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7 Worst Tinder Bio Mistakes To Avoid (+ Real Attractive Bios )

Your Tinder profile is on point, your photos are fire, but the bio...

You've hit a blank.

You don't want to brag, but you also need to demonstrate high value to stand out.

Because you don't want to end up with a poopy bio like this one:

Bad male Tinder bio example

In this article, I'm going to show you the worst Tinder bio mistakes to avoid.

And I promise you, this will be the most in-depth "Top 7 whatever" you've ever read.

  • With real examples of the worst Tinder bio mistakes (and high-value fixes).

  • With the whole reasoning behind what makes a good Tinder bio.

  • With immediately actionable advice to fix your Tinder bio now.

But why should you care about your Tinder bio?

It's not like a great bio will get you more matches by itself...

But if you look at this:

bad male tinder bio example

You immediately know this guy doesn't really get a lot of girls.

  • It's tryhard

  • It's hard to read

  • It's not interesting

You've gotta understand a few things to come up with a good Tinder bio.

So let's make sure you're avoiding the worst Tinder bio mistakes.

What Does A Good Tinder Bio Do?

  • Increases your match's excitement (and makes getting a date easier).

  • Further attracts girls who are on the fence about you.

  • Helps girls to send you the first text THEMSELVES.

So to reap all those benefits, I'm going to show you exactly the worst Tinder bio mistakes you want to avoid.

Let's get into it.

1 - Your Bio Is Too Detailed

This is a common mistake and one I did for a long time.

Because when you're about to write your bio, what do you have in mind?

  • You want to sell yourself.

  • You want to introduce yourself.

  • You want to make a good impression.

And it's easy to get lost in details.

bad male tinder bio example

But a bio like that is not really effective.

You don't want your bio to go into unnecessary details, and you don't want to write a novel either.

One of the worst Tinder bio mistakes would be to share your life story before she even has the chance to say hi.

Just like when you meet someone in real life, you don't go into deep details at first.

Your bio should be an introduction to you, not the whole story of you.

Here's what happens if your bio is too detailed:

  • It shows you don't really understand how to meet people.

  • You kill all mystery before even saying hi.

  • You're too "in your face".

You want your bio to give just enough to get her curious about you.

So that she then wants to talk with you to satisfy that curiosity.

Keep it short and sweet.

What To Do If Your Bio Is Too Detailed

To avoid such Tinder bio mistakes you want to trim that down so it looks nice and neat.

  • Keep it to 3 paragraphs maximum.

  • 8 to 10 sentences tops for the copywriters among us.

The easiest way to do that is to come up with an extensive list of 15 things about you.

Among that list, you will select the top 3 and roll with it.

The rest, it's your job to get her to discover it during your date together.

Good Tinder bio for a guy

Remember, your bio is simply an introduction.

If you want to know in detail how to write a good Tinder bio, have a look at my Extremely Detailed Tinder Guide 2022 Edition.

2 - You're Bragging Instead Of Showing

Your bio should tell her why she should be interested in you.

But bragging is really one of the worst Tinder bio mistakes.

Here's an example:

bad tinder bio for a guy example

There is some humor in this, and that's good.

But it's still basically a bullet point list of "why I am so awesome".

Show Instead Of Telling

One of the worst Tinder bio mistakes is to make your bio a list of your life achievements.

Instead of telling what makes you awesome, you want to show what makes you awesome.

And if you think that you can't show something through words, think again.

There is always a subtext in what you write or say.

Pro Tip: It's not about what you say, it's about how you say it. If your intention is to impress or convince girls that you're cool, it will always come off as tryhard.

For example, I could that say that:

  • I make enough money with my business to travel the world.

  • I'm courageous enough to live abroad by myself for years.

  • I'm cool enough to make friends with people wherever I go.

  • I am very active and I like to take risks.

But then it would really sound like I'm bragging...

Because it is bragging.

It's simply listing my achievements and bluntly telling women why I am an attractive guy.

Use Storytelling To Captivate Women

Being that blunt would be really unattractive.

Because the harder you try to show someone how cool you are, the more they will assume you're insecure.

Bragging easily is one of the worst Tinder bio mistakes.

Instead, here's what I wrote in my bio:

Good Tinder bio for a guy

"I will tell you my scary travel stories."

