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LITERALLY scripted lines & techniques to get girls in ANY situation


​LITERALLY a copy-paste text message templates to get girls on dates (can be used for texting, Instagram, or any dating app)


Proven checklists for the most simple way to get girls' numbers, dates, and a girlfriend, etc.

  • The SECRET qualities that women are looking for in a man (it’s not only about being handsome, famous, or rich as everyone claims).

  • The COMMON PITFALL men walk right in while trying to get a girlfriend (and that results in a rejection twice as fast). Plus steps to avoid it once and for all.  

  • How to approach women in real life with 6 steps that will GUARANTEE her attention.

  • What you can EASILY do to win friends and create a quality group of people who will support you to reach your goals. 

  • The 3 BEST ways to meet women with how and what to prepare to get a date from online or real-life encounters.

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  • She barely replies to you? Follow the 10 commandments of texts, and learn how to FINALLY send attractive,
    non-needy texts that she wants to reply to.

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  • “Hot IG girls” seem so far-fetched? Not necessarily. Follow my proven methods to properly create your Instagram and send her a DM that she won’t ignore.

  • The fundamental formula to improve your profile and get you more matches QUICKLY, plus 4 steps to effectively get you on a real date.

  • How to take more ATTRACTIVE photos for your online dating profiles and get multiple matches overnight.

  • What you can do to set up relationships in a way that pleases you (and that keeps your women happy too).

  • My “most effective way” to make a woman comfortable with your presence, touch and personality very fast on a date (sometimes in less than 1 hour!).

  • Why women who are not interested in you will still talk to you and how to recognize them, so you won’t have to waste time anymore.

Smartphone dating is a necessary step in meeting women nowadays. It is essential to know how to make a good profile as much as to know how to talk to women both with a phone and in real life.

With this book in your hands, it does not matter who you are or where you come from, the book will guide you to success in dating. 

And I sincerely cannot wait to hear about your success.

- Max

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