• Max

How to build sexual tension

Updated: Aug 16, 2020

Aw man I wish this girl could see me as more than a friend. Aw man, why does she always goes for Chad, he's not even nice to her. Aw man, this girl always laugh at my jokes and is nice with me but she goes away when I try to get close. Ever felt that way? Ever felt you interactions were missing something SEXUAL? That used to be my case. I was what you can call a dancing monkey, trying to get girls by being loud and entertaining. But sex wasn't happening and I felt like there was a window of opportunity with girls I would talk to, except that I couldn't seem to get through that window and I had no idea why. In my opinion it all comes to one thing, broken down into two parts. Sexual. Tension. Let's talk about tension first. It's this invisible feeling that people have towards other people when they don't now what they feel or think. Maybe they think you're stupid? Maybe they like you? When a girl tells you she can't figure you out, there is tension. You don't put all your cards on the table and rightly so, why would you show your vulnerable self to someone you just met? The result is that you're unpredictable, as opposed to the needy always-nice guy. And girls dig it. Not consciously, but it makes them feel drawn to you simply because they'd like to figure you out. No one likes to be left without closure, and when you're put face to face with a guy who tells you that "you seem like you come from the countryside" as his standard opener, if you're a girl you want to know what he means by that. There is tension, because maybe you say it because you like her and she looks cute, maybe you say it because she looks like a pile of horse poop. It's the MAYBE that's important. That being said, you don't have to do that much to create the tension, most of the time it happens naturally when you talk. Th