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The 3 Most Attractive Behaviors For A Man (in 2022)

In this article I will share the most attractive behaviors for a man who would like to understand how to meet and seduce a woman while still being genuine.

As well as a personal story with one of the girls in the thumbnail of this article...

This is important because these days, especially with the #MeToo and other feminist movements, it's very difficult to embody attractive behaviors for a man.

But then you go on Instagram and see girls like her.

Someone's got to be getting with her, right?

And that's probably not someone who cares too much about fourth-wave feminism.

Between being too nice or being too selfish, it's sometimes difficult to find the right balance.

And stay until the end...

... Because I can guarantee you that this kind of behavior is not the overused advice you see everywhere.

None of that watered-down “dress well and make her laugh” in this article.

Today we are really going to focus on the most attractive behaviors for a man.

Things that will generate real sexual attraction between a woman and a man.

There are really 3 main things that make up the most attractive behaviors for a man.

Before getting into the bulk of the article, here's what science says so far:

This is an oversimplification for the sake of this article but unless you're deep into anthropology, that's all you need right now to get a better dating life.

If you want further scientific data, have a look here, here, and there.

In this article, I will make those very complex evolutionary principles as immediately actionable and direct as possible for you.

1 - Don't Be Afraid Of Losing Her

So, I know how that kind of advice sounds.

I don't think you need me to notice that:

One of the most attractive behaviors for a man is to talk with confidence.

But I want to explain to you why it really is better to speak with confidence.

  • Even in the face of the risk of disturbing or offending.

  • And how to do it in an attractive way.

Here I really want to talk about confidence against the risk of being rejected.

Or being disliked, or branded as “a jerk”.

Because when you meet a woman it's easy to talk confidently about mundane topics like where you went on holiday, what she does for a living, etc.

On the other hand, it's harder to be confident when talking about more polarizing things.

For example, talking about sulfurous topics:

  • Why you like to pull women’s hair during sex

  • The way you prefer women who take care of themselves and go to the gym

  • What you believe is best to get to know someone

You Must Take Social Risks

The other day I was on a date with this girl who turned out to be actually a quite influential OnlyFans model.

And man, she was pretty.

OnlyFans model girlfriend
That one on the right 💖

And she was also super shy and private.

But I know that she and I had to open up to each other if we wanted to start any kind of relationship.

And I had to explain to her with confidence why it's better to open up to people to start a relationship.

And yes it's a bit risky, because she might disagree and dislike it.

Because what would 99% of other guys have done in this situation?

  • Try to entertain her and stay safe.

  • Be upset that she was not talking back much.

  • Keep talking about boring-ass superficial topics.

And she wouldn't have been emotionally invested, and we would have never started dating.

If You Must Fail, Fail Hard

Being confident doesn't mean that you're always right, and that's important.

But it means that you're strongly going for what you believe in (instead of weakly going for what you believe in).

Since you'll be doing it anyways, might as well do it with confidence.

You don’t want to hesitate when it comes to discussing emotionally charged topics (especially sexual ones).

That would be a strong sign that you're not really confident, and women pay attention to such details.

Pro Tip: It's funny because you will notice that sometimes you can be wrong with confidence, and still succeed. While if you were wrong but hesitant, you would have failed instead. Confidence is very convincing, make sure to always give 100%.

I made a video a while ago about the proper way to build sexual tension with a woman and speaking about sex with confidence is a huge part of it.

You must un-filter your speech, even if that means offending some people.

Be Unapologetic Of Yourself

Being unapologetic in your speech, even about super polarizing topics, is one of the most attractive behaviors for a man.

If you find this difficult to do in practice, it's often easier online on dating apps.

The pressure of rejection is less important on Tinder for example, and that’s a good way to practice the most attractive behaviors for a man.

Since if you mess it up, worst case scenario she unmatches you.

By the way, if you want to get more dates with Tinder and other dating apps, check out my Extremely Detailed Tinder Guide.

Because, look, here's an example:

This is a girl who assumed that I was complimenting her, while I was actually asking her a question.

And I don't know about you, but that bothers me when people put words in my mouth.

Especially when it's a girl who assumes that I'm simping all over her.

I know some guys would be afraid to tell her that they weren't giving a compliment.

But here's the thing:

I was going somewhere with my question, and her taking it as a compliment isn't helpful.

Not being afraid to take back control of the conversation with confidence is one of the most attractive behaviors for a man.

And this gets her to invest in the interaction.

(While her taking it as a compliment and leaving it at that would just close the conversation.)

