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How To Send Witty Texts on Tinder

You've been watching countless YouTube videos and guides on how to send witty texts on Tinder.

And the examples that you saw were awesome!

Here's one from my trip to Thailand when I met this cute Russian girl.

It's witty, it's charming, it shows high-value behavior and doesn't give your power away.

While still leading to a date.

Best part?

Those are hot girls and they react well to it.

But you still can't send such witty texts on Tinder yourself.

Or when you do....

You get lukewarm reactions.


Today, I am going to tell you exactly why, and how to change that.

Let's delve right into it and see how you can send witty texts on Tinder.

Your Profile Determines Her Interest

Let me get one thing straight.

Before we see how to send witty texts on Tinder.

You need, first, to make her want to talk with you.

You must get her attracted to you.

And Tinder being an online dating app, there's really only 1 way to do that:

Getting a better Tinder profile with better Tinder photos.

Get More Matches With Better Photos

Before you get to send witty texts on Tinder you must get more matches.

Because most women on Tinder are not actually looking to date.

Many of those matches you will get will actually be a waste of time that you gotta learn to recognize.

So it's very important that before you learn to send witty texts on Tinder you optimize your match rate.

For example, here's a guy I worked with recently.

Good looking guy, great job, terrible photos.

This one above is his first Tinder profile picture.

And I can already see why girls wouldn't be that interested.

In this first Tinder photo I already see a ton of problems:

  • Red eyes

  • Bad photo quality overall

  • Random, low-value background

  • Distracting wine glass (why?)

  • Forced smile, posed shot

This Tinder picture is not all bad...

... if you want to send it to your mates when they ask what you're up to.

But if your goal is to date a hot girl, you can't get away with that.

Your first Tinder picture is really the most important, read my extremely detailed Tinder guide if you want to know more.

Your Photos Say All About You

Most girls will directly swipe right or swipe left based on your first Tinder pic.

And if she doesn't like what she sees at first she won't go through your other photos.

Keep in mind that a photo is worth a thousand said words.

Because here's what this photo above SAYS about him:

  • He doesn't put effort into presenting himself well, therefore he's not socially successful.

  • He's hanging out in random outdoor places, therefore he's not rich and successful.

  • The shady vibe of the background makes the photo overall uncomfortable, meaning he doesn't understand how women feel.

And that's a shame, because it's not necessarily true.

Remember: On Tinder (and online dating in general) you're only as attractive as what you're able to show.

But that's what women will think when they see such a photo.

They won't even get to see how he sends witty texts on Tinder.

Get Your Matches More Engaged With a Better Profile

Remember the guy above, I worked with him, so I know he's still getting some matches.

Even if his photos aren't perfect, at least he has matches to send witty texts on Tinder to.


To illustrate why you can't send witty texts on Tinder with an average profile I created the Tinder Threshold.

It's the idea that there is a minimum threshold to success on Tinder.

Actually, there are 2.

The Tinder Treshold to Get a Match

If you've read my blog before you know that it's roughly 20% of the top guys who get 80% of all the matches.

So there is definitely room for the non-top guys to get some matches.

That's our first threshold.

Have at least a somewhat not too unattractive Tinder profile.

And you will get some Tinder matches.

But it doesn't end there.

There is 1 main problem with rocking an average Tinder profile:

She knows you're not a top option.

So you might send witty texts on Tinder, you might even do it well and restart a conversation with a girl who ghosted you.

But she still knows that you're at the bottom of the Tinder barrel.

And that in itself destroys her investment in you.

Because if she perceives you as non-attractive she won't be as thrilled to date you.

Women date up, and women are thrilled by attractive men (big news I know).

So you might send witty texts on Tinder, but they never hit home.

It's because you've hit the second Tinder Threshold™.

Be Attractive Enough to Be Date Worthy

See, women get a kick out of online dating for many reasons.

Some of which being:

  1. She might meet a hot guy

  2. She will kill some time and be less bored

  3. She will get free validation from men

And the problem with an average profile is that you disqualify yourself from the hot guy category.

And what are you left with?

Being an entertainer for when she's bored.

Being an emotional crutch for when she feels ugly and lonely.

If that's your case, girls will talk with you but will not date you.


You don't want to let some women use you in that way.

Be it just out of respect for you and your time.

Make sure you have great Tinder photos.

And if you're looking for help in creating your top Tinder profile, get in touch with me.

Alright, I hope we're good with the Tinder Threshold™ concept.

