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Bring Girls Back Home After a Date (to have sex)

Let me drop it right there. Girls love sex. They love rough sex as much as men do. Whether be it on a first date or a tenth date. But now then, why don't they let you have at it easily? Why would a girl who likes you refrain from engaging in jolly wild sex?

Very often a woman's status (and therefore social market value) depend on a few things that she will try to save at all cost. Those being her looks and her social circle.

While sleeping with you on a first date might not have anything to do with her looks, it will most likely touch to her social circle's perception of herself.

What if you go around and tell everyone she's slept with you? What if people start judging her and think she's a slut? And that's exactly what she doesn't want.

That's why girls don't sleep fast with guys who take their dates too seriously.

That's why girls sleep fast with guys who are carefree and non-judgmental.

Now, that'd be great to be the guy who has girls sleep fast with him, right?

Once the date is over, your only goal should be to find yourself with her in a place where the sex can happen. If you communicate well enough that you are carefree and non-judgmental AND she trusts and likes you, the sex is bound to happen (provided you make a move).

But there comes a big problem then. How do you bring her to a place where the sex can happen without having her feel like a slut?

Your main goal will be to have her feel good about going with you to a place where the sex can happen. Or at least not feeling bad and judged for doing so.

What you want to do is to give her an "official good reason" to follow you. More on that later.

You can do that two ways : you either have the time to seed the pull, or you didn't.

Seed the pull

You want to put in her mind the seed of the idea of you guys both going home (or anywhere the sex can happen) during the date. It creates a precedent in her mind. That's your "official good reason". This good reason, which you're supposed to genuinely mean anyways, is anything that will give her value but that can only happen in another place. And you want to oversell it, hard.

For example, is she likes rock music : "I have this pink painted booze guitar in my house, you can play guitar and drink booze at the same time, you really gotta check it out".

Another easy example: "I have air-con in my house, that really feels so comfortable, especially when it's hot like right now"

And then, you change the topic. You really do not want to pressure her into agreeing to check out this thing later. You mention it, and you change the topic. Seed planted.

When you don't seed the pull

If you do not have time to seed the pull it's of course going to be less subtle. You still want to find ANYTHING that she will find value in and associate it to the place of your choice.

Example : "we can grab drinks at the grocery store down my house and then have a drink"

I've also done it with "I want to spend more time with you before leaving you, let's hang out at my place". If she likes you enough, she will come.

The transition

So you got it so far I hope, what you really really do not want to do is to tell her "let's go to my house to fuck".

With that in mind, there is no transition. Just you pushing the idea of her following you to do this fun and cool other activity that she finds interesting.

That's all for today. Hope that clears up some stuff. If you learn more when you have a real human being talking to you I made a video that explains that deeper and gives more examples of ways to seed the pull. Click below to watch. Cheers.

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