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Are Asian girls easy?

So you've had this one friend who went on holiday in the Philippines and who told you all about those crazy sex stories.

And you asked "are Asian girls easy, really?"

Or you met this friend who went to holiday in Thailand and got laid every day.

You asked again, "dude, really, are Asian girls easy?"

So since I've been living and meeting women in different Asian countries for over 9 years now.

I figured my experience would be relevant in answering that "are Asian girls easy?" question.

In this article, we will answer "are Asian girls easy?" but also go in-depth and learn:

  • Why Asian women like foreigners.

  • What kind of Asian women like foreigners.

  • What makes a guy successful (or not) in dating attractive Asian women.

  • Why you should look for high-value Asian women.

  • And generally, my experience picking up Asian girls for years.

How Asian Women See You as a Foreigner

Since we are talking about Asian women I think it's important to lay down exactly what we're talking about.

Asia is a big place.

And before we ask are Asian girls easy, we need to figure out who we're talking about.

People from Asia live all over the world.

So we'll take out countries where Islam is the dominant religion, and countries with patterns of socializing that aren't at all similar to the West.

And obviously, we'll take out Western women of Asian heritage.

This leaves us with roughly South-East Asia:

  • Japan

  • China

  • Korea

  • Thailand

  • Cambodia

  • Vietnam

  • Laos

  • Indonesia

  • Philippines

Because let's be honest.

When people ask are Asian girls easy:

It's really about women from those countries specifically.

The Color of your Skin Means Something

If you compare it with Western cultures, you will find that Asian cultures are very racist and bent on stereotypes.

In fact, this phenomenon even has its own Wikipedia page.

So are Asian girls easy?

Well, that will vary a lot depending on what kind of foreigner you are.

The common Asian racial stereotypes go like this :

  • White people are clean and rich.

  • Black people are rough and tough.

  • Everyone else has some degree of country-specific stereotype.

And most generally in Asia, the whiter your skin (literal white, not Caucasian white), the more rich and beautiful you're perceived.

The logic is that the whiter your skin, the more your lifestyle keeps you away from working in a field under the sun.

And therefore the wealthier you're supposed to be.

So are Asian girls easy?

Well, more if you're white.

Basically, as a white guy you get a clear +3 charisma bonus by default.

Traditional Asian Media Plays in your Favor

The way foreigners are depicted in general in Asian countries matters a lot.

There is a subconscious idea of what a "man from abroad is" here.

  • Wealthy

  • Successful

  • Educated

Hollywood movies sure played a HUGE role in this.

The Asian mainstream very often depicts the Asian man as the gentle rich boyfriend.

And the foreigner as the dangerous bad boy.

In other words, the mainstream pushes even further this idea that Asian men are good providers and foreigners are good lovers.

And you and I both know which one of those two categories women tend to sleep with.

Most Local Men Have Terrible Game

So you're also playing against the local competition.

And this plays a role in answering the question are Asian girls easy.

Quite frankly, most local girls will tell you the same things about it.

Asian men are:

  • Jealous.

  • Over-protective.

  • Passive.

  • And on top of that, they tend to cheat a lot.

At least according to the last 10 girls I've dated and asked this question to.

That's a huge generalization of course, and a lot of foreigners do those too.

But I found it funny that those same 4 things always come back whenever I ask my date why she stopped dating Asian men whatsoever.

And considering that Asian societies encourage group identity, obedience, and traditional values, I don't see this changing anytime soon.

If you're a great guy who is on top of his game then the answer to are Asian girls easy is overall yes.

Especially when compared to the local competition.

You Are an Exotic Snowflake

When you come from abroad you have that exotic vibe that is attractive anywhere in the world.

  • Tourists have a ton of stories to tell.

  • Expats get thrown into incredible social circles.

  • Foreigners are rare, therefore valuable.

This plays a huge role.

Again let's ask, are Asian girls easy?

If you're traveling, you are interesting.