Add this to the fact my bio says I'm French, and here's how I can show all the good things I mentioned above without actually saying any of it.

  • If I'm French living somewhere else than France, it means I can make enough money to travel and I'm brave enough to enjoy the solo traveler life.

  • If I have scary travel stories, it means my life is adventurous/interesting and I'm independent enough to maintain this lifestyle.

It's better to imply that you have attractive qualities and a dope life instead of bluntly stating it.

An added benefit is that it can make girls even more curious to know about you.

And now you're flipping the script since they are the ones asking to know about your life and they give you the opportunity to say why you're such an amazing guy.

How To Show Instead of Telling

While showing and bragging is one of the worst Tinder bio mistakes...

I get that it's hard to not tell stuff when using words.

Your best tool here is going to be storytelling.

For example, in my bio, instead of telling girls that I am a world traveler, I tell them that I have scary travel stories.

Instead of telling girls that I'm financially independent, I say that I'm an entrepreneur working for my own business.

Another example, remember the screenshot above with the pilot guy?

bad male tinder bio example

Instead of telling girls that he's a pilot, he could say that he flies planes from Paris to New York for a living.

It's essentially the same thing, but conveyed through a "mini-story" it becomes less tryhard because the main message is the story (not that he's interesting).

It "just so happens" that you're amazing because the story mentions cool things about you.

And that's way more effective than coldly stating attractive facts about yourself.

Pro Tip: Remember that women are emotional creatures. In a men's world it makes sense to go up to people and give them a list of your assets. Not when interacting with women, because they react better to emotions.

Here's how you come up with interesting stories for your Tinder bio:

  • Write down a list of 10 things you're proud of.

  • Select a few.

And once you've got that, think of a funny story that happened to you that mentions those amazing things you're proud of.

what is a good tinder profile for a guy

Think about what the stories in his Tinder bio subtly communicate.

He just landed in one of the most expensive cities on the planet:

  • He's wealthy and successful.

His chest makes for great pillows:

  • He's fit and caring.

And that is way more effective than bluntly listing cold facts.

That's how you avoid one of the worst Tinder bio mistakes:

Let girls discover by themselves what's so cool about you instead of directly telling them.

3 - Your Bio Is Boring

Let's go back to something more relatable.

You're a regular guy living in your own home country.

But that's not an excuse for you to run a boring bio filled with mundane things that everyone does.

boring Tinder bio example

The above example is not good because nothing in that bio stands out.

Everyone likes to do all of the things that this guy said he likes to do and that's not good.

Being boring is another of the worst Tinder bio mistakes because it makes you forgettable.

Be The Protagonist, Not An NPC

Here's what you want to avoid from the point of view of a woman:

Insane Flirt Tinder mistake NPC

This is extremely boring.

  • She could have the exact same conversation with literally any guy.

  • If she can interchange you with any other guy, she won't care about you.

A good bio reels women into your world, it leaves a mark.

One of the worst Tinder bio mistakes is to stay unremarkable.

You must be specific about what you like and take risks, don't be afraid to be polarizing.

  • It will help you filter women who aren't for you.

  • It will make you more memorable.

Here's another example of a bad bio:

bad male tinder bio example

It's not really bad, he's still telling a bit about what he does, and that can be a bit exciting to some women.

But absolutely nothing here tells me what's special or different about him.

  • He has a job.

  • He thinks he's better than her ex.

... But the problem is that most guys do that too.

And presenting yourself the same way as most other men do is one of the worst Tinder bio mistakes.

This guy does what you expect him to do before you move on and forget about him forever.

This guy is a non-playable character.

He is virtually invisible to women.

Show What Makes You Unique

Even if you list specific things in your bio, you've got to be careful.

If your bio looks something like this:

"I like to travel, exercise, play with my dog, and go hiking. Huge fan of The Office lol that's what she said

- Decent cook

- Dom 😈

- Fitness Junkie


I'm sorry to tell you but that's basic as fuck.

A basic bio is really one of the worst Tinder bio mistakes because you will be lost in the noise.

Everyone and their mother do all those things.

You don't want to be basic.

Because in fact, you're not basic.

You have very unique interests and perks/quirks.

It's those things that make you different that you want to put in your bio to stand out from the competition.

And if you really like to do "basic" things, at least talk about them in an exciting way.

