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The Best Tinder Alternative - A Beginner's Bumble Guide

Kinda done with Tinder?

But at the same time, you like being able to swipe left and swipe right to get a match?

In this article, I will reveal what is the best Tinder alternative on the market.

How to get matches on Bumble


That's just my opinion on what's the best Tinder alternative, as a text game expert with almost 10 years of experience.

So maybe you prefer OkCupid, Hinge, or even the underdog CoffeeMeetsBagel.

Well hang tight, because today we're going to talk about Bumble.

We're going to go over a few juicy topics:

I added links above so you can directly jump to the part that's most exciting to you.

Let's dive in and find out why Bumble is the best Tinder alternative.

Is Bumble the Best Dating App?

Bumble quietly became my new favorite dating app for the following reasons:

  • Women have to message you first (and this is huge, more on that below).

  • The interface is simple but at the same time way deeper than Tinder's.

  • It literally is the most popular dating app as of Summer 2022.

To be honest, you could take all those things separately and they would still justify Bumble as an app that's superior to Tinder.

Tinder Is Going Downhill

Don't get me wrong, I love Tinder.

I met countless great women from there, and when it works, it works.

But as of now, there are other online dating apps that may be a better Tinder alternative.

It's very simple: Bumble does what Tinder do, but does it better.

At least from the perspective of a man looking for a date, more on that below.

Tinder Is for Women, not for Men

It all started when I got banned from Tinder for telling a girl that if she doesn't like my jokes, maybe we're not a good match.

Yes, that's all it takes to get banned from Tinder those days.

You rub 3 girls the wrong way, they report you, and your account is gone.

By the way, if you got banned too, check out my article on how to get unbanned from Tinder.

Clearly it's a good thing that there is a proper Tinder alternative, maybe competition will wake them up.

Either way, I was about to download Tinder again, when I saw this on the app store:

Tinder sucks

2.7/5 rating, that's incredibly low for an app that popular.

So I get it, most other dating apps are far from 5 stars.

But Tinder is one of the lowest-rated "mainstream" dating apps.

And when you're supposed to be the number one dating app, if half of your users hate you, there's a problem.

If you want to know all that's gone wrong with Tinder you can read the reviews section on the app store.

But basically, it boils down to this:

  • It's filled with bots and scams.

  • It's filled with women who don't want to meet.

  • It's expensive and buggy.

Just a reminder that we needed a Tinder alternative.

The State of Tinder in 2022

In my opinion, Tinder is purely focused on marketing now.

They want to get men who pay on the app.

And the best way to do that is to make it as easy as possible for women to get on board.

Because more women will attract more men.

You know it, that's just like how nightclubs work.

But I see 2 major issues here:

  1. At most, you get on average 1 girl for every 4 guys on Tinder.

  2. The easier it is to create an account, the more you attract people who don't really care to get a date.

Needless to say, if you go to a club and you want to pick up girls, as soon as you see it's a 1/4 ratio sausage fest, you leave.

And in itself that would be alright because competition is not necessarily a bad thing.

Except that there is another major issue:

Most women on Tinder do not even look for a date.

And when you're really a busy guy, you don't have time to talk to uninterested women.

Or to go on pointless dates.

Bumble Is Just a Better Tinder

I was hesitant in switching to Bumble for years.

Tinder is still good to get dates easily.

And then I tried, and got seduced by that Tinder alternative.

Bumble is the way.

So in my opinion, it's not just a Tinder alternative, it's literally the better option.

You can still use both Tinder and Bumble together for more matches overall anyways.

But Bumble just solves Tinder's 2 biggest issues.

  1. In terms of the female-to-male ratio, Bumble does better.

  2. In terms of catering to people who really want a date, Bumble does better too.

And that second point is really the main reason why I'm writing this article.

So let's dive deep into it.

Focus on Women Who Actually Need Dates

Recently, I've been on a streak of bad dates.

Not because the dates were boring.

But simply because those girls were not really interested in me, or a date at all for that matter.

Here are some of the funny things I heard on some of my recent first dates:

"I don't really 'like' someone on the first date because my ex really hurt me in the past."

"I'm looking to see how things go, we can be friends at first."

"I'm looking for a relationship, it's just that I don't really have time for that now."

"I'm on my way to have a drink with you, but I can't stay late, I have to see my friends in 1 hour."

"Hey, actually I also invited my friend to come to join us, she'll be here in 15 minutes."

