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What Makes A Good Tinder Profile Photo For Guys (2023)

Not happy with the results you're getting on Tinder and other dating apps?

Welcome to the club, that's the case for most men.

Because most of us never really learned what makes a good Tinder profile photo.

And the single biggest thing you can do to get better results on dating apps is to improve your profile.

So in this article, I will show you exactly what makes a good Tinder profile photo for guys to:

  • Stand out on dating apps

  • Generate more attraction through your profile

  • Get women more excited to know you

And finally, get more matches on Tinder.

how to get more matches on Tinder

Over 10 years ago when I was a horny college freshman I would see such a screenshot and think:

"There's no way any normal guy can get so many matches."

And I understand why men feel that way, online dating is a real headache when you don't know how it works.

But once you know what makes a good Tinder profile photo you can get that many matches.

And it's all in this very article.

So you really want to make sure your profile looks premium.

We're going to see what makes a good Tinder profile photo in a few steps:

If you do so you will literally get tons of matches on Tinder.

This is a very in-depth article and I'm very excited to have you read through it.

Let's dive in.

Take Good Quality Tinder Photos

A while back I ran an experiment and I figured that over 500 male Tinder profiles...

Only 6% had professional quality Tinder photos.

That's insanely low!

Good tinder photo for guys

Look at the example above.

It's crisp, it looks premium.

This guy understands how to present himself via photos.

He beats the competition, and that's how you get more matches on Tinder.

Now have a look at what kind of photo 94% of all men on Tinder are using:

bad tinder photo for guys

Here's what's bad with this Tinder photo:

  • The lighting is flat and strange.

  • His face is tense.

  • There's a weird thing dangling from his ear.

  • The background is shady and bland.

Overall it gives the impression that this guy has no idea what he's doing.

Or that he's too sloppy to put in the effort to take a great photo.

And that's literally the opposite of what makes a good Tinder profile photo.

Your Photos Are Your First Impression

Coming up with anything short of "good" will not play to your advantage.

It's the equivalent of making a bad first impression when you meet someone in public.

You don't want to make women feel bad about you as your first impression.

Because it's never a good look to show that you don't understand how to present yourself.

So if you're serious about understanding what makes a good Tinder profile photo, read on and let me show you what really matters.

What Are Good Tinder Pictures For Guys?

I figured I'd throw in a bunch of examples so you get the exact idea of what makes a good Tinder profile photo.

I will take the example of a face shot photo because this should be the first photo that comes up on your Tinder profile.

I mentioned this in my Extremely Detailed Tinder Guide, a face shot is the first pic you need to master what makes a good Tinder profile photo.

Think casual ID photo and you're good to go.

Now look at those examples of what you don't want to do:

They are mostly low-effort photos and they ignore most of the advice in this article.

So let me make sure you don't come up with bad Tinder photos like those.

How To Make Your Photos Look Good On Tinder?

First, you must understand lighting and color grading if you want to know what makes a good Tinder profile photo.

Don't worry, I'm not talking about turning you into a professional photographer.

It's actually very easy.

(How do I know? Well... because even I can do it and I'm terrible at photography.)

Color grading is a very easy and powerful hack to get what makes a good Tinder profile photo.

Just have a look at this example:

Tinder photo color grading

Tweaking just a few colors makes a photo pop off like crazy.

And on dating apps this really makes a difference.

Extra-Easy Tinder Photo Color Grading Guide

Proper color grading of your photos plays a huge role in what makes a good Tinder profile photo.

The best part?

You can do good color grading for free, within 5 minutes, directly from your phone.

I like to go with the app Snapseed because it's very easy to use.

edit your tinder photos app snapseed

It's free and available for both Android and iPhone.

For example here is a (very bad) selfie of myself at the gym.

Edit tinder photo

And here are the exact settings I tweaked with the Snapseed app to improve that photo:

  • I played with the 'temperature' settings.

  • I increased the brightness.

  • I increased the highlights.

  • I reduced the shadows.

  • I increased the structure and sharpness.

It took me barely 3 minutes and here is the result:

edit tinder photo

This is day and night, and this was done on a quick photo taken with the front camera of my 5-year-old phone.

Imagine what you can do with professional Tinder photos.

