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Insane Flirt COACHING

90 Days To Become That Smooth, Captivating Man That Women Want To Be With

(So you can meet, attract, and ride off into the sunset with your soul mate)

Hey brother.


Have you ever been out with a girl, or at a party, or in some situation where you just felt ON?


As in – people you didn’t even know gravitated to you, your vibe was bright and lighthearted, and you were the epicenter of fun?


Most guys have felt this a few rare times over the years. Those magical nights when the stars align, their mood and atmosphere were just right, and everyone in the vicinity just feeds off your positive energy and loves every second of it.


When this is your vibe, almost any woman is attracted to you. And over the past 5 years, I’ve built a dynamic system to not just imitate that type of guy, or memorize his lines or body language… but to authentically become him.


Imagine standing tall. 


Speaking deeply and confidently. 


You make strong, inviting eye contact, and you lead a conversation that’s honest, thought-provoking, playful, and yes, seductive. 


Now I know what you’re thinking….


“But Max, that type of guy is not ME!”


I’m telling you – even if you don’t want to be “the life of the party” and just want to be the life of her party – you can cultivate that attractive, fun, outgoing personality, regardless. 

So let me show you how to:

  • Get out of your own head so you don’t feel anxious or robotic

  • Avoid being creepy and get her to chase you instead

  • Finally understand "what to say" to women

  • Know what to do in each and every dating situation

  • Organically grow from “guy she met” to boyfriend and beyond

Point is : Let's fix your dating life. OK?

Yes I know, it might be shocking to see those pictures do not look "perfect ".

  • Unlike a majority of fake marketers, I do not use stock photo images.

  • They are real women that I met through my system, not paid actresses.

  • Those are candid photos showing genuine connections, not set-up photoshoots.

  • Such shots were taken in real-life situations, this is my 'average Saturday'.

  • You too can naturally attract quality women provided you follow my system.

Unlike most other "dating coaches"

I know what I am talking about.

(Seriously, who else can provide actual proof that they DO get girls nowadays??)

Whatever bad shape you're in now, I promise you I was worse.

me at 19.png

This is me, at age 19. A countryside boy completely clueless to dating, and with below-the-ground levels of confidence.

I was in my 20s before I could even talk to a girl.


And I don’t mean “flirt with a girl” or “strike up a conversation with a stranger on the street.”


I mean I couldn’t look a woman who wasn’t my mom in the eyes and say anything.


I'd just freeze. Before quickly running away.


Sure, I fantasized about women plenty.


I remember all those nights in college, when I went to bed thinking about how great my life would be if that one girl from school was my girlfriend.


Heck, how amazing life would be if I even had A girlfriend.


And I'd daydream about this cute, funny, loving partner, while knowing she was still way "out of my league".


At first, I thought the problem was my looks.


So I worked on my fashion style, I got a new haircut, and I started going to the gym.


And guess what.


I ended up being the "handsome shy guy", who STILL couldn't talk to a girl to save his life.


And yet, brick by brick, I grew. 


For years I went out almost every single day, during the day and during the night.


(Which is why you can see so many photos of me partying, partying is amazing to practice meeting women!)


I got better over time through raw effort, trial, error, and learning.


Now things are great. Dating, social life, business. I made things all fall into place.


Check out where I went with one of my girlfriends last month:

where I went with my GF.png

I swear I'm the one holding the camera.


I just didn't want my face to ruin the view for you.


My point is: you improve your ability to talk to and attract women in the same way you get better at playing the xylophone or mountain climbing: with practice.


Now, both xylophones and mountains are a lot easier to master when you have the helping hand of a coach to help you pinpoint and correct mistakes.


Because you don’t want to reinvent the wheel. That’s just a waste of your time and will frustrate the heck out of you for years (because it certainly did for me). 


So let me give you the advice I wish I would have found when I was younger. I’m talking about the direct building blocks to make you a more desirable, sexual, and attractive man in any situation – real life or online, crazy bar scene or casual barbecue, complete stranger or childhood buddy.


The skillset is the same. And I will teach you that skillset.

Getting coached is the


to finally get the girls you always wanted.

Some men can do it by themselves. They can go through the trouble of:

  • Having no idea what to do and what to say to women.

  • Waddling through all the bullshit information about dating you can find online.

  • Breaking out of their shell on their own, while everyone points fingers at them.

  • Wasting years and years on being rejected, until they 'maybe' find what works.

  • Going by themselves through the pain of change and self-actualization.

  • Fighting the pressure of a society that wants you to stay mediocre.

  • Getting past the fear of approach anxiety, which most men can't on their own.

  • Figuring out and healing their own trauma and limiting beliefs without help.

  • Like 95% of all men who try to get a better dating life, give up after a few months.

far cry insanity.jpg

Doing the same things, over and over, hoping for a different result.

Instead, with my help, here is what the TRANSFORMED YOU will be able to do:

  • Knowing exactly what to say and what to do, at the right time and in the right way.

  • Receiving info from me, a guy who slept with over 400+ women all over the world.

  • Confidently stand above most men, as you will know for a fact how dating works.

  • Solve dating forever in only 3 months, instead of wasting the best years of your life.

  • Be helped through the hardships of change and self-actualization.

  • Being pushed upwards in a reality in which you own your world, not the opposite.

  • Crushing through approach anxiety, because you will have learned how to.

  • Figure and pluck out your own limiting beliefs, to realize your full potential.

  • Actually getting dates, instead of going back to your hopeless previous self.

The value of coaching goes way beyond simply getting more dates.

This will get you to level up your social life as a whole. You will also be able to:

  • Make small talk, out of thin air, with anyone.

  • Successfully go out solo, travel solo, while having a blast.

  • Create friends on-demand, with the kinds of people you really like.

  • Do business networking properly, and reel people in with your personality.

  • Win friends, influence people, be a great salesman, and leverage your social circle.

privacyedited emperors secret.png

Simply put, I will teach you how to enjoy your BEST life.

The Insane Flirt Method

After literally YEARS of trial and error, I came up with an industry-crushing method. 

Which I called the Insane Flirt Method.


Why the name?


Because it does just that: it turns you into an insane flirt.


Unafraid and unapologetic.


A good, solid guy who goes for the quality of life that he wants, without shame.


  • Fully unleashes your personality, bringing out your authentic, most attractive self.

  • Makes sure you do not waste time on uninterested girls playing games.

  • Own the behavior of a true high-value man, it's 'fuck yes' or 'fuck no', no in-betweens.

With it comes the 4 Steps Formula to get interested girls on a date from any app.