On top of doing something else very well:

Disagreeing a bit is an honest signal that I intend on being genuine.

2 – Be As Genuine As Possible

Another of the most attractive behaviors for a man is to be as genuine as possible.

It's very close to speaking with confidence since you can't do it if:

  • You're afraid of losing her

  • You're trying to avoid rejection

  • You try to pretend to please her

This is a problem because it will soon be obvious that you are not really confident.

And that you are only pretending to look cool.

In itself it's not a big deal, we all try to look more interesting.

The problem is that in seduction, this will automatically disqualify you.

Risk Being Your True Self

Women (especially the most beautiful ones) are used to being approached by guys who lie to get their way.

They have literally developed a knack for scanning and spotting this kind of men who fake it.

It's for this reason that some women are very difficult at first, then become really nice after a few minutes of conversation.

Out of mistrust, some women have developed this “shield” to protect themselves from liars and other men who would pretend to sleep with them.

And that's why by trying to avoid rejection, you actually increase your chances of being rejected.

I know it may sound paradoxical, but in this case, you will be more successful if you don't hide your real personality.

Risk Offending People

Being confidently genuine is one of the most important and attractive behaviors for a man.

Yes, even at the risk of offending and being rejected (and you will be rejected for being genuine).

It doesn't mean you have to become an insensitive jerk, still be aware of how you make people feel and calibrate if you see that you make people uncomfortable.

But calibrate after, risk offending first.

It's one of the most attractive behaviors for a man because it will:

  • Create trust

  • Tell her that you're fine with being rejected

  • Show that you can handle social conflict

And it also shows that you must get laid anyways, otherwise you wouldn't be that bold.

It's an honest signal that can't be faked since you're so genuine you're not afraid to offend and make "mistakes".

And that's why being genuine is one of the top, most attractive behaviors for a man.

Pro Tip: Women will forgive “little mistakes” much more easily than “little lies”. Being genuine will lose you some girls, but being disingenuous will lose you way many more.

It's also much more authentic not to be afraid to be yourself.

And despite small errors or other things that would not please everyone 100%, at least it has the merit of being honest.

And honesty in seduction is a powerful tool for getting a woman to trust you - whether it's for a one-night stand or a longer relationship.

Overall you can see that the most attractive behaviors for a man are all about going your own way with confidence.

3 – Go Your Own Way

Let's increase a little more in intensity, an attractive man is a man who is not afraid to disturb people.

Whether it's to:

  • Get the waiter's attention at a restaurant or

  • Tell your date you're not interested in listening to her talk about her ex

It's very important that you don't be afraid to bother.

All powerful men have had to develop this quality of knowing how to be disagreeable at one point or another in their lives.

Quick disclaimer: this has nothing to do with the MGTOW or incel movement.

But I still think there is a lot of merit in the idea of going your own way while dating.

Going your own way is clearly one of the most attractive behaviors for a man.

Personally, I see 2 main advantages.

It Weeds Out 'Bad' Girls

First, you will certainly clash with some women, but it would be a mistake to consider this as a rejection.

You must not hesitate to disturb.

If you don't hesitate to express yourself when something doesn't suit you, you will avoid abusive, narcissistic, and selfish women.

In itself, this is already a victory.

On top of being one of the most attractive behaviors for a man, this also saves you time.

And headaches (and drama).

It's A Clear Indicator Of Your Value

If you don't hesitate to disturb or be disagreeable when the situation warrants it, it will directly show the women you date that you are a man of a higher caliber.

It's a strong sign that you'd rather withdraw from an unpleasant situation than put up with it.

Even if it's hard to do.

Simply put, it's a strong indicator that you're capable of handling yourself under pressure.

It's an attractive behavior because it literally shows that you're not a victim.

And you and I both know that being a victim really isn't attractive to women.

Let Your Behavior Screen Women

It's very important these days to carry a strong and confident guy image when you meet women.

If you do so you will see you still get rejected, but also that:

  • You will date higher-quality women

  • Those women you date respect you more

  • You live a happier dating life

So, if rejection is unavoidable anyways, might as well get rejected while adopting the most attractive behaviors for a man.

Screen off girls who aren't for you, and get with those who actually are.

Honestly, men like that are becoming so rare that it's easier than ever to stand out.

And in this article you have all the keys to internalizing the most attractive behaviors for a man.

If you like what you just read and would like to meet other dudes working on becoming the best version of themselves, join our Facebook community!

And as usual, I'll see you guys next time.

- Max
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