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Are Asian girls easy?

So you've had this one friend who went on holiday in the Philippines and who told you all about those crazy sex stories, or your average looking friend who actually worked as a model in China and who then magically had all the girlfriends he wanted with 0 effort.

Since I've been living and gaming in different Asian countries for over 5 years now I figured my opinion and experience would be useful to the neophyte world-traveler pick-up artist.


Since we are talking about Asian women I think it's important to lay down exactly what we're talking about.

Asia is a big place, and people from Asia live all over in the world.

So we'll take out countries where Islam is the dominant religion, and countries with patterns of socializing that aren't at all similar to the West. Which leaves us with South-East Asia, aka Japan, China, Korea, Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, Laos, Indonesia and the Philippines.

Asian societies already have a tag on you

Because I know this matters to you if you're reading this, I am a WHITE MALE and this is relevant for the reasons I will explain below.

If you compare with western cultures you will find that Asian cultures are very racist and bent on stereotypes. This can be to your benefit, or not.

I won't go into details here but basically stereotypes go like this :

- White people are clean and rich.

- Black people are rough and tough.

- Everyone else is some degree of "normal".

And most generally in Asia, the whiter your skin (literal #FFFFFF white, not Caucasian white), the more rich and beautiful you're perceived because you're able to protect from the sun.

This matters because most Asian countries are still developing countries where traditionally only rich people are able to work indoors most of the day and not get a tanned skin.

Again, explaining in layman's terms it means that :

- White people get a +3 bonus to charisma by default.

- Black people will generate polarizing reactions, girls LOVE them or HATE them, which is actually better because you waste less time.

- Everyone else has to deal with stereotypes associated to their assumed country of origin.

The way foreigners are depicted in general in Asian countries matters too. There is a subconscious idea of what a "man from abroad is", he is usually rich and successful, at least in the minds of less-educated girls and this nuance is very important to understand if you want to actually date hot girls and not farm girls, street prostitutes and gold-diggers (more on that later).

Hollywood movies sure played a HUGE role in this.

There is more at play than perceived image though. You're also playing against the local competition.

Asian mainstream very often depicts the Asian man as the gentle provider and the foreigner as the bad guy/player (= society literally sub-communicates to girls that foreigners are dangerously attractive and local men boring AFCs).

Coming from far away always brings this air of mystery.

You are an exotic snowflake

You have that exotic vibe if you come from abroad, this let's go on an adventure vibe that is, everywhere in the world, attractive.

If you're a tourist, you've got a ton of stories to tell. If you're an expat, you get thrown into an incredible social circle of international and wealthy people by default. This plays a role.

If you are travelling, you are interesting.

30 years ago it was very rare to see foreigners in a lot of Asian countries. I was in a 15 million people city in China 3 years ago and people would stop me on the street from time to time to take selfies with me because they never saw a non-Asian dude before.

A foreigner is, even in 2021, rare in Asia. And what is rare is valuable.

I'd say though that the most part of the female Asian population doesn't care about dating foreigners simply because they don't understand English well enough.

Of course girls with an interest in English will usually care for foreigners since they cared enough to learn the language. So unless you speak local, you will mostly get with girls who look for foreigners.

And as for everything, there are those girls who LOVE foreigners and those girls who HATE foreigners.

But then...

Is Asia the promised land if you're a white male?

(and should you give up any hope if you aren't??)


We saw above it's quite easy to attract girls as a foreigner, at least the demographic that's interested in foreigners. Society plays a role, perceived value plays a role.

But honestly, what does that leave you with in the end?

Not them.

Not her.

Not her either.

We're getting closer.

There we are.

Naïve and easily manipulated girls that aren't successful and who most of the time speak broken English.

I'm not saying that Asian girls are bad girls. I'm saying that a lot of them are such low quality girls you'd not even talk to them in your home country by comparison.

