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Are all women mean b*tches?

This article is dedicated to every man who once got upset and confused because of a girl.

She hurt your feelings. She was mean and inconsiderate. I get you, that sucks.


Let's dissect that!

Today we will ease our pain and understand why women be women, why do they act the way they do and why do they get so confusing sometimes. There are psychological and evolutionary roots in there for sure. Understand the game and never be played anymore!

The ghost of getting ghosted

Let’s start with the one that has confused probably the most people, men and women alike for that matter.

What does ghosting mean exactly? A quick Google search teaches us this : ghosting is the practice of ending a personal relationship with someone by suddenly and without explanation withdrawing from all communication.

In practice it will usually happen when you were texting with someone and they stop answering out of the blue or when you were in any kind of relationship with someone but this person doesn’t get back to you seemingly without reason.

Now why do women ghost? Well firstly, women do not like confrontation, and telling someone that they suck and that you never want to see them again is tough (and sometimes dangerous). Sometimes they just ghost because they are scared.

I’d even go as far as to say that women are actually trying to be nice when they ghost men they don’t like. The lack of answer is a sweeter “I don’t like you” than an actual “I don’t like you”.

Why does it feel so bad then? It’s because ghosting someone doesn’t give closure. From what I’ve seen, the common reaction to being ghosted is “I understand you don’t like me, I’d just appreciate that you told me so clearly”.

This is problematic because if you care about a single woman who could potentially ghost on you it’s probably because you are putting all of your eggs in the same basket, aka that one girl.

I’ll keep repeating it as long as I breathe : Get. More. Women.

I’ll end my paragraph with something even quite controversial. Don’t tell me you didn’t see it coming, I’m the horniest feminist activist around : I don’t think ghosting is bad in itself.

No one is entitled to being given closure (men or women), thinking such is childish and selfish.

Though, a lack of reply does not mean a lack of answer.

See, there are only two possibilities when you get ghosted : the person you were talking to died or they weren’t that into you. And most of the time when people ghost you they don't actually die.

Jokes aside, being ghosted is a closure in itself. They were not interested, time to move on.

Illogical behavior, lies and emotions

This one is going to be a big one. More than one reader is going to disagree here. So put all of your beliefs about reality, truth and loyalty aside for the next two minutes and read on.

I’m pretty sure you’ve experienced female mood swings. And I’m not talking about period mood swings (aka why-I-love-my-girlfriends-but-only-39-weeks-a-year) but your good ol’ “why would she do that??”.

Okay here is the thing. Women’s moods and reality are dependent on their emotional state. If she feels good with you, she will love you. If she feels bad with you, she will hate you. Whether you’re a good or a bad person is i r r e l e v a n t. The only things that matter is how she feels at a particular moment.

Whatever she feels IS the truth to her. And what is a truth now can become untrue later if she feels different. That's also why "being nice" is bad advice. It should be replaced by "make her feel good" and then it would actually be useful advice. That's also I insist that a man should lead his interactions hard to make sure he puts the girls in an emotional state that will help him.

You can have your girlfriend tell you that she loves you more than anything and that she will be there forever, but then she gets extremely mad at you if you talk ill of her pet rabbit.

You can have your wife vow to be with you until death do you guys apart, she will lose all of her attraction if you lose your job and become depressed, and she’ll run with the mailman.

At the time she swore her love, she genuinely definitely meant it. It was true to her emotional state. Then her emotional state changed. And so did the truth.

For most women, truth is emotional state dependent. X can be true when she feels a certain emotion, false when she feels another emotion, then true again when the initial emotion comes back.

Is it good, is it bad, is it wrong, I don’t know. I just know it’s different than the way we guys deal with reality. Once you know that it is the way things actually work, you can definitely adapt.

A lot of more advanced seduction theory is based on this concept by the way.

That’s why you never want to be trying to convince a girl to do something that she doesn’t want to do, but rather change her mood until she’s happy before pushing for the idea again.