(Check out this article if you want to see the end result with my own Tinder photos.)

Proper color grading goes a long way in what makes a good Tinder profile photo.

It gives your profile this premium vibe.

Look Premium And Beat Your Competition

I really like the term "premium" because that's really the impression your profile will give if you put real effort into it.

Women will feel lucky and excited to match with you.

And that doesn't mean it's an extremely difficult thing to do either.

I get that it's a little bit annoying because women can get away with terrible photos.

how to get hot girls on Tinder

I mean, I'd date her even if her photo is kinda bad.

But here's the kicker...

Men Must Have Good Photos To Attract Women

For men the game is different.

  • A cute face or hot body is enough to get a guy to swipe right.

  • A cute face or hot body is NOT enough to get a woman to swipe right.

Both are simply not looking for the same things.

If you make your photos look premium, it says a lot about you as a person.

It shows that you're conscientious, that you're smart, that you're successful enough to be in a position to take good photos to begin with.

Think About The Context

Take a look at this photo for example:

hilarious tinder photo

It says so many bad things about the guy, even if he's physically attractive.

  • Most women will think he's vain.

  • Most women will think he's dumb.

  • Most women will think he has self-esteem issues.

Let's be real, he's ripped and at least he has that going for him.

So he's probably still going to get some matches but those will be low-quality matches way below his actual league.

Pro Tip: If you're ripped, prefer photos with context over mirror selfies. For example, it makes sense to take your shirt off if you're at the beach or the swimming pool.

But take the same kind of sloppy photo with a guy that's not built like a Greek god:

terrible tinder photo

With a photo like that, you're done.

Sexually DEAD.

Don't do that.

Because it shows that:

  • He doesn't work out.

  • He doesn't care about his fashion style.

  • He has an average life just like the next guy.

  • He doesn't realize there are a million distracting things in this photo.

  • He doesn't understand what women want or like.

  • He put no effort into his dating profile.

Now take this guy for example:

Good tinder photo for guys

With a photo like that, he is blowing all his competition out of the water.

Because this Tinder pic shows that:

  • He takes care of himself and looks attractive.

  • He has a successful and interesting life.

  • He put care into coming up with a Tinder photo that evokes good emotions.

  • He understands what women like and want.

His photo literally only says great things about him.

Compared to the previous one, he is in a totally different league.

Your Photos Say A Million Things About You

If you want to know what makes a good Tinder profile photo always remember the adage:

"A picture is worth a thousand words."

If you don't put effort into your dating photos it pushes women to assume bad things about you:

  • You probably don't put effort into other things.

  • You're probably not successful in life.

  • Other women probably don't like you either.

Because there is 1 undeniable fact:

Your photos either say good things about you or bad things about you, there's no middle ground.

And you must control what your photos say about you to come up with an attractive Tinder profile.

With bad Tinder photos, it's very difficult for women to find things to like about you.

Pro Tip: Your attractiveness will be judged only based on what you show. Even if you're the most interesting man on planet Earth, you're only perceived as attractive as your weakest photo. Prefer less great photos over a lot of average ones.

That premium vibe is what makes a good Tinder profile photo.

Another example, take an average guy with a great photo:

Good Tinder photo

Immediately he's back in the game because a good-quality photo shows that:

  • He's smart enough to understand how to present himself well.

  • He gets that women like masculine eye contact.

  • His fashion style is simple but effective.

  • He's able to do things properly and pay attention to details.

  • He's probably more serious and ethical than other guys.

The whole idea with a great photo is that it shows you're better than your competition.

Pay Attention To Details

With online dating and Tinder photos, the devil is in the details.

Here are the 5 most important details of what makes a good Tinder profile photo:

  • Make sure the background isn't messy or distracting, blur it if it is.

  • Show yourself properly and openly (no weird or confusing photos).

  • Make sure your posture and facial expression aren't tense or awkward.

  • Use a good camera and pay attention to the lighting/color grading.

  • Get your fashion and fitness on point.

A while back I made another experiment on, I compared sloppy photos with more premium-looking photos.

The result is obvious:

Tinder photofeeler
tinder photofeeler
Tinder photofeeler

Sloppy photos get worse results.