And definitely, it will be easier for you.

30 years ago it was very rare to see foreigners in a lot of Asian countries.

I've lived in a 15 million souls city in China and people would stop me on the street to take photos with me.

Of course, this varies depending on the place.

  • In a countryside village in the north of Vietnam, you're a rare foreigner

  • In the middle of Bangkok, nobody cares you're not Asian

Are Asian girls easy considering they stop white guys to talk to them?

Well those girls, of course.

Because they had never seen a non-Asian before.

A foreigner is, still, rare in most places in Asia.

And what is rare is more valuable than what is not.

But not every city in Asia is equal.

Where you go matters. A foreigner is way less special in Bali or Hong Kong than he is in Seoul or Chongqing.

Do Asian Girls Like Foreign Men?

Most of the female Asian population doesn't care about dating foreigners.

Simply because they don't understand English well enough.

It's just too far-fetched to seriously date someone whose culture is so different from theirs.

So if you want only the hottest Asian women, be warned :

You will have to learn the language.

Some women will be curious and go past that.

But it's not usually the pretty ones, more on that later.

(But more as a way to reject their society and go worldwide.)

So unless you speak local, you will mostly get with girls who look for foreigners.

But then...

Are Asian girls easy if you're a white male?

(and should you give up any hope if you aren't??)

Who You Will Attract as a Foreigner in Asia

We saw above that it's quite easy to attract some girls as a foreigner.

So to answer, are Asian girls easy?

Well, at least for the part of the population that's extremely interested in foreigners.

But honestly, what does that leave you with, in the end?

Not them.

Not her.

Not her either.

We're getting closer.

There we are.

Naive and easily manipulated girls that aren't successful, and who most of the time speak broken English.

That might sound harsh, but it is what it is.

See, it's not that much about skin color.

It's more about perceived status.

I'm not saying that Asian girls are bad girls.

I'm saying that a lot of them are such low-quality girls, you'd not even talk to them in your home country by comparison.

At least if you have some standards.

Most Asian countries are still third-world countries.

And the thing with Asia is that there's a "lower" quality of women you would not find in Western countries.

Sue me for saying this, I don't care.

This is factual and any guy who lived in Asia long enough will confirm it.

About Your Friend Who Said Asian Girls Are Easy

I'm writing this part as an update to this article a few years later because I still believe it holds true.

By now, I've met countless foreigners coming and going to Asia specifically to meet women.

And here's what always happens:

  1. They only date low-value women or pay for sex

  2. They realize pretty girls are as hard to get as in the West and leave the country

There's a rare third category of guys who realize it's not that easy and step up their game.

They learn some of the local language, they get local friends and learn how game works here.

And eventually they hang around high-value, successful and hot women here in Asia.

But those guys are really the exception, I think I only met 3 or 4 so far, so not worth talking about much.

The next time someone asks are Asian girls easy, you can tell them that the least interesting ones definitely are.

The 'White Guy Loser in Asia' Trope

Let's be real, if you're asking are Asian girls easy, it's probably because you hear this idea pushed everywhere.

I'm not going to tell you that you are racist or sexist in wondering are Asian girls easy.

Honestly, I see this idea pushed around enough for it to be a legit question.

So let's break the myth.

Who made you ask are Asian girls easy?

Probably someone who went to Asia and had sex with girls there.

While he struggles to get sex back home.

That's the main reason people say sore losers in their home country come to Asia.

Because the entry bar to dating in Asia is simply lower.

So yes, if you're a white guy in Asia reading this, there is a high chance you're going to hate me, but:

  1. I don't give a shit

  2. You know it's true

  3. Maybe this article will inspire you to do what it takes to date high-quality girls

Are Asian girls easy?

Definitely more than your average Western girl if you're a man who has a hard time with dating.

Asian girls do have 1 amazing thing going for them though.

Asian features are extremely attractive to most men in the world.

  • They are slim.

