The 3 Top Ways to Restart a Conversation on Tinder (with Examples)

Updated: Nov 6

Tired of being ghosted?

What if I told you that it's not the end of the world.

But actually something you can recover from.

Provided you follow the instructions from today's article to restart a conversation on Tinder.

Hear me out:

You can get dates with girls who ghosted you, once, or even multiple times.

getting ghosted on Tinder

Oh boy, did I just double-text?


Well, hang tight...

Because we are going to see the Top 3 ways to restart a conversation on Tinder.

And it works even when texting girls on Instagram or over regular texts.

From my own experience, I recover 15 to 25% of the girls who ghost me because I am able to pursue properly.

Think about all the missed opportunities if you just let girls go because they ghosted once!


I used to think it was super needy to restart a conversation on Tinder.

That it was just impossible to recover from getting ghosted, and I get it:

It's easy to think you're desperate if you keep trying.

But trust me, it's not.

In fact, this is actually how you get access to the hottest women.

hot blonde girl tinder

I can guarantee you that any guy you know who is dating a smoking hot 10 had to pursue her.

And those guys know it's just normal to restart a conversation on Tinder.

Because hot girls are so demanded, they just can't find the time to give men attention.

Knowing how to restart a conversation on Tinder is actually a huge part of being able to text difficult girls.


If you've never dated a real bombshell in your life before, you NEED to keep reading.

how to restart a conversation on Tinder

Because when you restart a conversation on Tinder properly, you end up appearing confident.

Not needy.

A confident dude who is not afraid to go for what he wants in an assertive way.

Because he knows he's awesome and is able to push through with empathy until the women he talks to eventually realize it.

And when you're able to do this, you get more Tinder dates.

With really hot girls.

And this is exactly what you will learn in today's article:

Let's go!

1 - The Resuscitation Text Technique

I often call this a "Tinder revive text", because it does just that.

It revives a dead conversation.

Tinder revive text

Honest with you, I will send this 80% of the time when I want to restart a conversation on Tinder.

"Did someone kidnap you?"

Because first, I'm a lazy dude.

But also because it does very well all the things you want to do with a Tinder revive text.

Here's the Tinder Revive Text Formula:

  1. It's light and low effort.

  2. It's fun.

  3. It addresses the fact she ghosted me.

A Tinder revive text can literally be anything as long as it follows the formula above.

Here's a minimalistic one that got me to restart a conversation on Tinder 10 months later.

Tinder revive text example

Light, fun, address the fact she ghosted.


Here's another:

Tinder revive text example

It's important that you do not make your Tinder revive text butthurt or tryhard.

  • Don't overtly criticize her and complain

  • Don't invest more than her and write a lot

It is also very important that you get straight to the point:

And that she knows you're actually sending that Tinder revive text because she ghosted.

Address the elephant in the room.

Tell her that she forgot to reply and that her airhead behavior is preventing your sweet love from happening.

restart a conversation with a hot girl on Tinder

When you restart a conversation on Tinder, it's because she ghosted.

Be direct and clear with your intentions.

I do not mean be blunt, there should always be a part of tension, she should never know that you're totally wrapped around her finger.

But she needs to know clearly that you're here to flirt.

And that you are not here to become her pen pal for whenever she's bored.

If you restart a conversation on Tinder it's not to keep entertaining her.

It's to make a date happen.

And that further down the line you may break rapport if she keeps up with that sassy behavior (more on that below).

When Should You Send a Tinder Revive Text?

Tinder revive texts are probably the best way to restart a conversation on Tinder.

Or over regular texts, or anything really.

A Tinder revive text is fun, light, and addresses the elephant in the room so you can then move forward properly.

This will be your preferred solution to restart a conversation on Tinder most of the time.

You want to send a Tinder revive text when there are high chances that the girl you're talking to is simply too busy or uninvested yet.

It's not that she does not like you, or wants to string you along.

It's most likely that:

  • She wants to talk to you but something called her attention and she closed Tinder.

  • She's so busy at work that she won't use Tinder for a week.

  • She's super hot and your message got buried in her inbox.