How To Invite A Girl To Netflix And Chill (2022)

Updated: Nov 21

You've heard the saying literally everywhere.

And yet it seems super hard to get a girl to come over to watch Netflix and fu...

I mean to watch Netflix and chill.

Because hey.

We all know what it means to invite a girl to watch Netflix and chill.

It means you're going to have sex.

She knows it, you know it.

Her best friend she told she was going to watch a movie over at a guy's house knows it.

Now it's all about not screwing that up.

So let me show you properly how to invite a girl to Netflix and chill.

In this article, I will show you from beginning to end a recent "Netflix and Chill" encounter I had with a girl I met on Tinder.

And I will give you my best dating tips so that you too can get girls to come directly over to your place.

But I don't want to leave you alone not knowing what to do once she's sitting on your couch.

So I will also give you my world-class dating advice to make sure you close that home date properly.

Let's jump right in.

1 - Get a Quality Match on Dating Apps

Let's call her Susie.

I matched with Susie on Tinder, and it turns out we already matched a month ago.

netflix and chill date

She seems to really like me, and since we talked before there's no real need for further conversation.

Now here's the most important part of this article:

She must be really into you.

Because the more a girl is into you, the more she will want to burn the usual steps.

And get directly to sex.

Make Her Crazy For You

There are a few things that will get a girl to be crazy for you.

The first one is the easiest one, but you have no control over it:

It's when she's just too horny and she's totally DTF.

Focus on Receptive Women

It's very simple, among all the women you will match with on dating apps, some are hornier than others.

It depends on the girl's personality, it depends on what headspace she's in at the time.

But to know how to invite a girl to Netflix and Chill you must recognize those girls who are really into you.

Here are the biggest signs that a girl is DTF:

  • She moves the conversation toward a date

  • She gives you obvious signs of interest (compliments, ...)

  • She hints at activities that can be done at home

And the biggest sign: she doesn't object when you invite her over to your home.

Get Sex Faster with a Better Profile

When you meet a girl who's receptive like that, it's basically going to multiply any attraction she has for you by 10.

... but it will also multiply the attraction she has for your competition tenfold.

So make sure that your profile is attractive to begin with.

Because if your profile is a 6/10, sure she wants the D.

But if another guy rolls in with a profile that's a 9/10, you can't compete.

So make sure your profile is good enough.

The better your profile, the more she will be attracted.


If she's very attracted it means she will want to have sex earlier.

And don't worry, literally anyone can join the top 1% on dating apps.

(No, you don't need to be ripped and no, you don't need to be rich.)

If you're not confident about the quality of your profile check out my Tinder photo guide here.

Get Sex Faster with Proper Text Game

Also, if you wanna know how to invite a girl to Netflix and Chill you must make sure that you're able to text girls properly.

  • That you don't make weird mistakes like going into conversational talk

  • That you don't hesitate to make moves

  • That you behave in a non-judgemental and lighthearted, fun way

So that in the end you ask her out properly, before another guy does.

Pro Tip: Getting a girl to come over for sex on the first date, I mean, to watch a movie, is actually super easy, but only once you've got your basics right (profile + text game).

If you're not comfortable texting girls just yet, consider reading this article in which I break down how to ask a girl out over texts.

Down the line, asking how to invite a girl to Netflix and chill is about recognizing women who are DTF, being able to attract them, and moving this swiftly to sex over texts.

Let's see what it looks like in practice.

2 - Move Onto Getting Her Over

Here's how I followed up with Susie:

netflix and chill date

You know it, Instagram is the best way to follow up after Tinder.

Because girls can see so much more of your life and get to know you.

Careful though: make sure your Instagram actually plays in your favor.

  • Make sure your feed looks at least above average

  • Make sure you post stories that are fun and engaging

Soon I'll come up with a definitive Instagram guide and link it here.

But in the meantime, just make sure you're sharing about your life in a way that makes you look cool.

Use Instagram To Reassure Her

That's a huge part of how to invite a girl to Netflix and Chill:

  • A cool Instagram will get her more invested in you

  • A cool Instagram will show her you have some social status and other people like you

  • A cool Instagram will show her that you're not a crazy axe murderer

And as a whole, a good Instagram profile will reassure her.

To put it bluntly:

She has fewer chances to meet a creep if she goes for a guy who can prove he has a dope lifestyle.

And she doesn't want to meet a creep.

She just wants to have fun, and if all goes well, end up her head between the pillows.

If you wonder how to invite a girl to Netflix and Chill, don't forget this very important thing.

Girls are more easily scared than men when dating, so anything you can do to make her feel more secure will help.

This will make it so much easier for her to feel comfortable coming over to your place on the first date.

Gradually Increase Her Investment

So there I was, I started the conversation on IG and she replied.

Just a bit of fluff about her name for starters.

No game there, just enjoying and sharing a good vibe.

Because I found it fun, I asked.

Pro Tip: Girls dig a carefree, relaxed, and non-judgemental vibe when they want to hookup with a guy on Tinder. Don't be afraid to take the time to banter.

Not everything has to be "a move".

It's actually better to be able to lighten up your conversations with banter.

This will also have for advantage to increase the sexual tension between you and her, and get her more invested.