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I did No Nut November and here is what happened 🍆💦

Hello there fellow warrior of No Nut November. How did it go for you?

I’m just at the end of the challenge and here I’d like to share with you how things happened, in my head, in my body and in my life in general after abstaining from masturbating for a month.

As I said in my article on what happens to your brain when you do not masturbate, here is what I expected before going into no nut November.

  • Not jerking off everyday doesn't give you superpowers. That just helps you reach your “normal” state.

  • Without natural sexual activity (having sex with an actual other human being at least once a week) it becomes unbearable to not masturbate. Sucks for me, we are locked down because of covid.

  • I'll automatically become a monk or a wizard if I achieve thirty days (not 100% sure on that one).

The goal was to reach at least 20 days without jerking off or having my libido die, then I'll probably push it to 30 days. I decided to update sporadically in the following days, let's see how it went.

Pretty much me during November.

Day 1

I Felt aroused when browsing tinder, wanted to jerk off but rather because of habit than crave. Also I feel easily triggered and irritated while I usually control my anger better.

Had to force myself to look away from women's social media posts because I felt the arousal coming.

Day 2

Considered using tinder because one month with no social contact feels lonely. Sexual arousal taken away, I didn't use it. I know I could get girls out but my mind is trying to set itself on something else than sex and no girl on tinder will motivate me to go on a date if sex is out of the menu.

I didn't sleep well and am tired but I still feel I have a bit more energy and I feel more positive.

Day 3

I found myself lacking something. I clearly feel a lack of "rewarding pleasure". My overall state feels overall more flat. It's not big by any means but I feel something is missing. I found myself at times just being bored and "with nothing to do".

Day 4

Something crazy happened. I found myself with a lot of free time that I used to spend jerking off. I also felt the need of "rewarding pleasure" creep stronger. I exercised reluctantly for 40minutes (I hadn't exercised in the last two weeks) in my room and then took a shower. IT FELT AMAZING.

Considering exercising releases dopamine, serotonin and endorphins and all that bunch of feel-good hormones, it makes sense that it'd fill the void left by jerking off chemically-wise. Science bitch.

Day 5

Feel more energy, small but noticeable. Not sure what is happening but resting now makes me feel better than resting for the same amount of time the days before.

I found myself a few times curious to click on girls online profile on LinkedIn, Facebook, etc 🥺 funny how my brain tries to find ways through the rules I set myself. I'm resisting the urges still.

Day 6

Something weird is happening. Things that used to provide me immediate pleasure like smoking, video games, eating junk food, don't seem so appealing anymore. The idea of doing those things doesn't sound that appealing anymore. I also find myself more easily motivated to cook healthy and exercise.

Day 7

Whoa one week already. I almost had a relapse. But I managed and controlled myself. Doing exercise still feels great and is a great way to send happiness chemicals to my brain when I feel bored.

Day 8

I'm getting extremely horny quite frequently now. Those urges comes often. Maybe my body was used to a high sexual activity? From both girls and porn.

I'm not sure how determined I feel anymore, as today feel painful, the only thing I can think about is sex. I needed a lot more determination than usual to not relapse today. I think being under lockdown doesn't help.

Day 9

Is life really worth living? Especially during nofap and when confined at home. I officially hate covid.

Day 10

I have ascended to a new plane of existence. Just kidding. It's getting tough but I feel "more clear". That's a difficult feeling to explain, but I feel like I am more focused and acute in everything I am doing.

Day 11

Not masturbating all day gives you a lot of free time actually. I started playing World of Warcraft and I'm already level 12.

Day 12

Fighting boredom, the urges and orcs in Azeroth.

Day 13

Ok what I expected to happen just happened again. I can't stop thinking about sex and its hard for me to focus on anything. It's easy to let your mind wander and fall into thinking about sex, but it doesn't help staying focused on the challenge. So, I force myself to stop thinking about sex every time I think about sex. Pure willpower baby. It's not easy especially during a lockdown. Let's see how that goes for the next few days.