  • They either like to have white skin or very tanned skin.

  • They take great care of their skin and hygiene.

  • They love putting makeup on.

And Asian cultures encourage women to care about their beauty over all else, except family maybe.

So it's very hard to find an Asian girl that is objectively ugly.

And on top of that, Asian women are generally more submissive.

That doesn't save them from being very low-quality women on average by comparison.

At least if you value other things than looks alone when dating.

Because, man, look.

You might consider high-school dropout bimbos in your hometown to be annoying and stupid.

They are still way better educated on average than non-educated Asian women in most Asian countries.

But your home country doesn't have such girls.

Because your home country is a first world country where:

  • Human rights are relatively respected.

  • A whole family living in a single room isn't the norm.

  • People could afford a TV growing up.

  • Prostitution isn't an okay occupation.

  • Your parents don't get to decide what work you'll do and who you'll hang out with.

  • There is health care, state welfare, etc.

  • People don't get randomly trampled to death by elephants.

Heck, my last date had to quit school to work in a factory when she was 19, to support her whole family while her mom was dying of cancer.

She's better off now, she started her own clothing brand and is doing quite well.

But that's just how reality is for many, many women in those countries.

That's the girls your friend "had a threesome with" the last time he met girls in Pattaya.

The very reason why you're asking are Asian girls easy.

Because yes, some are, because it's their best shot at getting a comfortable life.

Soon it will change because Asia is developing.

For now, that's the reality for many Asian girls over 20.

  • Grew up in a countryside town, in a one-room house beside a dirt road.

  • Moved to the big city in the hope of more.

Not all of them for sure.

Quite a fair amount though.

Most of those "easy" girls actually come from extremely poor and uneducated backgrounds.

And when they see a man who society portrays as wealthy and attractive, they can't help but feel attraction.

And then they sleep with random foreigners.

Who then spread the word and make you wonder are Asian girls easy.

What About High-Value Asian Women?

After over 10 years of living all around the world, I can say this with confidence.

I've never seen any single Asian woman who went abroad who is easily manipulated by foreign guys.

I also never met any high-quality Asian girl who's gonna jump on your dick if you can't talk to women, just because you're from abroad.

Instead, most of the Asian girls I date complain about 1 thing:

How much the other Western guys they meet suck and, in their terms of course, how little game they have.

If you want to date girls that are as "high-quality" as the girls you'd meet on average in your home country, you're not gonna get laid easy.

So hey, are Asian girls easy?

Not the high-quality ones.

It still will be a small bit easier, I won't pretend.

We talked about it in the first part of this article, culture influences women.

But not by much, really.

You know how far looks, money, and status get you when it comes to relationships.

Very demanded women are still gonna reject you hard if your game sucks, and that's a fact.

Don't believe me?

Just set your Tinder account to Thailand, here's what's going to happen:

  1. You will feel a huge ego boost because suddenly you match with dozens of girls.

  2. You will have a look at those matches, and see how uninteresting 90% of them are.

Tinder in Thailand white man

Here's my Tinder account set to Bangkok.

Over 4 months of using this account there:

  • I matched with 1023 girls.

  • There are 160 I didn't text yet.

  • There are over 1000 more who swiped right on me.

So are Asian girls easy on Tinder?

Yes, sure, why not.

Do I want to meet 98% of them?

Heck no.

The White Guy-Asian Girl Dating Scene as I Saw It

You know, you're definitely not the only one asking are Asian girls easy.

Actually, I believe this is the main reason why so many guys come to Asia.

So to hammer my point further, here's what I've personally witnessed most of the time:

1 - The Foreign Tourist

Sometimes a backpacker, sometimes part of a young group of friends coming to Asia for fun.

He's your average guy struggling to get girls, back home.

And then he goes to the Philippines, where he apparently had all the sex he wanted.

What he doesn't tell you is that he got drunk, high on bad cocaine, and hooked up with a girl who works in a bar for the equivalent of $30.