They do have one thing going for them though : Asian features are extremely attractive to most men and Asian cultures encourage women to care about their beauty way more than western cultures so it's very hard to find an Asian girl that is actually ugly for western men.

That doesn't save them from being very very low quality women overall by comparison.

This becomes super apparent as soon as you start dating one (and oh boy those girls will try to lock you down).

You might consider high-school dropout blonde bimbos in your hometown to be annoying and stupid. They are still way better educated than the non-educated Asian women in most Asian countries.

But your home country doesn't have such girls.

Because your home country is a first world country where human rights are respected, where a whole family living in a single room isn't the norm, where people can afford a TV growing up, where prostitution isn't an okay occupation, where your parents don't get to decide what work you'll do and who you'll hang out with, where there is health-care, state welfare, so on and so forth.

That's the reality. That's the girls your friend "had a threesome with" last time he went to Pattaya.

Soon it will change because Asia is developing. For now, that's the reality of most Asian girls over 20.

Grew up in the countryside in a one room house beside a dirt road.

Moved to the big city in hope for more.

Not all of them for sure. Quite a fair amount though.

You really got to understand that most of those "easy" girls come from such a poor background and have such low level of education on average that when they see a man who for her whole life the media and society portrayed as rich and successful they can't help but feel attraction.

On the other hand, I don't know any single Asian woman who went abroad and who is easily manipulated by foreign guys.

I don't know any high quality Asian girl who's gonna jump on your dick if you can't talk to women, just because you're white.

Actually most of the girls I date complain to me how much the other western guys they meet suck and, in their terms of course, how little Game they have.

If you want to date girls that are as "high quality" as the girls you'd meet on average in your home country, you're not gonna get lays easy.

It still will be a small bit easier, I won't pretend. We talked about it in the first part of this article.

But you know how far looks and appearances get you in pickup.

Educated girls are still gonna reject you hard if your game sucks and that's a fact.

Seen and experienced by myself and others.

Confirmed by those foreigners who come here and brag about having tons of sex but only with uneducated 22 years old who barely speak any English.

The same guys who can't even approach an Asian girl with higher standards and will be quick to change the topic as soon as you dare them to do so.

The same guys who can't approach a girl in their home country.

Asia gives you more opportunity with girls, yes. The opportunity to lower your standards.

At the time of writing this article I could literally go downstairs, cross the street and get a one hour massage + sex for the equivalent of 30$. And it's 5am.

It saddens me a lot that this is the state of the world right now but it is what it is. And there are always dudes who will try to take advantage of this.


YES. A lot.

And let me make this straight, when I'm talking about the "quality" of a girl I'm talking about how socially and professionally successful she is, how resourceful and independent she is, how open-minded and emotionally tough she is, how smart and able to make herself look hot she is.

The main difference is that the overall quality of girls in Asia compared to girls in western countries is way, way lower. The bar is just lower. They got raised in a developing country with all that this implies, the goods and the bads.

One of those goods that I really think is worth mentioning is that they are humble. Way more than western girls.

Find a girl who comes from a countryside village where her bathroom was a bucket in a field for 12 years of her life and who then succeeded in her career and life and you've got yourself a golden girlfriend. Those girls exists, you just have to have enough Game to meet them properly because they have actual standards and they've been with western guys before.

Of course you can meet high quality girls in Asia. You should.

In fact, if you go to any expensive, foreigner oriented venue in Asia you will only see wealthy and successful dudes with their gorgeous and smart girlfriends. Not with uneducated girls who can barely speak English.

That's for a reason.

Is it easier to attract, sleep and date with low quality girls? Yes. But you didn't need me to figure that one out.

Do you actually want to attract, sleep and date with low quality girls? Well, this one is for you to decide I guess.

As for me, I made my choice and I advise for you to do the same. Don't settle down for less than what you can get because it's easier.

Whoa that was a heartfelt article, I actually came back home from a girl's place just to write it down. If you like this kind of honest talk feel free to subscribe to our newsletter and the YouTube channel!

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