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"I don't have time to meet women"

Updated: Oct 21, 2020

One of my latest client came to me with this challenge :

“I want to learn success with women, I’ve been watching pick-up artists videos and I’m curious about some aspects of it, but I really really don’t have time to dedicate hours to roam the streets or go to nightclubs to practice social skills. My work schedule just doesn’t allow it. How can we work around that?”

My response is already there. With smart practice, all that you need is to spend 90 minutes a week on it.

Of course, it all went smoothly because he was working with me on making the changes happen, saving him even more time that he’d otherwise had spent trying to figure out HOW to practice it on top of actually practicing it.

In this article though, I will show you in a comprehensive manner what you can do to actually learn success with women without compromising your work schedule.

Do you find yourself checking your watch often throughout the day?


First and foremost, what you probably do not want to read. If you want to get any kind of results it won’t happen by snapping your fingers. You have to be committed and set a clear amount of time aside to make it happen.

The good thing is that you don’t have to spend a lot of time to do so. In this other article I explain to you how to meet girls when you’re busy, to spend as little time as possible improving your social skills while getting as much result as possible.

The article goes in-depth on how to make it happen but long story short, it’s possible to dedicate 30 minutes for 3 days a week to the improvement of your social skills and get a girlfriend within a matter of weeks.

Just like going to the gym daily, having an after work drink or playing tennis right out of the office, this is a clear time that is set aside. By clearly scheduling it you will be in control of the time spent on it and making sure you achieve consistent progress


The best case scenario would be to schedule 3 half an hour sessions a week, after work or on the weekend, that you will dedicate to go out and meet women.

BUT WAIT, you don’t even have 30 minutes, 3 times a week? There is a solution for that.

There probably are down times during your day. You do have a lunch break. You do have to use some kind of transportation to go to your workplace and back. You do have to walk up to the office, the bakery, the grocery store, the gas station, the library, the post office, the gym, etc.

You see where I’m going?

You actually happen to always be in places where you can meet women. Use this to your advantage. Squeeze those 90 minutes a week in your breaks, your walking time, your grocery shopping, etc. There are a lot of opportunities to meet women outside the office!

You don’t necessarily have to go out “just to meet women” to actually meet women. Just make a clear point that, for example, on your launch break you will walk up to the bakery to buy a sandwich and talk to at least 1 woman on your way and back.


Earlier I talked about 3 sessions of 30 minutes, because it makes it convenient to approach 3 women in each of those 30 minutes sessions. And because we don’t like odd numbers, you will talk to one more woman, to make it at least 10 per week.

We don’t need a crazy volume of girls to practice talking to women. The key here is to be consistent. It’s way better to talk to 1 woman every day than to talk to 10 girls on Saturday only.

If all of your approaches are stacked on a single day it's not optimal because for the other 6 days of the week you go back to your usual "not-meeting-women self".

If you're able to, for example, walk up to 3 women on Monday, 1 on Tuesday, 2 on Thursday, 1 on Friday, 1 on Saturday and 3 on Sunday, that’s already 11 women that you talked with and all of that could happen on your daily commute to work.

Do this for a month and you’ve met over 40 new women. How do you think your chances to meet your new girlfriend look now?

We want to show your brain that it is natural to talk to women. We want to build a new reality, reality in which you go about your day to day life and you’re able to walk up to an attractive stranger whenever you want to and shoot your best shot at getting intimate with her.

We are not here talking about fancy pickup artist techniques. Your mission is to simply approach women that you find attractive on your day to day life, engage for a bit of small talk and when either one of you has to go, take her contact to eventually meet her again some other day.


You’ve heard it before, you miss 100% of the shots you don’t take. If you’re a business owner or in general a busy professional, going for what you want shouldn’t be something new.

Yet, many men, especially young ones, find this step to be the hardest.

Ego gets in the way, but it's your worst enemy when it comes to dating. When you will see a woman that you like, chances are high that you will feel anxious. You have to go through the anxiety.

Especially if you're too busy to dedicate whole afternoons and evening to meeting women, you cannot afford to think twice when you see a woman that you like.

It's useful to have a plan to approach attractive strangers so that you're always ready, as well as making it a habit, as explained before.


There are more solutions, I didn’t go over speed-dating events, networking events, social circle events or even online dating but all of those work and can fit in a very busy schedule.

Online dating is actually my specialty and you can reach out if you wish to let someone else handle the frustrating parts of it for you HERE.

As well, if you wish to save as much time as possible but still find your dream partner within 10 weeks, you can schedule a FREE consultation call with me on this page.

Talk soon!

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