I don't mean to be negative, but I see those dudes every time I go to certain places.

And hey.

If that's your thing, I don't judge.

I've got some funny related stories from my solo trip to Cambodia.

But I think it's in your own best interest to try and do better.

If you struggle with dating, don't waste your potential on hookers, let me help you instead.

2 - The Serial Dater

I wanted to call this guy the "Asian PUA" but I found it too cheesy.

He's the guy who can't approach girls to save his life in his home country.

But who dated over 300 Asian girls somehow.


Are Asian girls easy, really?

Well here's how:

  1. Dressing well (formal shirt, nice hair, etc).

  2. Hanging around dive bars where naive early-20s Asian women go.

  3. Either waiting for them to come talk first, or starting the conversation by blatantly stating his sexual interest.

  4. Exaggerating and lying about his life, actual income, and long-term intentions with said girls.

Needless to say, that shit doesn't fly with educated girls.

And again I'm not here to hate, I've known a few of those guys closely.

And every time they told me about their main girlfriend it was to complain about how shallow, boring or petty she was.

And I think a smart guy should not settle for that.

3 - The Retired Sexpat

I bet you didn't see that one coming.

He does not wonder "are Asian girls easy?", he bets on it.

He's made some money for himself, now he wants to take it easy.

It is plain and clear sugar-daddying and prostitution endorsing.

Which again, I don't criticize.

I'm a chill guy yo.

But I have 1 main concern with all those behaviors.

They cannot land you a high-quality girlfriend.

Is Dating Bad in Asia for Foreigners?

Mostly yes.

Provided 2 main things:

  1. You don't want to embrace the culture.

  2. You have trouble getting girls in your own country.

Then you will find a way to make a 'yes' the answer to "are Asian girls easy?".

Because there are so many options to date low-quality girls in Asia.

If you want an open-minded, smart, independent, and beautiful girlfriend who understands dating as Western people do you need to have game.

The main difference with Asian countries is really the extreme disparity of wealth and education.

The entry bar to dating is just lower.

Those women got raised in a developing country, with all that this implies.

Let's be clear: by "high-quality" girls I mean socially and professionally successful hot women.

What You Will Like About Asian Women

Generally speaking, they are humble and submissive.

Way more than Western girls, and nobody will disagree with that.

I think it's mostly due to Eastern philosophy being deeply ingrained in Asian societies.

And as I explained before, they take great care of their appearance overall.

But generally speaking, Asian people are very nice and always eager to give and help.

For example, I was once lost in a Chinese metropolis at night, speaking no mandarin, with no money, and a dead phone.

This random Chinese man stopped by, opened his translator app, figured out I was lost, and then paid for my cab ride back home.

Do you see this happen in, say, Miami?

No way.

Great, high-quality girls exist in Asia.

And when you find one, she will blow your mind.

They are all real girls by the way, I randomly found those photos on their personal Instagram.

Those are not girls you will get by "being white and walking around".

You just have to have enough game to meet them.

So hey, are Asian girls easy?

Definitely not those few above.

Because attractive girls date only the top guys, not the tank top backpackers.

But it's pretty much the same back home anyways.

In fact, if you go to any Western-oriented club in Asia you will only see wealthy and successful dudes and smoking hot Asian girls.

No uneducated girls who can barely speak English.

So, Are Asian Girls Easy?

Here's your answer: are Asian girls easy?

A lot of them, yes, and you just learned exactly why.

Because they come from a poor background, are uneducated or simply curious about foreigners.

But there are also a lot of high-quality girls, smart, independent, open-minded, and very sexy women.

Is it easier to attract, sleep with, and date low-quality girls?


But do you actually want to attract, sleep with, and date low-quality girls?

If you answered 'no' to the previous question, high-five!

One More Thing!

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I used them to practice texting women and after THOUSANDS AND THOUSANDS of Tinder matches & conversations I came up with this:

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