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We get you girls. 

Feeling like you missed out on your younger years because you were too timid?


Maybe a lack of romantic experiences because you were in a committed relationship?


Or maybe you never took the time to learn how to date because you were too busy with work or getting a degree.


Well let me say this : we got your back!


We've helped hundreds of guys from various backgrounds all around the world understand exactly how to attract women.

We're here to help men who want consistent results with better women.

We can and will make you an Insane Flirt.


There is no such thing as a "late bloomer". You can improve your dating life at any point provided you give it the right focus, and we're here to help you do just that!

We can help you naturally develop core confidence by practicing it the right way.

Our coaches are going out EVERY SINGLE DAY to practice meeting women in various situations and to bring you the best possible coaching.


Understand how Online Dating works in one go!

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You will finally achieve the social freedom you desire, you will never ever feel socially awkward or afraid again.

No "just work on yourself" BULLSHIT!

Every situation and every problem has a very tangible solution, a very specific and actionable answer. We will give you those answers.

  • You can't create a conversation out of thin air? We've got tangible solutions for that.

  • Girls listen to your friends but you can't seem to grab their attention? We've got tangible solutions for that.

  • You're an introvert and approaching beautiful strangers seems scary? We've got tangible solutions for that.

  • You don't know how to lead a platonic interaction to sex smoothly? We've got solutions for that too.

We will mold your behavior until you naturally internalize what works with women.


Max helped me a lot, basically 3/4 weeks ago I knew nothing about how to approach girls/getting any further then "let's be friends". And now this is completely the opposite. I'm more confident with approaching girls and know how to flirt with girls on a date and advance it to more. He gave me some great advice and is very good in coaching. He'll make a personal plan and is genuinely interested in you and how to help you further your experience with how to pick up girls. If there's anyone I'd recommend as a dating coach it would be Max.

Vincent N.


Have you ever wondered how other guys do to get those awesome dates and girl friends? 

As in - those beautiful women that you see in a club, on the street, that seem so desirable and yet so hard to approach? There must be some kind of guys dating them, right?


Most guys wonder and yet only a very few have found the answer. Those who do, as opposed to what society tries to push on you, aren't necessarily the richest, most attractive dudes out there (though very often, once one has learned how to win with women, one usually understands how to win with life). Those men just figured what works and apply it on a daily basis, and I am a strong believer that anyone who understands the social blueprint can get the same amazing results provided he decides to take action on that knowledge.


When you understand the rules of the Game, you're able to play it effectively and learn to become actually GOOD at it. And over the past 5 years, I’ve built a dynamic system to not just imitate that type of guy who gets results, or memorize his lines or body language… but to authentically become him.

Here is the promise we make here, to you, at Insane Flirt. If you are determined to get results, we will be here to make sure you reach your personal, social, and relationship goals.


We will teach you how to take control of your dating life.


Hang in there. It's about to get so much better.                                                                                                            -Max

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Actionable theory coaching over Zoom on how to meet, talk and seduce the women that YOU want.

Includes action plans, sticking points busting, exercises and accountability checks.

Emphasis on developing core confidence, figuring past relationships trauma and becoming a better man!

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Analysis of YOUR interactions with women as if our coach was there next to you. 

You record on your phone while meeting women and we explain every single detail of what's happening.


We explain the women's every reaction, point out your mistakes and explain how you can improve your communication LIVE.


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Applied texting and screening of interested girls. Completely delegate your whole dating app to us to save your time. Sit back, relax and receive hot interested leads directly into your phone. 

The method we use was carefully developed and tested over years of trial and error, peer reviews and best practice techniques.

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