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The 3 Top Ways to Restart a Conversation on Tinder (with Examples)

Tired of being ghosted?

What if I told you that it's not the end of the world.

But actually something you can recover from.

Provided you follow the instructions from today's article to restart a conversation on Tinder.

Hear me out:

You can get dates with girls who ghosted you, once, or even multiple times.

getting ghosted on Tinder

Oh boy, did I just double-text?


Well, hang tight...

Because we are going to see the Top 3 ways to restart a conversation on Tinder.

And it works even when texting girls on Instagram or over regular texts.

From my own experience, I recover 15 to 25% of the girls who ghost me because I am able to pursue properly.

Think about all the missed opportunities if you just let girls go because they ghosted once!


I used to think it was super needy to restart a conversation on Tinder.

That it was just impossible to recover from getting ghosted, and I get it:

It's easy to think you're desperate if you keep trying.

But trust me, it's not.

In fact, this is actually how you get access to the hottest women.

hot blonde girl tinder

I can guarantee you that any guy you know who is dating a smoking hot 10 had to pursue her.

And those guys know it's just normal to restart a conversation on Tinder.

Because hot girls are so demanded, they just can't find the time to give men attention.

Knowing how to restart a conversation on Tinder is actually a huge part of being able to text difficult girls.


If you've never dated a real bombshell in your life before, you NEED to keep reading.

how to restart a conversation on Tinder

Because when you restart a conversation on Tinder properly, you end up appearing confident.

Not needy.

A confident dude who is not afraid to go for what he wants in an assertive way.

Because he knows he's awesome and is able to push through with empathy until the women he talks to eventually realize it.

And when you're able to do this, you get more Tinder dates.

With really hot girls.

And this is exactly what you will learn in today's article:

Let's go!

1 - The Resuscitation Text Technique

I often call this a "Tinder revive text", because it does just that.

It revives a dead conversation.

Tinder revive text

Honest with you, I will send this 80% of the time when I want to restart a conversation on Tinder.

"Did someone kidnap you?"

Because first, I'm a lazy dude.

But also because it does very well all the things you want to do with a Tinder revive text.

Here's the Tinder Revive Text Formula:

  1. It's light and low effort.

  2. It's fun.

  3. It addresses the fact she ghosted me.

A Tinder revive text can literally be anything as long as it follows the formula above.

Here's a minimalistic one that got me to restart a conversation on Tinder 10 months later.

Tinder revive text example

Light, fun, address the fact she ghosted.


Here's another:

Tinder revive text example

It's important that you do not make your Tinder revive text butthurt or tryhard.

  • Don't overtly criticize her and complain

  • Don't invest more than her and write a lot

It is also very important that you get straight to the point:

And that she knows you're actually sending that Tinder revive text because she ghosted.

Address the elephant in the room.

Tell her that she forgot to reply and that her airhead behavior is preventing your sweet love from happening.

restart a conversation with a hot girl on Tinder

When you restart a conversation on Tinder, it's because she ghosted.

Be direct and clear with your intentions.

I do not mean be blunt, there should always be a part of tension, she should never know that you're totally wrapped around her finger.

But she needs to know clearly that you're here to flirt.

And that you are not here to become her pen pal for whenever she's bored.

If you restart a conversation on Tinder it's not to keep entertaining her.

It's to make a date happen.

And that further down the line you may break rapport if she keeps up with that sassy behavior (more on that below).

When Should You Send a Tinder Revive Text?

Tinder revive texts are probably the best way to restart a conversation on Tinder.

Or over regular texts, or anything really.

A Tinder revive text is fun, light, and addresses the elephant in the room so you can then move forward properly.

This will be your preferred solution to restart a conversation on Tinder most of the time.

You want to send a Tinder revive text when there are high chances that the girl you're talking to is simply too busy or uninvested yet.

It's not that she does not like you, or wants to string you along.

It's most likely that:

  • She wants to talk to you but something called her attention and she closed Tinder.

  • She's so busy at work that she won't use Tinder for a week.

  • She's super hot and your message got buried in her inbox.

If you believe she didn't reply because of any of the above, go for a Tinder revive text.

Tinder hot girl's profile

In case you didn't know, a hot girl like her will always open Tinder to a full inbox.

To get with someone like her, you must know how to restart a conversation on Tinder.

Because every time she logs in, same dilemma for her.

She has to go through 20 to 200 texts from new guys.

And trust me, she won't scroll to the bottom of her inbox.

She will pick one of the most interesting, most recent texts.

You have more chances to be seen if you can properly restart a conversation on Tinder.

So don't be afraid to persist with a well-placed Tinder revive text.

2 - Sending Value

I often talk about the power of sending value in social settings.

It's amazing because you can turn a total stranger into someone who believes you're the only person who can help them.

It works literally everywhere:

  • When meeting people at the club, share fun and they'll love you.

  • When reaching out to business prospects, get a foot in the door by giving them something for free.