Avoid stuff that's cliché if you want to stand out, that's really one of the worst Tinder bio mistakes.

Because she might not share your passion for World of Warcraft, but at least that would make you stand out.

How To Make Your Tinder Bio Interesting

Clearly being boring is one of the possible worst Tinder bio mistakes, but you don't want to go the other extreme either and become a clown (see point 6...).

The difficulty is in standing out while still being normal.

You want to talk about yourself in a way that is engaging to girls.

Here's what to focus on:

  • Specific things that make you different rather than common.

  • Specific things that can make her curious because she's never heard of it before.

And even if you like very mundane things, that's okay.

But then you want to talk about it in a way that's different and unusual.

Talk About Regular Things In An Exciting Way

It really depends on the topic, and you probably know more than me about your favorite things so find what works for you.

Because being mundane on top of talking about it in a boring way is one of the worst Tinder bio mistakes.

For example, I personally like to cook, super basic I know.

But if I talk about it, I will focus on the interesting and unusual things I cook.

  • My famous homemade tortilla pizza

  • My healthy protein-banana waffles

Here's another example:

Good Tinder bio for a guy

What he likes is kinda... normal.

But he's avoiding one of the worst Tinder bio mistakes by making it:

  • Very specific and detailed

  • Focused on emotions

He even included some weird twists at the end and that's a great way to make girls curious and start conversations.

4 - Your Bio Is Not Positive

You know how dating as a man is tougher than dating as a woman, right?

How girls have it so much easier than guys because guys have to do most of the work when dating, right?

Maybe you even have been trying to flirt with a lot of women who didn't give a shit about you, and you felt dirty about it.

Well, you're not alone.

Just look at this conversation I had on Instagram a few days ago:

Asking a girl out on example

Dating is annoying, dating is unfair, dating is frustrating.

I get it.

But you must take all of that negativity and leave it out the door.

  • Have strong boundaries and enforce them.

  • But still, give new women the benefit of the doubt.

For instance, with the woman in the screenshot above I will still ask her out because so far I can't really figure out if she's interested or not.

(UPDATE: She said yes and we had a great date 🙂)

...So I'm not telling you that all is pink and fair and happy.

But I'm telling you that being negative, emotional, and butthurt is extremely unattractive to women.

Being focused on the negative is one of the worst Tinder bio mistakes you could ever make.

bad male tinder bio example

This one is an extreme example because it's very aggressive.

But being chill is not enough to make a bio positive, here's another bad example:

bad male tinder bio example

And if you want a good laugh, this Reddit thread has a few more bad ones.

Wait, I see you coming Mr. SmartPants...

Being passive-aggressive doesn't work either, for example:

Complaining or shaming in a "nice" way is still a bad move.

And still one of the worst Tinder bio mistakes.

What Are Some Red Flags On Tinder?

Here's one for you...

Self-deprecating humor when it's badly done.

bad male tinder bio example

Self-deprecating humor is actually a great tool to show confidence.

But not at the expense of all that would make you look like a high-value dude...

No sane girl will ever think this guy's depression and alcohol problems are attractive.

In fact, they are real Tinder red flags.

Self-deprecation humor can quickly become one of the worst Tinder bio mistakes for you if handled badly.

Relax, Take A Break, Then Get Back To It

It's okay to feel down about dating sometimes, and it's ok to be pissed.

Take a break, let the bad feels pass.

And whenever you get back to it, leave any negativity at home.

Not in your Tinder bio.

Women are attracted to light-hearted, chill, and fun guys.

Make sure your online bio reflects those qualities.

How To Make Sure Your Bio Stays Positive

The key here is to focus on your preferences instead of focusing on the things you dislike.

To get my point across I will show you 2 made-up examples.

  1. "Yeah, I know you like the office like most girls lol btw if you are vaccinated swipe left."

  2. "I prefer someone who's conservative and takes traditional values at heart. If that's you maybe we're fit together."

They are both different arguments and you are free to think whatever you prefer, but only one is charged with negativity: the first one.

  • It's sarcastic.

  • It implies most women are basic.

  • It's antagonistic.

The other focuses on preferences instead, and that's way more appealing.

Create Cooperation With Women

If you're focusing on the negative it puts you in a weird "me VS women" dynamic, and that's really one of the worst Tinder bio mistakes.

