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How to escape the friendzone

Updated: Sep 29, 2020

"F for our fallen brother to the friend zone."

I used to be stuck in the friendzone like the clueless chode I was when I was in school in my younger years. Even worse, I was obsessed by that girl. I tried everything to get her to see how cool I was, how better of an option, how nicer of a boyfriend I would be. But instead she was always going for other people and kept hanging around me only for the laughs and free attention. It didn't feel good.

I actually learned about the seduction community when I was looking for "techniques" to make her fall for me. Waddling through much internet top-SEO-ranked pseudo-dating-gurus full of bad mainstream advice, I eventually swallowed the seduction red pill and started to see reality and relationships as they really are, up to the point where you can now read this blog post. Yay!

Pretty sure others out there can relate with that story though, because it's their story right now. Being in the friend zone sucks.

Later on I figured how to do just that : never ever get friendzoned again.

I think it's useful because as a man you shouldn't be hooked on a girl expecting her to give you attention, that's not sane. There are better things for you to do with your life, as candid as that sounds, there is no time to pointlessly be waiting for someone who doesn't give you attention.

Take it as a rule of thumb, you never ever want to be expecting more than what a person can give you. That's where seduction comes in. We are smart people. We get to the point. We know how to figure out quickly if we can seduce our way through and whether a situation is a dead end.

It's relevant when it comes to the friend zone because here, instead of waiting for her to chose you, in order to shift the power in that relationship there are things that can be done.

If you have what they call a "one it-is" on one of your female friend and you can't stop thinking about what if you two were together but she always disregards your attempts to be flirty well that's very frustrating. I don't think anyone wants to stay in that situation right.

So there you go, what I figured works best to get out of the friend zone are those few things right below :

- Don't always look out to do the right thing to make her feel happy or whatever. Making her happy is not going to make her wet sadly. Don't put her needs above your needs. Being needy is very unattractive .

- Don't always be available for her, how is she supposed to invest in the relationship if you are doing all the work all the time ? Know you're worth, let her come, let her invest. Give. Her. S p a c e.

- Figure out why she disregards your attempts to be flirty all the time. Maybe she isn't attracted to you because you cannot hold any sexual tension ? Maybe you never made a clear move so she isn't even sure you like her and so there is a creepy vibe ? Figure what went wrong with her and stop doing it.

- Start seeing other girls. I'm sure you've heard about pre-selection, human people value what other people want. If other girls want you, it will solve issue 1 and 2 and also make her wonder whether or not she likes you if she sees other girls who like you.

Once all that is done she has the most chances ever to realize that she's into you.

Lastly, bro you gotta be okay with reality. Maybe she just isn't into you, I learned this the hard way. You cannot get every girl, maybe you're just not her type. If you did everything right but she still isn't into you, maybe it's time to move on. Not a big deal though, you've been doing step 3 and met other girls anyway :)

I talk about it in more details in this video :


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