Once your profile reaches the top 20%, now we can actually send witty texts on Tinder.

Your Personality Makes You Attractive

The biggest thing that will prevent even attractive guys from being witty is fear.

Fear that putting out your personality might come off as needy.

Or worse, that she might reject you for being yourself.

In fact, this is far from the truth.

I get away with saying the dumbest stuff all the time.

But it works because it's genuine to me, and it shows a real willingness to share value.

That's how you want to send witty texts on Tinder.

Make It Fun For Yourself First

Most guys will text what they think she wants to hear.

While they should actually send what they think is funny.

And as a result she will want to hear it.

It's all about changing your perception of it.

It's not:

"I will be funny so she will like me and see I'm cool and accept to go out with me."

Your mindset should be:

"How can I have fun with this conversation while still asking her out?"

Here the focus is on you having fun for you, not for her.

And ironically, if she sees that you're having fun for you, she will be more attracted than if you try hard to make her laugh and like you.

Just look at this recent conversation:

That's how you send witty texts on Tinder.

You try to make it fun for you.

If she is attracted to you, she will follow along.

Meanwhile, most guys try to send witty texts on Tinder by trying to come up with that one super smart thing to say.

That's tryhard.

We don't want to do that.

Enjoy your conversation.

And if she doesn't get it: change the topic, no big deal.

Remember: If she rejects you it's not because of your personality. It's either because of poor text game or a profile that doesn't reach the Tinder Threshold™.

Notice how I kept leading hard towards a date in the example above.

Even when I send witty texts on Tinder, I never forget to lead to a date.

Watch this video if you want to follow the same system that leads girls to a date from Tinder.

That's the funny thing when you send witty texts on Tinder.

If she's attracted to your Tinder profile, she will pretty much go with whatever you give her.

I talk often about the importance of compliance in seduction.

And you will see that happen a lot when you send witty texts on Tinder.

You might say the same thing to different girls, here's what will happen:

  • If she likes you, she will react well and comply.

  • If she doesn't like you, she won't react well and/or ghost.

Own Your Personality

Recently I coached a guy on improving his texting skills.

He was able to understand why good texts work.

But he could not understand how to come up with good texts himself.

I explained above what makes a good text and how you can come up with your very own.

But still, you might feel it's difficult.

And when you think about what to write, nothing comes up.

Why is that?

Here's the thing:

If you're always trying to

  • Say the perfect thing so she likes you

  • Send the best possible line to show you're cool

  • Be fun and entertaining to ensure she replies

You will not be able to send great texts.

And no Tinder guide will help you if you think your personality is not enough.

If you can't let go of the need to be liked by every girl you will not succeed.

Look man, you can't get with every girl.

And if she does not like you, it's not a funny text that will change her mind.

And you also can't always text girls with other's lines.

Because as soon as you don't have a Tinder guide telling you what to say, you will crumble.

You must trust in your personality.

And then, you use that personality to follow the steps to get a date on Tinder.

Again if you're confused about what's the best texting sequence on dating apps, check out my video guide here.

So to illustrate, here's another example in which I used the very nerdy side of my personality.

It's super silly, I even sent a super gross GIF by mistake.

(Which turned out to make the whole thing even funnier).

Why does it work?

Because I followed the proper texting steps and added my personality to the mix.

1. My Tinder opener was:

  • Engaging

  • Easy for her to reply to

  • Not creepy nor tryhard

2. The way I led the conversation was:

  • Pushing towards a flirtatious interaction

  • Giving her room to invest in the conversation

  • Authentic to my personality

3. I then proposed a date by:

  • Pushing for a date idea

  • Being specific and precise

  • Giving her the opportunity to say no

4. I sealed the deal in:

  • Telling her what was the next step

  • Handling objections and solving logistics

  • Staying on tracks

And that's pretty much the way you want to deal with all of your online conversations.

You have a vision, and you lead her there with witty texts if you want.

But those witty texts are actually only the cherry on top of the cake, not the main argument.

You don't have to send witty texts on Tinder.

It's entertaining, it's amusing, but it's there for you first and foremost.

And it's actually because you have fun with your witty Tinder texts that girls get reeled in.

Have Fun With Dating Again

The best thing you can do for yourself is to have fun with dating apps again.

Sending witty texts starts by actually having fun with it, for you.

This article showed you why you must focus on interested girls and how to come up with your very own witty texts on Tinder.

Come share your very own witty texts in our Facebook Community and see what other guys came up with!

- Max
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