• Max

How to escape the friendzone

Updated: Sep 29, 2020

"F for our fallen brother to the friend zone."

I used to be stuck in the friendzone like the clueless chode I was when I was in school in my younger years. Even worse, I was obsessed by that girl. I tried everything to get her to see how cool I was, how better of an option, how nicer of a boyfriend I would be. But instead she was always going for other people and kept hanging around me only for the laughs and free attention. It didn't feel good.

I actually learned about the seduction community when I was looking for "techniques" to make her fall for me. Waddling through much internet top-SEO-ranked pseudo-dating-gurus full of bad mainstream advice, I eventually swallowed the seduction red pill and started to see reality and relationships as they really are, up to the point where you can now read this blog post. Yay!

Pretty sure others out there can relate with that story though, because it's their story right now. Being in the friend zone sucks.