Proven once again, what makes a good Tinder profile photo for guys?

Putting effort into it.

Give Her The Impression Of A Top Guy

If you're able to pay attention to details it shows women that you're the kind of guy who...

Pays attention to details.

... I know it's redundant.

But that's important because:

  • Women know that high-value men pay attention to details.

  • Women know that successful men do all they can to do things well.

Look around, who else pays attention to details?

Successful Instagram influencers, movie stars, wealthy business people, etc.

By giving this premium vibe to your Tinder profile it immediately puts you in the same bucket as all those successful people.

And if you don't, the opposite is also true:

Sloppy photos will associate you with unsuccessful and unattractive men.

Consider Hiring a Photographer

A bunch of my coaching clients don't want to bother learning how to take good photos and I get that.

If you can afford it a Tinder photoshoot is a great investment.

How To Choose A Good Tinder Photographer?

Getting a Tinder photographer is a great way to make a good Tinder profile easily.

Keep in mind that most Tinder photographers are not dating experts, they know how to take good photos, not what makes a woman attracted to a man.

Here are important things to keep in mind for your Tinder photoshoot:

  1. Let the photographer know a high-value background matters.

  2. Don't overdress, dress as you would when going on a date.

  3. Posed shots don't look genuine, prefer candid pics of yourself walking or laughing.

You will have to guide your Tinder photographer a bit, the same way you'd guide your barber if you want to make sure you get the cut that you want.

If you do so you're likely to end up with a lot of awesome photos and that's what makes a good Tinder profile.

Let Your Lifestyle Get Girls For You

Now that you know how much a photo speaks for itself, you can use that.

You can say so much more about:

  • The quality of your lifestyle and your social status.

  • How confident and socially savvy you are.

  • The kind of good times she will have when hanging with you.

And all those things are incredibly useful to attract women.

Good looks help, for sure, go to the gym and stay healthy.

And when you understand what makes a good Tinder profile photo, you can show those things effortlessly through your profile.

And get more matches and dates, even as an average guy.

Show Attractive Qualities Through The Context

Just have a look at this bad boy.

example of a good tinder photo for guys

This photo says a lot of good things about himself and his lifestyle:

  • He is not afraid of high-stakes situations.

  • He likes adventure.

  • His lifestyle is cool enough that he has access to helicopters.

What makes a good Tinder profile photo for guys is not only the quality, it's the underlying message.

The context communicates that he is a high-value man with a high-value lifestyle.

But let's have a look at more examples.

example of a good tinder photo for guys

Taking photos in Paris tells good things as well:

example of a good tinder photo for guys

Taking photos with elephants in a tropical country shows that:

  • I'm independent and able to travel by myself.

  • I can introduce my entourage to interesting or fun things.

example of a good tinder photo for guys

This canoe photo shows very attractive qualities as well:

  • That guy is adventurous and charismatic.

  • Everyone is having a blast around this guy.

  • You literally want to be there and have fun too (... at least I do).

I really want you to soak in the vibe of the photos above.

And compare them to the photos below:

bad tinder photo guy

This photo tells me that:

  • He has a dog.

  • ... and that he likes to sit on his couch?

Not very exciting.

Maybe this guy?

bad tinder photo for guys

Probably not either.

That's a very strange photo that has no place in a Tinder profile:

  • It shows he doesn't understand how to present himself in a dating context.

  • It shows he doesn't understand what women like and want.

  • It shows he's probably gonna be awkward during a date too.

bad tinder photo for guys

This photo isn't good either.

Because the only thing it tells us is that he's excited by birds painted on walls...

Pro Tip: You can have fun and share your personality, definitely go for it. But there is a limit between being fun and being unrelatable. If you're too unrelatable and leave women confused, they will assume you're weird and creepy.

Being excited is fine in itself.

But being excited about seemingly unexciting things...

That will not be interpreted as high-value behavior.

Remember, on dating apps, it's all about:

  • What your photos say.

  • How women will interpret it.

Put yourself in a girl's shoes.

Imagine what she will think when watching your profile for the first time.

  • Do you come off as an exciting and cool guy?

  • Do you come off as a lazy bum?