Dating is a cooperation, not a competition, so you want to approach it with an "us together" mindset instead.

If you're focusing on your preferences, it gives women the opportunity to "join your team".

Pro Tip: I encourage you to stay away from any kind of negativity and to keep a positive outlook on life. It makes you more attractive in dating, but also in all other areas of your life.

Here's a list of the 7 most common and worst Tinder bio mistakes I've seen when it comes to negativity.

  1. Mentioning your lack of success with women.

  2. Judging and/or antagonizing people who live life differently.

  3. Complaining about the state of your dating life.

  4. Talking shit about other people (men or women).

  5. Blaming people from a specific political side, religion, race, etc.

  6. Being overtly rude, vulgar, or crass.

  7. Sarcasm and bitterness.

Online dating is all about putting your best foot forward, remember.

You can have your own negative thoughts sometimes, we all do.

But sharing them in your Tinder bio is not a smart move.

5 - You're Too Sexual

I get you brother, sex is good.

All those girls on Tinder, someone has got to be getting with them, eh?

Because you know it, women love sex as well.

Thing is, female arousal is a bit different than male arousal.

For most guys, it's either on or off, it's like a switch.

But for women, it's more like a temperature knob.

You have to gradually increase the temperature.

Pro Tip: Girls who say "No ONS no FWB" in their bio don't hate sex. You can very well have sex with them on the first date, they just hate horny guys and got tired of receiving dick pics. Be smooth about it and it won't be a problem.

That's why women hate guys who directly and bluntly bring sex on the table.

bad male tinder bio example

A bio like that will definitely not work.

Being bluntly sexual is really one of the worst Tinder bio mistakes, just don't.

In fact, you don't even need to talk about sex at all to have sex with a woman, even on the first date.

Almost every single conversation example of mine that you see on this blog ends up in sex on the first date.

And in most of them, the conversation is flirtatious yes, but almost never sexual.

How To Get A Hookup On Tinder

When you're chatting with her on Tinder you must focus on bantering while leading towards a Tinder date.

Remember, women love sex, they just don't get aroused the same way men do.

So don't be blunt about it, be smart about it.

You don't need to talk about sex on Tinder.

Take this example: this is as "sexual" as my Tinder conversations go.

how to flirt with a girl on Tinder example

We still ended up hooking up 6 hours after matching on Tinder.

The real moves will come once you get her out on the date:

  • Make sure to be the one leading the interaction instead of reacting to her.

  • Make sure to physically escalate.

  • Make sure to create an emotional connection with her.

What To Do When Your Bio Is Too Sexual

While it's really one of the worst Tinder bio mistakes to have a bio that's too crass, you can still hint at sex.

Especially if you're looking for Tinder hookups specifically.

Focus on innuendos instead of bluntly stating that you're looking for sex.

But then again, you can very well get hookups without ever mentioning sex so just keep it low-key.

For example, I used to rock this bio back in 2021:

Insane flirt max Tinder profile

To be fair I did not notice a real difference since I switched to my current, less sexual one.

I actually get sex on first dates even more often now because my Game got tighter in other areas where it matters more.

A Good Bio Gets Girls To Message You First

I'm using the opportunity of showing my old bio to also show you this:

When your bio is engaging, women text you first.

how to make a girl text you first on Tinder

I actually never had women mention the sexual part of my bio whenever they'd text me first.

So far I really don't think being sexual in your bio is really helpful in getting women more attracted to you.

6 - Your Bio Is A Big Joke

So I'm all about sharing fun and including humor in my bio.

The problem is that if your bio is just a big joke, yes she will giggle, but then she won't get curious about you.

If you're only funny, you're making one of the worst Tinder bio mistakes.

You don't want to entertain women, you don't need to.

Being funny is just the icing on top of the cake.

That's why a bio like that does not work really well:

bad male tinder bio example

You know the cliché of the chubby girl who only gets boyfriends because she's funny, right?

Don't be that chubby girl.

I found the above example in an article called "the 30+ best Tinder bios"...

Be careful who you take your advice from guys.

Do You Need A Funny Tinder Bio?

Most men think they must write a funny bio.

In fact, not at all, and here is an example.

