The Power of Teasing Women

Remember when you were a kid and there was this other kid who was always chasing girls and being annoying with them, but they loved it? Things don’t change that much, they just get more subtle with age.

Looking all cool and handsome is one thing. Establishing a deep meaningful connection is another. But something is missing.

Girls will feel it’s too easy and not exciting enough. They will get bored when they talk to you and look for another source of emotional stimulation.

And it starts by teasing girls. You will know exactly how to do this by the end of this article.

In one sentence, to tease a girl you want to do just this : make fun of one of her innocent flaws.

"What? I thought I had this guy, why is he teasing me? Ok, that might be interesting."


Let's break this sentence down. Make fun of one of her innocent flaws.

What do I mean by making fun?

“Making fun of” means finding the humor in something.

Humor follows a pattern. It can also be mathematical in its structure and rhythm. Deconstruct why you like certain sketches, jokes, videos and spoofs and you begin to understand what you can do to create humor of your own.

There are many types of humor (dark, surreal, situational, etc.) and there is definitely one or a few kinds of humor that you will be naturally attracted to, humor is subjective. Mine is definitely more on the what-the-fuck and unexpected side of humor.

If you’re having trouble finding things “fun” and humorous I really advise that you start watching stand up comedy, watch a few shows daily and see which kind of humor you resonate with.

It also goes by lowering the bar for how good something has to be for you to find it fun. Many people do not allow themselves to let go and embrace humor because of ego. Your ego can hold you back and push you to think that you’re above the masses and that only the finest jokes can reach you. By simply allowing yourself to find a good time in things that are only slightly funny you will be able to become naturally funnier.

Without going on too much of an off-topic rant, ego has got to be the number 1 enemy of those trying to learn social success. Ego has you avoid risks. And laughing easily puts you at a risk of being judged for laughing at what can be considered “dumb and easy” humor. Let go of that. Laugh more often, it’s scientifically proven to make you live longer (and gets you laid more often).

In practice, humor generally happens when something is unexpected and/or exaggerated. Take one of her innocent flaws and exaggerate it or link it to something unexpected.

What do I mean by innocent flaw ?

An innocent flaw is basically going to be anything that she does or have that won’t have her feelings hurt if you make fun of it. Innocent flaws are not real flaws, but the point of a tease is to pretend that those things that aren’t flaws are actual flaws, and then you make fun of it.

The easiest way to do so is to take something that you noticed about her, and exaggerate it to the extreme, and say that you find it funny.

I used to have a girlfriend who, every time she laughed, would close her eyes. Because she was a white Caucasian girl, I used to tease her on the fact that she would become chinese every time she laughed.

(No hate for Chinese women, they are among the most beautiful women in the world to me.)

Usually you should never explain a joke because only awkward situations ensue, but for the sake of the example, let’s dissect this one.

“Every time you laugh, you become Chinese” It’s unexpected, it’s exaggerated, it’s an innocent flaw because she just did something that stood out to me.

Another example, I once met a girl at a bar and when she was talking to me, her eyes kept switching from watching my left, then my right eye, back and forth. I told her to stop doing that, that it was too obvious that she liked me because she couldn’t concentrate on watching me in a single eye when she was talking to me.

Again, exaggerated (her liking me and being extremely anxious about it) an innocent flaw (her switching eye contact between my left and right eye).

It’s interesting there because I also used this tease to set up the frame of her liking me, which is even more advanced and maybe the topic of another article. That’s how useful a tease can be.


Teasing girls create tension, and any tension between a man and a woman is almost always sexual. You need this tension to be there so she isn’t sure whether she’s got you or not.

It also makes the conversation way less boring. For the girl, but also for you. If the whole conversation is flat and friendly, chances are that your relationship with her will develop in that direction. And you don’t want that.

Every time you notice she gets bored you want to spike her emotions with a good or a bad emotion, as long as it kills the flat-ness that was there before.

If you’re able to stay around her, interact with her and talk with her for a long period of time without clearly saying that you are completely down to date her, she will think that she doesn’t have you wrapped around her finger just yet and this will drive her crazy.

She will wonder what you’re really thinking. She will wonder whether you actually like her because you’re giving her attention, joking around with her and generally spending time with her. She will wonder whether you actually dislike her and do this just for the sake of your own amusement because you’re teasing her, and genuinely having fun in her presence sometimes at the risk of offending her, not having fun to make her like you and be a nice friend who she can talk to about anything.

You’re polarizing when you tease girls and that’s really a trait that is extremely attractive. You’re not afraid to say what you think and while a tease should not be insulting, it clearly is going in the opposite direction of a compliment. Think of it as a “boys ball-busting” but without sexual nor cute intent.

Because in the end you can’t get girls to feel attraction towards you if you only make them comfortable around you. You can’t get girls to feel attracted if you only pull them towards you. Sometimes you need to push them away a little bit.

The main takeaway from this article is that teasing girls does two things : it spikes their emotions when the conversation gets stale and it creates tension between you and them if the conversation is too flat (or friendly). If you find yourself in either one of those situations, you know what to do now.

Liked this article? I really enjoy going in-depth and this is just the tip of the iceberg. Most of my advanced content doesn’t get posted on the blog.

If you wish to discuss more of the advanced content to pick out and eliminate your situation-specific sticking points you can book a consultation call for free with me HERE.


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