  • When meeting women on the street, make them talk about themselves and they'll hook in the conversation.

And when you want to restart a conversation on Tinder this is extra-powerful as well.

Tinder revive text

In this context, sending value means bringing the good vibes.

It means sharing something fun, something interesting, whatever.

As long as you care more about sharing the fun than getting the girl.

Pro Tip: To get the best results you should focus on having fun while leading to a date, not focus on the result. Be 100% about the process, 0% about the outcome.

By sharing your own fun with her, it will ensure that you stand out in her inbox.

It's always better to make sure you're interesting when you restart a conversation on Tinder.

But be careful.

It's not about being fun for the sake of being fun.

I don't want you to become a dickless entertainer, because you'd get friendzoned.

You still have to lead to a date and make sure she complies with it.

And if you're not sure how to get girls out on a date from Tinder click and watch my video on it.

So when you restart a conversation on Tinder, the best way to do it is to still be fun and engaging.

But don't forget to still lead this conversation towards a date.

Remember, this is what you're up against:

Girl's Tinder inbox

Nothing incredible to be honest.

In fact, standing out in a Tinder inbox is extremely easy.

And sending value is one of the very best ways to do it and restart a conversation on Tinder.

Send Funny GIFs to Get Her to Giggle

By far the easiest way to share value.

With a well-placed GIF you can restart a conversation on Tinder in literally 5 seconds.

GIFs are literally made-up jokes, you just have to pick your favorite one and send it to her.

How to choose the best GIF on Tinder easily?

Just type in the GIF search 1 or 2 words related to your previous conversation.

And pick whatever you find funny.

Tinder GIF

Notice my level of investment when restarting this Tinder convo.

It's not because she replied that I should go and send her paragraphs.

It's important to match her level of investment, or else I'd appear thirsty.

Pro Tip: You never want to invest more than a girl you're talking to. If you keep sending her long paragraphs while she gives you short sentences for replies, it comes off as really tryhard and desperate. Match her level of investment.

I'm pursuing, sure, but it's extra low-effort.

As low-key as she is with her "hi".

When you restart a conversation on Tinder, if she doesn't talk much, do not invest a lot either.

Eventually, if I keep the ball rolling and if she's interested she will invest more in our conversation.

Say Something Funny to Stand Out

Following the same idea, something funny and related to your convo works wonders to restart a conversation on Tinder.

It shows that you're able to stay light and funny, instead of becoming butthurt.

Even when you don't immediately get what you want.

Because girls are so, sooooo used to guys being butthurt at the first sign of resistance.

Actually, women use this to filter out losers from winners.

Because, you know, men lie all the time to get sex.

And girls lie too, no problems with that.

But the point is that instead of listening to what men say, girls test them.

restart a conversation on Tinder by being funny

They test men to see if they can behave confidently, on top of talking like a confident man.

And women judge men based on how they behave.

Because saying that you're cool and coming up with great Tinder photos is one thing.

But if you freak out because she takes too long to reply, it shows a lot of the opposite.

Pro Tip: Don't pay attention to words, pay attention to behaviors instead.

Point being, if you can stay chill and fun under pressure (aka when you don't receive female validation) it creates a tremendous amount of trust.

As usual, make sure you don't forget the golden rule to being properly funny:

Be fun for your own amusement, because it's your way to move the ball forward, not because you think it will somehow convince her to go out with you.

Make Her Curious to Provoke a Reply

Another great way to share value is to... hint at it.

When you restart a conversation on Tinder you can bait her into replying something.

So that when she scrolls through her inbox, she reads your text and gets curious.

And I guarantee that the next time she scrolls through she will think about reading your next text.

Further increasing her chances to engage in the conversation with you.

make a girl curious on Tinder

It doesn't have to be 100% true (avoid lying about serious things) but you can play around a bit.

When Should You Share Value?

Honestly, you should not only share value when you restart a conversation on Tinder.

Your whole convo should be about sharing value.

This is how you get girls to reply to your texts on Tinder to begin with.

Possibly you've been making your conversations too logical so far.

(At least if you're like most guys.)

And she initially liked you but got a bit bored of all that logical and platonic talk.

(Yes, even if she seemed eager to reply.)

Or even worse, maybe there was an "argument" or logical disagreement in your conversation.

Pro Tip: If your Tinder conversations look like you're trying to personally get to know girls instead of a succession of dumb and funny messages leading to a date, you're doing it wrong. Logical conversations are a death sentence over texts.

Best thing you can do right now to is to sprinkle some fun back into your conversation.

Because to restart a conversation on Tinder you usually want to leave the boring stuff that made her ghost in the first place behind.

Focus on sharing fun and value when you've been having a conversation that was too down to Earth.

And when you felt she just got bored of waiting for something exciting to happen.

Share value and that will remind her that you're all about those good vibes.

3 - Breaking Rapport on Tinder

The last way to restart a conversation on Tinder is a bit edgier.

