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What doesn't work on a Tinder profile (+ what works)

Updated: Aug 12, 2020

After tons of research, I figured what doesn't work on a Tinder profile. Useful right? Well, at least that's a start because if you do any of those mistakes chances are that your matches will come very close to zero.

You know very well that online dating is a very special privy club dedicated to the top 20% profiles and making not-so-smart easily-fixable mistakes will prevent you from even dreaming to reach this top 20.

But as I said it's not too hard to avoid those mistakes once you know about them.

Because I don't want to just point out mistakes but also give you solutions, I'll include a few things that you can do to actually get into the "best profiles club".


You want your profile to create a story. Every picture should give this impression of "what happened next?". Having nice pics that just show yourself is only half the work. A good profile has nice pictures. A top 1% profile that gets girls engaged has a story to tell. You want to keep that in mind whenever you're choosing which image to use.

Your overall profile has to give an impression of mystery and raise questions. This is 10000 times more powerful than just showing your abs.

Girls love stories.

Focus on what really matters. Your first picture should gather most of your efforts. The difference between a good first picture and a bad first picture is 5 times to 10 times the difference in matches. Yes, it's THAT important.

So with that out of the way let's see what you should stop doing right now. If you find your profile having any of the pictures below you'd be doing yourself a favour by just pressing the red cross on the top right corner of that picture and having nothing instead.


Any shot where you don't show your face.

Isn't it obvious? Not for everyone. Basic psychology, show your face to build trust with those internet strangers. Especially as a first picture, showing your face clearly is a MUST.

Taking a lazy selfie in your bedroom.

Or the living room. Or a barn. Or your local welfare office. Or any kind of selfie for that matter. If you put exactly 0 effort in your picture you come off as lazy and therefore unattractive.

Being excited in front of something lame.

If lame things excite you it means your life ain't that interesting. Sorry. Taking a picture with that huge fish you just caught or in front of a sedated tiger isn't exciting. At least not for the girl watching your picture. Think about your audience.

Guys group shot. Unless it tells a dope story (view the first point of the post) it's generally very low quality and every other guy can do that (and is doing that). Stand out.

Having a girl on your pic. Girls like pre-selection but they don't like competition. If that girl on the picture looks too much like your girlfriend you're shooting yourself in the foot.


Clear face shot.

Show your face. Basic. The person watching your profile needs to know what your face looks like before deciding whether to meet you.

Full body shot.

Don't hide your shapes, be honest. The person watching your profile needs to know what your body looks like before deciding whether to meet you.

Social shot.

Brag indirectly through your picture. Show yourself in a situation where you've got high social market value and stand out.

Hobby shot.

Show off your personality through one of your hobbies, you're not a bland NPC and she needs to see it. Did I say you should stand out already?

Alright for now! Made a video that explains more about that with visual examples if you're a visual learner like me. Click below if you're interested.

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