The Extremely Detailed Tinder Guide - 2022 Edition

Updated: Sep 10

Years after years you've been using Tinder.

And for some reason, you don't get it.

Which makes no sense, because you're a smart guy.

But still, no matches, no dates, no Netflix & Chill.

Or maybe you're a complete newbie who just started using dating apps.

Well, lucky you.

This extremely detailed Tinder guide will tell you all that you need to know about Tinder dating in 2022 and beyond.

You will learn about:

This extremely detailed Tinder guide is going to be a lengthy, in-depth article.

So feel free to click on the links above to go directly to the part you're most interested in.

Sounds good?

Let's go!

What it's Like to Use Tinder as a Guy in 2022

Alright, this is the part where I will maybe make you a little bit sad.


Because I am going to destroy every myth that you might believe in when it comes to your chances on dating apps.

And I am going to rebuild you as a new man, aware of every Tinder shenanigans.

A lot of what is going to be discussed below might make you mad. I know because I've been coaching guys for years: dating is easier for women and it's frustrating. But it's really important that you get better, not bitter if you want to win this game.

Because before playing the game you want to understand the rules.

The same way you don't win a game of Monopoly by buying a single house on every property.

But by knowing the most profitable properties and doubling down on them.

The same goes with Tinder.

You must understand the rules of the game, what is the most efficient way to win, and how to make it happen.

And that's exactly what this extremely detailed Tinder guide is about to do for you.

Male VS Female Results on Tinder

We are first going to compare the kinds of results a guy and a girl can both expect to get on Tinder.

Studies showed that women hit their peak attractiveness level at 18 and men at 50.

So I created 2 fake Tinder accounts to be in their late 20s, a guy & a girl.

This is arguably the age where both of their social market values are equivalent.

And I also tried to have them be of the same physical 'hotness' for this Tinder guide.

Your ​Social Market Value is how much value you have in the eyes of the opposite sex, and people in general. Many things influence it, such as your network, your social skills, your physical attractiveness, how good you are at doing what you do, etc.

You might remember my Markus profile from the article how to tell if a girl is not interested on Tinder.

Attractive male Tinder profile

Not an incredible model with ripped abs, but nice photos still.

Now meet Jenny:

Attractive female Tinder profile

Both accounts were placed in Ottawa, Canada.

The Results

Our good guy Markus went over the 99+ likes mark in a week, not a bad score.

Jenny, received over 100 likes in... one hour.

It probably took less time than that but I checked again after an hour and she already passed the 99+ likes bar while it took multiple days for the male profile to pass it.

Do you understand why you need to join the top 20%?

Because if you don't follow this very detailed Tinder guide, you will get no dates from Tinder.

Or just a very few, with women you won't want to meet anyways.

So don't despair just yet, I'll tell you exactly how to make Tinder work for you.

But let's see some more data first.

Tinder is Pay to Win

Tinder used to be really free when it first came out in 2012.

Actually, Tinder was not even swipe-based when it first came out (the more you know).

Then things went downhill real quick:

  • In 2013, came the swipe feature and the ads.

  • In 2015, Tinder Plus launched as the first Tinder paid subscription, adding Super Likes and the Rewind button.

  • In 2016, you were then able to buy boosts.

  • In 2017, Tinder Gold came out, which was a huge hit.

  • Then finally in 2020 came Tinder Platinum, which made it clearly "pay to win".

As of now, the more you pay, the more chances you've got to get a hot date.

But what can we do, it's a business after all.

What I can tell you for sure is that Tinder as a free user is rough.

In 2020, Tinder had over 6.6 million paid users, which is roughly 10% of its user base.

And all Tinder subscriptions give all sorts of advantages in getting noticed first.

So if you're not a paying member, you're already at a disadvantage.

Because you're already put behind paid users.

But wait.

There's much more that makes Tinder really tough for the average guy.

How Many Girls Are There for Every Guy on Tinder?

The numbers are honestly quite scary.

In 2019 in the UK, it was reported there were 9 men for every 1 woman on Tinder.

But at the same time, last month I worked with a guy located in Brighton, UK.

And I managed to secure at least 1 date a week from Tinder for him.

So yes, the odds are insane.

This is why you need to follow this detailed Tinder guide if you want to know how to get dates from Tinder.

Because if you play your cards right Tinder is a game that you can definitely win.

What is the male to female ratio on Tinder in the US?

This 2021 study states it's closer to 4 men for every 1 woman on Tinder in the US.

So if we compare this to real life, it's like going to a club where there are 4 guys for every girl.

Would your odds be high meeting a girl in such a place?

Not if you're an average guy.

So should you give up on dating apps whatsoever?

Because don't think the grass is greener on other apps.

  • Bumble has 2.5 guys for every girl.

  • OkCupid has 2 guys for every girl.

Actually, if you want a balanced ratio your best bet is Instagram with roughly 50% users of each sex.

But no, I don't think you should give up.

You want to become above-average instead.

And honestly, it's not that hard to beat the competition.

average guys on Tinder

Just have a look at what most guys' profiles look like.

Nothing impressive, really.

To get dates on Tinder you want to stand out.

And to do that...

You just have to do the right things.

Which I'm about to reveal for you right now.

That's how nice I am, fam.

How to Get More Matches on Tinder in 2022

Let me give it to you straight:

The #1 thing in getting more matches is to get better photos.

But don't stop reading just yet, because anyone can get top photos that get matches, even without abs and a super square jaw.

I just want you to understand what to focus on.


Attractive Tinder male photo

Will always get more matches and dates on Tinder than that:

terrible tinder photo

Incredible, right?

Same amazing guy, but totally different vibes from both Tinder photos:

  • One makes me look like an outgoing, successful entrepreneur.

  • The other makes me look like a lazy bum.

And to be honest, I am both lol.

But I understand what photos work to get matches on Tinder.

Depending on the situation, I will showcase a different angle on me.

I use the first photo to get matches on Tinder, and the second one as an example of a bad Tinder picture.

Because no matter how witty the bio, no matter how funny the texts.

Great photos make or break your profile.

Online dating photos are not about faking what you are. It's all about putting your best foot forward and being smart enough to show your most appealing side first.

The bio and other flavor info you can put around your profile matter too, but way less.

It just makes a lot of sense because appearances are the most obvious thing on dating apps.

And emotions are extremely hard to convey over the internet.

If you don't want appearances to play such a huge role, get off the dating apps and watch my tutorial to start approaching in real life.

But for now, let's learn the rules of online dating so you can make the most of that game.

Your Bio and Info Help Convey your Personality

Let's start with your bio and all other info you can give on top of your photos.

I'm talking about the kind of flavored text you put around your photos, like prompts on Hinge for example.

example of good hinge prompt

While those are not the main reason why a girl will swipe right on you, they can help.

If she's on the fence, that can make a difference.

So yes I know this is Hinge, but I think it's a better example of the principle behind it:

All that you need is to write something that will get a chuckle out of her.

Make it "a little bit" funny or interesting like the example below, and that will be good enough.

example of good hinge prompt

An efficient Tinder bio follows a simple pattern as well.

Here's my most recent one:

Attractive male Tinder bio

You want to divide it into 3 parts:

  1. What she will like about you.

  2. What you will like about her.

  3. A fun and light part, to have her giggle and show you have a personality.

What's the point of having such a bio if photos matter so much?

Well, this detailed Tinder guide wouldn't be complete without it.

You want to optimize everything, and the bio is a part of that.

And on top of conveying your personality, building trust, and reassuring the girls watching your profile, it also has a secret added benefit.

It helps girls text you first.

girl texts guy first on Tinder