It's about breaking some of that connection between you and her.

It's about calling BS out when you see it.

It's about breaking rapport on Tinder.

breaking rapport on Tinder example

This is what you want to do when a woman is overstepping your boundaries.

And hear me out, here we're talking about a very specific kind of boundaries:

The fact that you don't let people lead you around and string you along.

Here's an example with a girl who was really not talkative.

After a bunch of 1-word replies, I decided to break rapport.

breaking rapport on Tinder example

Breaking rapport is what you do when for example:

  • A girl is sending you mixed signals and you're confused.

  • A girl is giving you 1-word answers.

  • A girl is giving you BS reasons as to why she can't come out.

  • A girl is disrespecting you or what you stand for.

Because you're a high-value guy.

A cool dude with no time to waste on thirst traps and girls who can't make a decision.

If you want to learn more about breaking rapport over texts check out my video on weeding out timewasters over texts.

Pro Tip: You don't always need to be nice to get women to go out with you. Being strict and firm when needed is a great way to show you're confident and not afraid to enforce your boundaries.

So how does that help you restart a conversation on Tinder?

If everything is going well and she still ghosts you, a little bit of manly rapport breaking can do the trick.

It will show her that, unlike most other guys, you:

  • Do not tolerate bullshit.

  • Can confidently go for what you want.

  • Are fine walking away from people who don't give you what you want.

The last one is huge because women crave attention.

And by breaking rapport you're withdrawing the attention you were giving her.

Since you're basically telling her:

"I am disappointed by your behavior, and if you keep it up I'll walk away."

And that's exactly what you want to do to break rapport.

  • You let her know that you noticed her bad behavior.

  • You let her know that you're withdrawing your interest (aka show disinterest).

pursuing by breaking rapport on Tinder

IMPORTANT: It does not have to be aggressive.

When you restart a conversation on Tinder by breaking rapport, there is no room for name-calling.

I'm not telling you to put her down to feel better about her not giving you attention.

Don't get emotional, or else she'll think you're butthurt and desperate.

But let her know what's up, that her bad behavior is pushing you away.

Breaking rapport to restart a conversation on Tinder will do 2 wonderful things:

  1. It is a wake-up call for girls who like you.

  2. It screens out girls who pretended to like you for attention.

Breaking rapport is so cool because it gets girls out of autopilot.

It breaks the usual conversation pattern they follow with most guys (because remember, most men have terrible text game).

And it forces them to actually take important decisions because if they don't you're basically rejecting them.

When Should You Decide to Break Rapport?

It's important to understand that you cannot break rapport if there is no rapport to begin with.

In other words, if she doesn't care about you, breaking rapport will not change a thing.

Imagine a homeless person coming up to you to tell you that they disapprove of what you do.

You wouldn't care because most likely a homeless person has no value in your eyes.

Ahh, Max, you're so politically incorrect.

Well, this is just how social interactions go, sorry if that sounds mean or unfair.

If you want to get results, it's important to really understand how social dynamics work:

People don't want to lose things when they see value in them.

And people see value in things when:

  • Those things are rare.

  • They already invested a lot of energy into getting those things.

If women don't find value in you, ie. they are not interested or invested in you, breaking rapport will not do anything.

So you want to make sure to do 1 very important thing when you restart a conversation on Tinder.

To effectively break rapport, you must do it with women who have an interest in keeping you around.

That is, for example:

  • Girls who find you attractive.

  • Girls who invested time and energy in you.

  • Girls who are desperate for any kind of male attention.

Here's my whole point:

There needs to be some kind of rapport in the first place for you to break it.

If you break rapport too early, before there's any kind of investment, it will have 0 effect.

And you'd be better off just sending a Tinder revive text or a funny gif.

The best time to break rapport with a girl who ghosted is when she ghosts you right when asking her out.

Don't make the mistake of sending something fun to a girl who willingly ignores your attempt to make a date happen.

Doing so is the highway to being strung along, and then the friendzone.

But if you restart a conversation on Tinder and break rapport properly (usually after texting back and forth for a bit) it will work wonders.

example of breaking rapport on Tinder

Keep Persisting for More Dates

You saw many examples in this article, you can very well restart a conversation on Tinder.

It's perfectly possible to persist in an attractive way:

  • While holding your boundaries.

  • While being calm and not butthurt.

  • While screening off uninterested girls.

I really want you to understand that when you restart a conversation on Tinder it's not the move of a desperate guy.

This is actually the behavior of a top guy who knows what he wants and pursues it with empathy.

I want you to think about all the opportunities you missed in the past because you got ghosted once and called it quits.

Because you didn't want to "bother her" or "appear desperate and needy".

Now that you've read about the top 3 ways to restart a conversation on Tinder, no more of that.

And if you want to share your experiences in pursuing hot girls properly, join our Facebook community!

Good luck and I will see you next time. 🤘

- Max

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