Do you think d*ck pics can get her to hook up?

Updated: Nov 2, 2020

Guest article from Garcia Siri, she shares here her opinion and research regarding penis photos that every girl who has an online presence seems to receive.

According to a recent study I found, almost half of the men asked said they already sent one to a woman. Needless to say, most girls don't like it. Curious phenomenon if you ask me since I never sent a dick pic to anyone (is it weird?).

I was very curious to have her share her opinion on the matter. There goes, female perspective below!

Have you ever sent any girl a picture of your asset?

I mean, the unsolicited ones.

No? Ooh! I’m glad to hear that!

But if you said 'yes'. This is a non-judgmental zone. However, you might want to know why the photo of your valuable asset might trigger girls in the opposite way that you wish it would.

To the guys who sent girls on the internet a photo of their 'thing' without asking first, I know they might have experienced the fierce lash back from her.

Perhaps she blocked them right away. Perhaps she gave them a huge load of cursing words and reported them. And the worse things that could happen is--- it escalates into a messy legal situation because she saw that action as 'sexual harassment'. As I hope that won’t happen to you, dear reader.

I was one of those girls that, if some strangers sent me a photo of a dick (possibly because I post a sexy photo of myself on Instagram), I would either not talk back at all or send them a link of Max's coaching. Still, it wondered me to no end why guys had to send me these explicit photos. What did they really expect? For me to be excited and complimented them on how nice their things looked? I was not sure at all.

And ever since I've tried out a new hobby on Onlyfans, the number of unsolicited dick photos I've received is immensely increasing. I've been receiving them from every platform that I promote myself on. And as I pondered a lot on this behaviour, something hit me.

Are they all perverts?

Or maybe there is some misunderstanding between us guys and girls here?

As a wild question popped up in my head. What if a woman sent them an unsolicited bare butts photo, how would they react? I asked some guys I know and the answer is:

'Why would I be disgusted? I might love it!’

It amazed me very much to hear this contrasting perspective. So I did some research further on the topic. And I found this on GQ's article.

Researchers discovered that men tend to overestimate women’s interest in receiving nude imagery based on their own receptivity in reversed roles. That means dick pics are basically them projecting their own desires on those to whom they send it to in the hope that their sexual desires will be reciprocated and they might just get sent a nude for their own viewing.

Now things start to make sense for me. Since some guy also told me that 'your IG photo made my thing goes up, please see attachment for proof'

So for some people, showing dick photo is showing sexual interest. And they hope that this will arouse her interest back in the same way...

Sadly, no.

So what do women feel? Why do they hate dick photos so much?

Personally, it’s not the dick pic or the sexual attention that I hate. It’s the fact that I am not able to ask for it that makes me uncomfortable.

Let’s imagine that you looked at the croissant. A stranger walked past and saw you looking at it, so he/she assumed you must want it and decided to take that croissant and shove it into your mouth. Would you like it? Possibly not.

So, it is better to ask first if I want to see dick pic?

Yes, it is always better to ask. (the same rules also apply even when you’re in sexting mode) However, to start a conversation with dick photos is not the best way to make a reciprocal sexual interest either. I might post sexy photos but it doesn’t mean I want to see people dicks, let alone, want to have sex with a stranger right away. (Unless in that post I include sexual soliciting hints… context still matters)

Then if you are interested in a girl online and want to have more interaction. What should you do? Because just saying ‘Hi’ is not interesting enough to make her reply.

For conversation starter and dating techniques, Max’s possibly has a better answer. but I also have one tip for you. Try to notice a few things from her profile. A hint of her personality and her interests. Does she own a pet? Does she play some instruments? Does she travel a lot to fancy hotels? I’m sure there will be something standing out that you can make a conversation with her about it. This is always my soft spot because I feel like ‘oh wow, he does notice me.’

Getting to know her deeper makes building sexual tension easier. Then sexting is not going to be a problematic experience for both of you.

What about Onlyfans/Reddit photos? The one that girls are already naked and engage in sexual activity.

Well, if you think that this girl on the internet posts/sells sexy photos, she must want sexy photos in return. That is not true. This is still an assumption.

First, you can expect what you will see when you enter Onlyfans or Gone Wild forums on Reddit, the NSFW contents for you to enjoy.

But for girls who post nude on those platforms, that is what they come for already--- posting. Maybe they expect compliments and nothing more. And I see nothing is wrong that they don’t want anything further. It doesn’t mean they are hypocrites either.

To go back with the croissant comparison, this time you shoved a croissant into the baker’s mouth because you assumed they must like croissants since they made it! And you forgot that they made croissants to be bought.

Gone wild girls post nude for their pleasure and Onlyfans-girls posted nude as an advertisement for their service. Simple as that.

Do some of them want dick photos at all? Maybe. I can’t answer that for everyone. I can only ask you to ‘not assume they want the photos before asking them’.

However, if you or truly want a stranger---like a total stranger with no build-up connection at all to see your dick photo. There are a lot of onlyfans-girls who offer a service called ‘dick rating’. Some of them will do it for free (You subscribe to her profile in return of course). This way you will get the reaction and rating from her.

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