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Want to UP your dating apps Game? 

If you're like most guys you're probably extremely tired of the usual online dating dance. 

You wait forever to get a match, you say hi, she doesn't answer and ghosts, rinse and repeat till death (or boredom) gets you.

And even if she replies, then it seems like an uphill battle to get her out for a real life meet-up. What if I told you that you've been doing it wrong f o r e v e r ?

Bear with me for a moment, I will share with you what allowed me to get up to 3 dates PER DAY without even leaving my house. 

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Welcome to your new online love gangster life!

While you wait for your eBook to arrive, why not join the official Inner Circle group? And get in touch more intimately ;)

In there I share weekly recording of myself approaching girls on the streets, recorded dates and all the other things that I can't put out on YouTube!


If you're dedicated to seriously improve your results with women and become a more confident and attractive man who swishes through social interactions there is the possibility to hop on a 30 minutes FREE consultation call.

In this call I'd point out your very mistakes and sticking points and discuss whether you'd like to work more with me. As well as guiding you through to get to the social and sexual life that you want, this personal form of coaching is the KEY to a long-lasting personal shift towards a more attractive and happy you.

I helped those people see REAL change :

FLO, 21

Had good success with his advice. Had a one-night stand with one girl I met through a friend and  got cozy with another one I met on Tinder which is amazing!


Thank you very much for helping me lose my virginity with [girl 1] and now be with [girl 2].
Thanks for the help, I had a very nice date with [girl 3] also, make out at the end. 


I watched a lot of PUA YouTube videos and I always felt they were fake. After seeing you doing action in real life, it made me believe  and I started approaching women. Thank you.

And one more thing!!


One of the main components to success here is having FUN. I am not a drill sergeant and women can sense if you’re uncomfortable with insane accuracy.


The first thing we’re going to do is clear out all your mental garbage so we can get a baseline and start fresh. So if you have anxiety, or negative self-talk, or just prior baggage, get ready to do some spring cleaning so you can finally enjoy just relaxing with a woman (or women) and building a genuine relationship, completely organically. 


For most guys, it’s not about memorizing new “tricks” or anything like that. It’s about forgetting bad habits and just learning how to BE

On the next page is a scheduler – just pop in a time that works for you and I can’t wait to help!


Remember, this is 100% free. 

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