A Tinder bio like this will make you stand out for sure:

bad male tinder bio example

But I'm sorry BuzzFeed, your dating advice sucks.

And here's why this guy is making one of the worst Tinder bio mistakes:

It gives women no reason to romantically or sexually care about the guy.

  • It fails to do what a bio does best: introducing him in an engaging way.

  • It focuses on what a bio does not do best: trying to grab attention.

Sure, it's funny and entertaining.

But that's not the point of your bio on dating apps.

If you really want to make your profile pop out and beat the competition, it's not on a different bio that you must focus on.

It's on getting better photos.

Your Tinder bio is here to engage already interested women, not to get them to stop by in the first place.

What To Do If Your Bio Is A Big Joke

Sure, be fun, that's awesome.

But don't forget to show that you're attractive in the first place because being fun in itself is not attractive.

Pro Tip: Being humorous is an indirect sign of being confident and socially aware.

But on dating apps, it's not enough. Because humor can be faked or copy-pasted, women will prefer different, more direct signs of attractiveness.

The fun and silly part should be 1/3 of your Tinder bio at most.

Mainly, you must focus on making girls curious and attracted to you.

And that goes by:

  • Showing that you've got a great lifestyle she can enjoy with you.

  • Showing that you're unreactive, assertive, and confident.

  • Showing that you're presenting well on your profile as a whole.

By the way, when I'm saying that you should be attractive I want to point out that I'm not talking about your physical appearance only.

There are many more qualities that make a man attractive outside his physique, read my article on the most attractive behaviors for a man to learn more.

Down the line, if your Tinder bio is just a big joke, change that and make sure the bulk of your bio lets her know why you're awesome.

7 - You're Abusing Buzzwords

Recently I came across this bio:

bad male tinder bio example

And I thought to myself "why is every word in this bio so loaded?"

  • "San Francisco"

  • "DJing"

  • "Investor"

  • "World"

  • "Hypnosis"

  • "Neuroscience"

  • "World travel"

... Genius, billionaire, playboy, philanthropist?

I'm just kidding here, but you get it.

I am showing you this because if every single word in your bio looks "clickbait" you're doing it wrong.

Wrong because it comes off as very tryhard and disingenuous.

This is also a great example of my point n°2, bragging sucks.

Sure, all those things are attractive.

But it's about how you say things, not what you say.

And trying to come up with the most interesting words to say something just ends up looking tryhard...

... as if there was something to compensate for?

That's just not how a normal person would behave, women will feel it's strange.

And coming off as strange and tryhard is one of the worst Tinder bio mistakes.

A bio is a glimpse of your personality, not an ad for a flashy bottle of shampoo.

Being genuine and even a little bit "flawed" is better than being 100% perfect and shiny.

You don't want your whole bio to look like it was optimized for you to look cool, that will not look genuine.

What To Do If Your Bio Is A Giant Clickbait

You want to focus on honest signals that you're being genuine.

An honest signal is when you do something that doesn't play to your advantage, so there's no reason for you to be lying about it and be disingenuous.

For example, self-deprecating humor (when done well) is an honest signal that you're not full of yourself.

  • Share cool things about you, but balance it out with something a bit more silly.

Another example, mentioning things that are polarizing or imperfect about you is another form of honest signal.

  • Mentioning nerdy hobbies like playing video games or fishing is more genuine than focusing on being a world-traveler wealthy playboy.

So what does it look like in a Tinder bio?

Good Tinder bio for a guy

I like this one because it says a lot about the dude's personality subtly:

  • He understands proper self-deprecating humor, so he's a chill guy.

  • He knows how to make eye contact and hold a convo, so he's a confident guy.

  • He understands female psychology (eye contact, not giving a fuck, etc), so he's successful with women.

I'm not saying you should demonstrate that you're a low-value dude.

But allow yourself to be a flawed and imperfect human being.

Get Your Dating Profile Right

If you avoid the worst Tinder bio mistakes your profile will really shine, it will really have you stand out as an overall great guy.

That's the real cherry on top of an already yummy cake, and this article showed you how to bake that cake.

Am I losing you with the metaphor yet?

Point is: a great dating profile will get you awesome results on dating apps, and a top bio will make it even more impactful.

And if you join the Facebook Community you can even share your profile and have me and other action-taking guys give you feedback.

Talk soon!

- Max

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