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Should you be using Tinder Gold?

Updated: Aug 5, 2020

Should you be using Tinder Gold? Here is a quick analysis. Because you're a smart and result-oriented person you like to know whether the money you spend is going to yield returns.

What does Tinder Gold do anyways?

If you purchase Tinder Gold you can see all of your Tinder matches. It lets you know any girl who swiped right on you. How convenient is that?!

But it raises one burning question.

Is it worth the 10 dollars or so that it's asking me to pay for it?

To answer this question let's do a bit of math.

Tinder gold - $10/month and 0 minutes spent swiping.

Tinder standard - $0/month and 1 hour a week at least spent swiping and you will still miss some girls who swiped right on you.

Already, you could have been using this one hour you spent swiping doing something more productive or working on something else. But let's dig deeper and count numbers closer.

US minimum wage is $7.5 per hour.

There are 4 weeks in a month so if you spend those 4 hours not on swiping but on work for example, you’d actually earn more money by using Tinder Gold than not using it, you’d earn (4x7.5)-10= 20 dollars.


And even if you just spent 30 minutes a week on swiping you’d still be avoiding a loss of $5 by using Tinder Gold.


But let's dig even deeper.

What’s the price of a date?

Taxi downtown - $10

Drinks at an affordable cafe - $10

Already $20 and I’m aiming at a very very cheap date. What if the date leads on to nothing? That’s a lot of wasted money (AND TIME!).

With Tinder gold, you get overall more matches because you basically don’t miss any girl who swiped right on you.

Therefore you have more opportunities to get a girl who is extremely interested in you and more opportunities to screen for girls who are very interested in you, decreasing the chances of your date leading to nothing and wasting your money.

Bottom line, use Tinder Gold if you use Tinder often. That is to say more than 30 minutes a week (which I'm sure you do).

PS. I’m not working for Tinder nor advertising for them and I don't even think that what they do and the advertising they use is really moral, I’m just a very result oriented person and find using Tinder Gold quite efficient in saving me time and money. :)

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