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Instead of asking your friends for dating advice...

Come Get Answers Inside the

And learn dating strategies that actually work!

Here is what's inside the Mastermind

Immediate feedback
Having a tough time dealing with a girl you met? You ask questions, you get answers. Simple!

Video Recordings of my Approaches & Dates
I know you want the juice, here it is. Learn from private infields that I can't share anywhere else!

✅ How to Make Things Sexual (& Get Laid) on the First Date

I used to share these on social media but got banned... Come learn this secret knowledge!

A Personalized Action Plan

Every new member gets a personal look at their current dating situation & clear steps forward!

Weekly Group Calls
Jump on our weekly group calls to dive deep into specific concepts, live Q&A sessions included!

A Complete Dating Course

Learn Game and how to pick up girls in any situation with step-by-step action plans and exercises!

✅ My Anti-Needy Dating System
Tired of other coaches having you approach endlessly? Come learn how we get girls to chase!

A Community to Keep You Accountable

Network & get motivated to push forward through the other action-takers in the community!

Advanced Routines and Techniques
Dozens of field-tested routines and tactics to get girls to chase & make sex happen smoothly!

✅ Text Game Examples

Stop texting like a boomer, learn from hundreds of successful text interactions!

A Ton of Other Resources
From pre-made Tinder bios to fashion guides, I've cooked it all so you can start right now!

Premium Deals on Bootcamps
Get special info on our next worldwide workshops, come hang with us and set the clubs on fire!

An Ever-Growing Community
Me and my crew are going out and meeting girls daily. Expect regular new exclusive content!

Why the Mastermind?

Yo bro, it's Max, the guy who runs Insane Flirt.

I made the Mastermind because I know that free "dating advice" groups are really not useful - they are filled with guys who barely go out and never actually talk to hot girls. 

I wanted to make a place where those who want to actually learn Game and efficient dating strategies can gather. A place available to everyone without gating it behind a 5k price tag like most other coaches do. 

Private coaching is available with me of course, but I know that for most people it's a big commitment. So I created the Mastermind to get the best of both worlds: elite dating advice that you can consume at your own pace, within a community of guys who walk the walk instead of talking the talk. 

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