Because one is what makes a good Tinder profile photo, while the other only gets you left swipes.

Women Want High-Value Men

What makes a good Tinder profile photo is that you seem above your competition.

That's the premium vibe, the halo effect around a beautiful, carefully crafted Tinder profile.

If you're excited by regular things, if you're showing off mundane stuff, that's not optimal.

Because it just goes to show you're average.

You must focus on showing that you have access to scarce resources to maximize your chances.

That's why I will always encourage men to keep grinding and:

  • Make more money

  • Learn proper social skills

  • Find new and interesting friends

  • Get bigger and stronger at the gym

  • Find your passion and change the world

... But what if you don't want to join the rat race and try to always prove you're "higher value" than the next guy?

Here's what makes a good Tinder profile photo then.

Find Dates On Tinder Even If You're A Nerd

Take the example of a coaching client I had a few years back.

He was a short, Asian, chubby, kissless virgin, 31 years old, IT guy living in the US.

Did he give up? Fuck no.

dating coach helps virgin

Within 3 weeks of working together, we got him a bunch of dates and destroyed his V-card.

How did we do that?

We focused on his lifestyle and personality.

  • He liked to dance salsa, we added photos to show that in his Tinder profile.

  • He liked long walks outside instead of partying, we mentioned it in his bio.

  • He was overall kind of a nerd, so we used self-deprecating humor about it.

We managed to show that through his photos and bio, and a few girls really liked it.

(Psst... If you want the same results for yourself you can book a coaching with me here 🙂)

Attracting Women Is A Bell Curve

Here is what's a bell curve.

dating bell curve

When you apply that to dating, you see that the average woman is usually attracted to what most people find attractive.

But some women will be attracted to what only some people find attractive.

It's what's called a normal distribution.

In the same way that most people like strawberries.

But only a few people like figs.

It doesn't mean figs are bad.

Be Both The Strawberry And The Fig

There are generally things that most women find attractive and we discussed that above.

Here's how you will maximize your chances:

  • Focus on things that most women find attractive.

  • But don't hide the "less popular sides" of your life.

You don't need to be cool, you just need to not be creepy.

Because you can understand what makes a good Tinder profile photo, but there is even more to it.

This is what I focused on in my Tinder bio, and it works awesome in reeling girls in even more.

Write An Engaging Bio To Support Your Profile

I'm putting this last because a good Tinder bio won't amount to more than 10% of your success on Tinder and co.

That said, a good Tinder bio is a part of what makes a good Tinder profile.

Don't forget to check my article on the 7 worst Tinder bio mistakes to make sure your bio stays top-notch.

A good Tinder bio has so many benefits:

  • It gets girls excited to chat with you.

  • It increases your chances to get a first date.

  • It makes the conversation flow better.

And overall it makes your lifestyle look even more exciting.

If your bio is engaging enough to get her to send you the first text, it's a net win for you.

It's a clear and obvious sign of her interest.

So for reference here's my current bio:

max insa Tinder profile

And quite often I get girls to text me first because I made it easy for them to come up with a first message.

Tinder girl texts first

Because sending the first message on Tinder is tough, you know that.

But it's also tough for girls, they are shy creatures.

Here's my secret 3 step Hot Tinder bio formula to get girls to text you first:

  1. One part about what makes you attractive.

  2. One part about what you look for in women.

  3. One silly/goofy part to make her giggle.

(The order doesn't really matter.)

And by then you have the most chances of getting a high-value, non-tryhard, engaging bio.

Put Your Best Foot Forward

Down the line, your profile is only as good as its weakest link, and you're only as attractive as what you're able to show.

So I really encourage you to put serious effort into putting your best foot forward, that's what makes a good Tinder profile for guys.

This will get you more Tinder matches, more Tinder dates and overall it will just get girls more excited to talk with you.

Follow the advice in this article to a T and you can be sure to get top results off dating apps.

I know there's a lot in this article so don't hesitate to save it so that you can come back anytime.

Your Next Step?

Now that you know how to get that shiny profile, how about actually talking to girls to get that date?

I came up with a free PDF filled with texting Cheat Sheets to make your online dating life super EZ.

Click on the image below to download it!

- Max
Insane Flirt texting cheat sheets

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