good success with his advice. Had a one-night stand with one girl I met through a friend and  got cozy with another one I met on Tinder which is amazing!


Thank you very much for helping me lose my virginity with [girl 1] and now be with [girl 2].
Thanks for the help, I had a very nice date with [girl 3] also, make out at the end. 


I watched a lot of PUA YouTube videos and I always felt they were fake. After seeing you doing action in real life, it made me believe  and I started approaching women. Thank you.

And one more thing!!


One of the main components to success here is having FUN. I am not a drill sergeant and women can sense if you’re uncomfortable with insane accuracy.


The first thing we’re going to do is clear out all your mental garbage so we can get a baseline and start fresh. So if you have anxiety, or negative self-talk, or just prior baggage, get ready to do some spring cleaning so you can finally enjoy just relaxing with a woman (or women) and building a genuine relationship, completely organically. 


For most guys, it’s not about memorizing new “tricks” or anything like that. It’s about forgetting bad habits and just learning how to BE

On the next page is a scheduler – just pop in a time that works for you and I can’t wait to help!


Remember, this is 100% free.