Pro Tip: If you ever find yourself in such a situation during one of your first dates, it's time for you to walk away. If she was actually interested, she wouldn't say that.

So sure, I could keep chasing those girls.

And maybe, one day when they wake up and feel lonely, they might give me a chance.

Or, I could focus on meeting new women who actually want a date and who actually like me.

(We're going for the second option here, that's kind of the whole thing with my brand.)

Jokes aside, it is what it is.

Some girls go on dates just because they are bored or lonely.

And if what you want is a real date, you gotta filter those girls out as much as possible.

Bumble Screens Uninterested Women

So I thought to myself:

There must be a better way to not waste my time going on dates with women who aren't super excited to meet me.

I understand you can't make it a 0 risk situation, but there must be a way to screen women more effectively.

And I found Bumble to be extremely helpful there.

That's the main reason why I believe Bumble is a better Tinder alternative.

Bumble Creates Scarcity

Scarcity is this very powerful marketing trick that basically tells people that they have a limited time to take action.

And if they don't, the opportunity goes away forever.

"Buy my life-changing thing, but be quick because it's 50% off only for the next 3 days."

And you may or may not like marketing practices, but they work.

On Bumble, when you match with a woman she has 24 hours to say hi.

And I cannot stress how much more of a difference that makes.

That's the main thing that makes it a better Tinder alternative.

Women love validation, it's nothing new.

They love to see that 2548+ men in the area want to chat with them.

And for a lot of women, in itself, this validation is enough.

That's the very reason why they used dating apps: to remember that men like them.

But this shit doesn't fly as well on Bumble.

If you don't do anything with your match, he disappears.

Bumble Pushes Unengaged Women Away

So yes, there are still girls on Bumble who just want attention.

But considering that the concept of the app itself makes it more difficult to just chill and get men to court you with no effort:

It attracts fewer women who behave that way.

It's very simple, if you're a woman, you feel lonely and you want an ego boost, you won't deal with the cumbersome Bumble.

You'll just go on Tinder.

But for men, that's a godsend.

Bumble Filters your Leads for You

Bumble is just the best Tinder alternative.

Because it greatly reduces one of the biggest hurdles of online dating:

The fact that most women on dating apps don't even want a date.

Don't take it from me, take it from scientists.

In fact, a bunch of studies have been made to show that over half of Tinder users are there out of boredom.

If she doesn't really want a date, she won't really care about sending that first text within 24h.

And if she doesn't, you disappear.

Leaving you (mostly) with girls who actually want something to happen.

Bumble is just a great Tinder alternative because it removes a big pain from online dating.

Then you're free to focus on the only things that really matter :


Bumble, take my money right now.

Asking Girls Out on a Date from Bumble (Examples)

I want to show you why I believe Bumble is a superior Tinder alternative in practice.

So let's go over a few examples of my recent successful Bumble chats with pretty women that I met.

Bumble Makes Your Convos More Engaging

First, there's a whole bunch of functionalities you can toy with.

And that's another big thing that makes it a better Tinder alternative.

For example, you are encouraged to start conversations with GIFs or even small games when you don't know what to say.

Bumble is a good Tinder alternative

In the example above, this girl started by sending me one of the pre-made Bumble questions.

It's not much, but hey it's different!

As a Tinder alternative, this is great:

There are just a bunch of different things you can play with like video calls, voice notes, question games, etc.

Coming from Tinder this is just amazing.

You can even send photos on the app (check out what this girl sent me in the example below).

Prefer sending deck pics over sending dick pics though, let's keep it classy.

Tinder deck pic
Source: Reddit

As a guy who deals with dating apps for a living, I will take anything that gets me out of the usual routine.

And it also works great in keeping women engaged in the convo.

For me, that's a 5 stars rating right there.

Help Girls Start The Conversation

The whole thing with Bumble is that women have to text you first.

Which is a breath of fresh air, since on most other dating apps it's men who have to make the first move.

Another win for Bumble as a Tinder alternative, they bet on stats that make me happy.

Your Bumble Profile Is Super Powerful

Considering women on Bumble have to text men first, they will have a deeper look at your profile before texting.

Which gives you a ton more opportunities to stand out.

This goes deep, and in my opinion a big reason why it's a good Tinder alternative.

I talked about it in my extremely detailed Tinder guide, a good bio helps girls send you a personalized first message.

The same goes on Bumble.