Change her mood, not her mind. Decisions are emotional. Truth is relative to her emotional state.

That’s why female marketing is the way it is as well. It’s definitely not because women are dumb and easy to manipulate. It’s definitely because women act differently and respond strongly to emotions.

Seeking for the highest value

Maybe you’ve got it from my article about creating attraction with women, women tend to seek for the most attractive man. The one with the most perceived value.

Like a moth drawn to a flame, like a man drawn to a pair of huge tits, women are attracted to value.

More precisely, the highest reproduction value. The best genes coupled with the most chances of survival for the offspring, and to a lower extent, themselves.

I won’t say it enough : attraction is not a choice. It is there, or it is not. I’m sorry for all of those whose girlfriend left them for another guy : he was more attractive than you.

Ouch. That sucks right, when reality comes right at you with a slap? I speak about it knowing what I am talking about, that happened to me too. And when you’re faced with the fact that this girl you like went with another one because he was basically better than you, it really hurts the ego.

But is it really morally bad? Okay, cheating and lying might be morally bad.

But is it really a bad thing to look for better opportunities? Instead of judging it I’d rather say it’s a normal tendency. Nature always takes the easiest path to the most reward. That is natural selection.

That’s because of this that our ancestors evolved into cavemen and didn’t devolve into fish. If evolution wasn’t working that way, we as humans would probably not be here today.

Though it doesn’t mean that a man in this situation cannot do anything about it, and that’s the most important here.

Pragmatically, I don’t think it’s a bad thing in the long run. Let’s take all emotional and egoistic pain away shall we? Let's figure how to make the most of the situation.

You now know that you need to improve your value.

Maybe that sad event even led you to learn about the whole success with women and seduction community (and that would be the best thing to happen to your life to be honest). You’re soon free to meet a ton of other attractive women who will be a better fit for you and for who you will be a better fit too.

Your confidence as a man shall be tested

On their quest to figure out the best male contender women will use consciously and unconsciously frame tests or shit tests.

It’s called that way because it’s that moment when a woman “gives you shit”. If she gives you shit, you should be able to pass the test, and that will show her that you’re attractive. Fail the test, lose her interest. As easy as that.

But what kind of test is that?

If you find yourself thinking “what a bitch to say that, oh my god”, you’ve been shit tested. It’s not an insult, but it will be perceived as such if your confidence is low. That’s what it tests. Your confidence, your frame, your view of the world, others and yourself.

If you’re truly confident, whatever she might say won’t emotionally affect you (and sometimes, they go very, very far like this example at the bottom of my article on rejections).

Again, shit tests are a GOOD thing. A girl who doesn’t care about you will NOT shit test you. If she does that, she is trying to assess your value. Pass the test, and watch her become a cute kitty cat.

Passing tests has been figured for a while by the seduction community : exaggerate and amplify until it doesn’t make any sense or ignore it. No rocket science there.

“Oh my god your shirt is so weird lmao”

“Yeah sometimes I wear it in the streets and people stop to take pictures with me because they think it’s so amazing haha”

It’s most likely a lie, but it doesn’t matter. That’s a nice comeback.

I’d advise you exaggerate and amplify the very first times a girl shit tests you so that she sees that you can handle those, then ignore them.

So, are all women mean bitches?

You’ve probably got it by now, no, I don’t think so.

Rather, they are like everyone else. They have personalities, they have preferences. Some of those preferences are biological and they are programmed to have them, some of those preferences are just personal.

But you as a man do have those preferences too. It’s just yours to take action on those preferences and to go for what you truly want. Lead to the outcome that you want.

You know it by now. Being nice and compliant is not the way to a woman's heart, panties or life. And their emotions are a huge part of the game, a part you can't ignore. But that's what make them so interesting. The feminine energy beautifully completes the male energy and when both are mastered and fully assumed, they work amazingly well together.

Maybe before you didn’t know the rules of The Game.

Well, now you do.

And if you want to become an amazing player, hit me up and we’ll see how to make that happen (the first session is free).

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