Day 14

Keeping my mind busy and resisting the urges seem to work alright. I feel some emotions when I see a pretty girl outside, like a crazy need to go talk to her. Sadly we are still in lockdown.

Day 15

Same as the previous day. Things are going great.

Day 16

Okay so I'm not sure what to do of that : I'm pretty sure I did ejaculate when I was showering today. I was super aroused because a girl sent me some hot stuff but since it wasn't actually masturbation, it was just arousal and excitement without the pleasure associated with masturbation and relapse. Weird. Does that count as a relapse? I'm not sure. Still fighting the temptation, sometimes the urges are intense.

Day 17

I’m really starting to question whether I'm a sex addict or not, being confined at home and doing no nut November means no ejaculation AT ALL for long. And I really feel I miss it now, it really feels like I'm losing a habit.

Day 18

Not so much different from the few days before. I have noticed that keeping myself busy is a great way to not think of sex. I'm not so sure about it though, because completely blocking off thoughts of sex probably won't help me control the urges in the long run.

Day 19

Today was really hard, I had to fight the urges a lot. Other than that, I feel great about myself and feel like I have a lot of motivation to do things.

Day 20

Okay, I did this for 20 days, yay. The urges are crazy hard to control and being confined at home because of covid makes it super hard. When you can’t go out there eventually comes this moment when you’ve done your workout, your 8 to 10 hours of daily work, cooked your food and got bored of playing video games or watching TV. In those moments of boredom, the urges are super hard to resist. I’m probably gonna end the challenge soon to relieve some of the pressure, at this point I feel more negative than positives. Or is my brain just tricking me?

Day 21

Okay I did relapse once. So the challenge is officially over.

As I said for day 20, I was just in pain of always having to fight the urges when I was bored. I’ll update on whether it was useful to relapse once in a few days. About the relapse I have to say it’s super interesting the ways your brain tries to convince you it’s okay to relapse and I guess ignoring that voice is the true meaning of self control and discipline.

For the next 3 days I didn’t relapse, then I stopped counting since the challenge was done for anyway. During those three days I observed that I was more tired, had more trouble staying focused and falling asleep, but controlling the urges was WAY easier. After a while it went back to normal in terms of motivation, much like what happened on day 5 of the no fap challenge.


Okay so first I have to say that a few factors came in the way of the experiment :

  • I was confined home since France is under covid lockdown. I do believe that having a somewhat active sex life makes the challenge way easier.

  • I just did 20 days of straight no porn no masturbation no orgasm, the actual challenge should be 30 days. But my original goal of 20 days was achieved (self high-five!).

Overall I’d say it’s a great thing to do. Just realizing you don’t need porn to feel good and that no porn actually improves your life and your well being is great.

What I expected before starting the challenge turned out to be true : not masturbating doesn’t give you superpowers, it just allows you to enter your normal state (which, if you’ve been masturbating a lot, will be a HUGE improvement).

A bit about the negatives : I fear I might come extra fast if I get to have sex during such a period, but then again having a normal sex life with real partners might fix this. Also, the urges were horrible, but that was also a nice self-control exercise. Apparently my limit is 20 days. Now let’s stretch this limit.

During those 20 days I exercised more, ate better, did more work, had more free time, found more pleasure in simple things, slept better, was nicer to my family (important), was in a better mood, was more motivated, more confident, more patient, more focused and being aroused just by watching girls who were not naked and doing porn was something new and actually super interesting. That’s it for the positives.

Now, before I started the challenge I didn’t feel I missed anything, hear me out. I felt my life was quite nice and I had nothing to complain about. But now, if you tell me I will lose all those positives if I start compulsively jerking off, thanks no thanks. It’s just way better now.

I heard you need to do 90 days to reboot your brain, so that will be my next challenge. At the time of publishing this article I am on day 6 of the next challenge.

Any of you tried no nut November? Anyone on a killing 600 days of no PMO? Let me know how you feel about it, I’m very curious to hear your thoughts!

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