Bumble pickup line

In my Bumble bio I have a line about eating ice cream together once we match.

Girls love ice cream, so that makes it an efficient way to get them to talk to me.

Add some game on top of that, and you can easily flip the script and get women to literally be the ones to ask you out on a date.

how to ask a girl out on Bumble

The easier you make it for her to send you a personalized message, the more she'll be engaged in the conversation from the get-go.

You must make your Bumble info attractive.

That's not the main point of this article so here's a quick recap:

  • Include a part about what she will like in you, to get her excited.

  • Include a part about what you like in women, to get her to qualify herself.

  • Include a part that's silly/funny to show her you're a chill, personable guy.

How to Respond to "Hey" on Bumble

Let's get the ovious out of the way.

Sometimes girls aren't too engaged (yet) in talking with you.

And even if Bumble is a great Tinder alternative because you don't always have to send the first text.

It's kinda pointless when women just start with "hi".

So if she opens with a low-investment message, keep the ball rolling but match her energy.

Here's an example of how to respond to "Hey" on Bumble:

how to respond to hey on Bumble

Don't just reply "hey" back, because then the conversation dies.

Shoot back at her with a low-investment answer that adds a tiny bit more meat to the conversation.

That's why in my example I greet her back, and call her "pineapple" on top of that.

A few more examples of how to respond to "Hey" on Bumble:

  • "How's your day going mama?"

  • "What trouble are you up to rn?"

  • "Is 'hey' all you got? what a let down :p"

It's not much, but it's still something.

If she wants to keep talking she will do the same, reply and invest a tiny bit more.

See, it's not either you carry the conversation or it dies, it's not black or white.

It's about showing her that you're willing to invest a bit more every time she invests a bit more in the conversation.

Consider those "slow start" conversations, but it doesn't mean it can't go anywhere.

Again, Bumble is a great Tinder alternative when you understand the rules.

Of course if after a few texts she still doesn't help you move things forward, it's probably a sign that she's not actually interested.

Awesome Tinder Conversation

Alright, let's get into the fun part.

Here's a full conversation I had a few days ago.

I'm showing you this because I want to prove that Bumble is a better Tinder alternative.

Let's see what happens when you use Bumble right, to its full potential.

How to ask a girl out on bumble

So I matched with this girl because her profile had a lot of things in common with mine.

She had a strong submissive big tiddies goth GF vibe, which I'm not insensitive to.

Create a Narrative in Her Mind

It's important because if your profile says you're looking for something specific it creates a narrative in the girl's mind.

And by narrative I mean that "it just makes sense" for you and her to be together.

It makes it seem obvious that "you are made for each other".

Since in your profile you said that you like X, and she actually is X.

And if on top of that you are Y and she is into Y, it looks like a match made in heaven for her.

This is where all the prompts and description options Bumble offers come into play.

And that's why it's such a powerful Tinder alternative to me.

It helps women fall for you hard.

How to ask a girl out on bumble

When a woman is attracted to you and you too are attracted to her, things are simple.

How to ask a girl out on bumble

Here the narrative was so strong that she sent me a bunch of photos of herself and her tattoos.

Another win for Bumble as a Tinder alternative: girls can send you sexy pics.

And it all happened because my bio states I love girls with tattoos.

How to ask a girl out on bumble

When you do everything right on Bumble, it just gets girls so much more excited to match with you and meet you.

It's simple: you just have more tools to work with, and women tend to be looking for a date more.

That makes it a great Tinder alternative in my book.

Making your profile engaging and exciting is not too different than what you'd do with other online dating apps either.

Bumble is a better Tinder alternative simply because you can show even further that you're an attractive guy.

To Summarize: Bumble Is the Best Tinder Alternative

I'm very excited about Bumble and I think I'll use it way more often now.

To me, turns out that Bumble is the best Tinder alternative on all fronts.

  • Ability to stand out and create a connection

  • Interface and user experience

  • Female to male ratio and leads' quality

It does it all like Tinder, but it does it all better.

This article showed you why you'd be missing out if you were not using Bumble.

So don't hesitate, make Bumble your favorite dating app.

It really is the best Tinder alternative.

And One More Thing!

Now that you know the best Tinder alternative, how about learning how to properly get dates?

I know that texting women on dating apps is a confusing mess.

So to make this simple I've created a simple Cheat Sheets eBook.

So that you never run out of things to say over texts.

Click below to download it, it's free!

the texting cheat sheets

- Max

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